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Zinc Reviews

$ 6.99
Now Foods L-OptiZinc

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Great Zinc!

Excellent overall health product, especially for acne control and blackheads. I have seen a gradual improvement in the condition of my skin with frequent use, have always had acne problems since adolescence and have used several topical acne products that have not had a positive effect. With Zinc at a concentration of 30mg, however, my face is cleaner, less oily and healthier looking. This concentration is ideal for my treatment. I noticed that my immunity has improved as well, as I hardly get a cold anymore. The product is also effective for hair health by reducing grease, controlling hair loss and giving more strength and vitality. I started using L-OptiZinc a few months ago, and I want to keep using it every time, it really was a fantastic discovery. About the brand, Now Foods is one of the best in the market and one of the few that sells 30mg zinc with copper in its composition. This was my purchase on the Evitamins website, I am quite satisfied with the price found here. It helps me a lot to control my moderate acne. I recommend to everyone who has the same problem. It is a super ally for health, acne and immunity. Improves skin from the inside out.
- Jorlan A.

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tested and approved!

Great quality product! Improves immunity and leaves skin cleaner! Highly recommend to all! Tested and approved!
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$ 5.45
Now Foods Zinc

it stops coronavirus!!!!!!!!!

fantastic price and now is the best.
- glenn wilson

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Good and cheap zinc

Good quality zinc, good absorption and easy to swallow. It helps a lot in supporting the immune system. Now Foods brand is sensational, and the price then doesn't even speak.
- Gerson Lopes Teixeira
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$ 8.30
Now Foods Zinc Picolinate

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The product met my expectations and reduced my acne
- raul gomes de almeida lima

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Excellent brand!

The product is excellent, I felt an improvement in the immune system.
- Nick Jonathan
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$ 5.99
Now Foods Zinc Picolinate

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Very good

It came very well packaged and arrived very fast, I had no problems with delivery. As long as the product quality is great, both for supplementation and for bone health and immunity besides visibly softening acne, it really works, as long as it does not exceed two capsules. a day to avoid side effects such as weakness and diarrhea due to excess zinc in the body
- Renato Alves Daniel


Zinc has improved my skin allergies a lot. I also feel healthier overall. My gut feels better too. I had no idea that Zinc was so important for health and most people are deficient.
- Nair
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$ 2.62
21st Century Chelated Zinc

Excellent product for a great price

These vitamins improve the quality of life. Good mood, strong nerves, strong hair and all thanks to zinc. Great product for its money, I've drunk the course is now going to order again, from the minuses maybe a little nausea, take a better time.
- Авдеев Григорий Денисович

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Immune system support.

My family and I use zinc for any flu, cold or bacterial infection, and we always get good results with this brand.
- Isaque Fancelino
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$ 9.99
Now Foods Zinc Gluconate

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Really the Best Supplement for Zinc

I had the zinc rate very low, I took the formula and re-did the test, it did not increase significantly. I bought this product because I already liked the brand and I decided to take Zinc from it. And it was wonderful. Zinc in my body has really improved! Super recommend it.
- Andreia Doria Gomes Evangelista

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Write a title for your review.

Tell us what you like and do not like about this product.
- lucio mario
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$ 7.99
Nature's Way Zinc Chelate

Totally recommend!

Excellent product! Great remedy for acne and immune system!
- Julia M.

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Very good! Met the needs.

The chelate zinc is excellent because it is absorbed better by the body. In addition, zinc is the most abundant mineral in the brain and plays a key role in immunity. Every time my brother starts to sneeze I give him a pill and the flu does not even come close.
- Eliane Barroso
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$ 6.75
Life Extension Zinc Caps 50 mg

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Quick and easy.

Product of good origin and arrived on schedule.
- Frederico Silvério

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The Best

Actually this product works, my hair falls a lot, my nail was weak, nothing I bought worked, when I started taking Zinc Caps it made all the difference, my hair stopped falling in the bath, this is amazing and my nails were strong and stayed beautifuls.
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$ 6.64
Solaray Zinc

You had me at hello

Love this product! The only brand that has helped my immune system
- Patricia Smith

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Very good.

Very good product, you can see the result already in the first week of use. Because it potentiates the mass gain naturally, besides it increases libido and decreases post-workout fatigue. Recommended to use it with L Arginine for best results. After 2 weeks you can see the swollen muscles naturally. At first I see no contraindication. Product of good quality and good absorption in the body. Very suitable for women even for increased lean mass and acceleration of metabolism.
- Thiago Henrique cortez
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$ 9.99
Now Foods Zinc Glycinate

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Great supplement!

Great supplement! I take it by medical advice, in a preventive way and the result has been excellent! Since I started using it, associated with other supplements, healthy eating and physical activity, I did not have any flu, fever or even a simple throat inflammation! None of this! Pretty strong immune system! The NOW dispenses reviews, high quality manufacturer! What about Evitamins? I'm super satisfied! I will definitely buy again! Quality products, great prices, detailed information and fast shipping, plus safe!
- Gleiferson de Lima Viana


Excellent product. Small softgels and easy to swallow. Now foods is an excellent brand and very reliable.
- Marcio Osorio de Melo
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$ 10.49
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Zinc

Great Vitamin

Love the fact that it's raw and from Garden of Life--great source! Easy to take--nice small capsule. And the added Probiotic and Enzyme blend along with added trace minerals--this company is looking out for our good health!
- Therese S

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It's helping to dry my pimples!
- Thamara S Barbieri
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$ 2.45
Thompson Zinc 50 mg

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Very high dose. I split it in two, so I have 120 pills. Very cheap.
- Daniel M
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$ 2.72
Thompson Children's Zinc Lozenge 5 mg

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I recommend

Great for kids. My baby is 3 years old and has become very well

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I loved the product, nowadays it is difficult to control the feeding of the children, with the help of the product, I know that the quantities of zinc are already complete. My 9 year old liked the taste, it also facilitates the child's acceptance.
- Woney Thienio
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$ 12.95
Source Naturals Zinc

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Just natural zinc!

Did you know that a day a healthy adult human body needs from 9 to 11 mg of zinc. Such a small percentage is necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Zinc Source Naturals 50 mg is a modern drug. The composition of each tablet includes the required amount of zinc, which a person must use per day. which is necessary for the health of each person. By the way. It is worth noting that the drug is an excellent antioxidant, and also solves many female problems: it normalizes the condition of the skin, nails and hair. I first tried Source Naturals zinc a couple of years ago. All with the same common and "sick" problem for me concerning hair. I was wondering if this drug will improve my hair, I still belong to those people who believe that beauty comes from the inside. She took a few months and the first month did not observe the result at all. The first result that I noticed was on the skin of the face. She was completely cleared in a few days, in spite of the fact that I am a sweet tooth and I am allergic to sweet, there are always rashes on my face, and there are no pimples somewhere. Improved metabolism, the body began to work like a clock. Nails, in my opinion, my vitamin starts to grow from all, but I cannot say anything about hair, alas. Apparently hair loss and cross-section is not due to zinc deficiency in the body, but for a different reason. Now zinc Source Naturals accepts also the husband, as vitamins very well influence all man's functions of an organism. The drug is good, quality, not what is sold in our pharmacies. I have long since ceased to believe in pharmacy vitamins, because it is a waste of money, and the benefits are zero.
- анонимное

After taking zinc, I have noticed an improvement in my facial skin. It seems that it does help with breakouts. That is definitely a good reason to take them! I actually cut these in half. The dosage at 1/2 is plenty for me, which makes them even more cost effective.
- Shannon
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$ 15.05
Source Naturals OptiZinc

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Very good

I have noticed an increase in energy, strength and quality of skin, nail and hair, has been done blood tests I am anxious to know if increased testosterone, worth the investment, this is undoubtedly the best form of Zinc
- Gabriel Avelino

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Pretty good, my acne is gone! It Really works!
- Mary Lois
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$ 4.55
Source Naturals OptiZinc

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Great for the immune system. Helps in sexual health too. It comes with copper which is a differential as it is known that zinc decreases copper stocks. However, zinc picolinate is better for sexual health.
- Daniel M

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Great product, I take 1 capsule a day, after lunch, and I have noticed a great change, mainly in the reduction of the pimples and improvement of the immune system, I recommend.
- Rayone Pablo Dias Pereira
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$ 19.76
Nature's Plus Zinc Picolinate w B6

Good Product

I feel it better than the regular Zinc.
- Daniel
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$ 5.87
Nature's Plus Zinc

This product is great! I love Zinc 10 mg and use it all the time.
- Jennifer
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$ 19.13
Nature's Plus Mega Zinc

After making no progress in the gym and having libido problems, I had a blood test taken for Testosterone levels and tested out at 160 (normal levels are between 300 and 1200). My doctor gave me a book written by a physician who noted that the most common cause of low T levels in men is a zinc deficiency. I started taking GNC Zinc and, unfortunately, would throw up less than three minutes after I'd take a pill. With the Nature's Plus timed release, I don't even get an upset stomach. After three months my libido problem disappeared and I'm now benching upwards of 250 (I weigh 165). Highly recommended!
- Anonymous
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$ 5.89
Nature's Life Cal Mag Zinc Complex Tabs

This product has helped the stiffness in my fingers, hands and hips when I first awake in the a.m..
- Carol Andre
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$ 5.09
Nutricology Zinc Citrate 25 mg

Satisfied customer

I am reordering this product because i found it to be beneficial to my health. I am satisfied that it does what it is described to do. The price that evitamins offers is very reasonable. Overall, i am more than happy with this product, its content and price.
- Kathy
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$ 4.49
Nature's Life Zinc
$ 6.75
Life Extension Zinc Lozenges 24 mg

Good form of Zinc

Taste is good. Easy to take.
- Kevin T
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$ 33.50
Pure Encapsulations Zinc 30

Good Zinc!

Very good company. I like the fact that these are Vcap and I know Pure is a very good brand. My Chiro has been recommending them to me for years and I recently started to take this Zinc.
- Jamie K.
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