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Supplements Reviews

R 94 R 68
Optimum Nutrition Melatonin

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I bought it and bought it again. I loved it.

I used and approved ... I bought again! Here in Brazil I asked to manipulate a 3mg melatonin formula but I did not get the same result. The Melatonin had a much better result than the Brazilian product and with a much lower cost even paying freight between the countries. The product is approved and I do not intend to change the brand, I will buy the product again through the website. The delivery was quick and the product fully met my expectations. I recommend everyone who wants to get a better sleep without using medications that bring future problems. Melatonin has no contraindication and this brand was very well accepted by my body, with no side effects.
- fabiana passini

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Great product

Great for anyone who has difficulty falling asleep. The project aims to help start sleep, not keep sleep at night, so sleep will not get heavier. However, the higher the dose, the more lucid the dreams, then it is possible that you feel a difference in your dreams when you start using the product.
- Vinicius Leati de Rossi Ferreira
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R 180 R 145
Natrol Melatonin

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Invigorating night !!!

One of the best melatonin I've ever experienced. I agree totally, rested and have a more productive day. This melatonin has a very good price, the cost benefit is very excellent. So, I encourage everyone to try the Natrol melatonin, because you will have a much more relaxing and invigorating night. I believe your nights will not be the same.
- fraancisco roberto nascimento da silva

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Quality product, gives a whole night of restful sleep, invigorating for the next day. I was amazed at the brand I did not know. I used to stay up for the night, with that one no more.
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R 291 R 157
Now Foods Vitamin D-3

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Vitamin, which is actually a pro-hormone and must be supplemented by all!
- Thassia Castro de Vasconcellos

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Quality guaranteed!

Pruduto excellent, good price, recommend to all, friends and family!
- Ozeias correia
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R 291 R 195
Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength

Biotin Natrol

Best product I have ever for hair and nails. Very good product for strengthening hair and nails. It actually makes a difference. My hair looks healthier. For sure I'm buying another one. I recommend it!
- Ray

Noticeably improved new hair growth, plus reduced acne and improved nail strength too!

I first started taking Biotin as I'd noticed my hair had become much thinner than when I was younger. When I tied my hair into a ponytail I was having to wrap the band around an extra time, which highlighted the changes that had taken place in my hair health over just the past few years. I was getting a lot of hair breakage and fallout, which was especially noticeable when I brushed it, or from the amount of hair trying to go down the plughole when I washed it in the shower! My skin has also become noticeably more oily in the past few years, with a resurgence of acne, ingrown hairs, and then acne forming around those ingrown hairs! As a woman in her mid thirties, this is definitely something I can do without! These hair and skin changes can almost definitely be linked to my changing hormones - I stopped taking the combined contraceptive pill a few years ago after many many years, and switched to the Mirena coil. Taking a progestogen-only pill some years ago had a similar negative effect on my skin, and it seems that my body is just particularly sensitive to hormone changes (even though the hormones in the Mirena are supposed to be localised and not travelling throughout the bloodstream, but my doctor has advised this can happen in some people, and from wider reading online I've found other women encountering similar issues to me). All of this is to add context to my review, and my reasons for purchase, and in case this is useful to any other women having similar problems and looking for ways to improve things, because reading reviews from other women is what tipped me off to try Biotin in the first place. To get to the point of the product itself - I do think this max strength Biotin has made a noticeable difference for me! I can see a lot of new hair growth around my hairline at the temples and forehead, with lots of little new hairs growing back in. I'm impressed to see these results after just 100 days really, and had expected to continue on for another few months before really seeing a difference. My skin improved as well with much fewer acne issues, and having actually run out of Biotin a few weeks ago, I've noticed a deterioration again. I hadn't realised just how much of a benefit it was bringing until then - I'm now definitely going to re-purchase! Last but not least, my nails have gained strength too. I used to have a lot of issues with them bending/flaking/getting easily damaged, which all seem to have reduced somewhat since starting to take Biotin. This sort of improvement will take longer to see than for skin due to the way nail health can only really be improved with the new nail growth from within the nail bed, so I'm eager to see further improvements with another few months of Biotin. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their hair, skin and nail health.
- Emma
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R 257 R 139
Now Foods Melatonin


Best product i have used to aid in good quality sleep. After having bad insomnia for years and previously taking other meds for sleep which became addictive; 'Now' Melatonin allowed me to withdraw off all other sleep meds to live a healthier sleeping life enabling me to wake up feeling refreshed & awake with none of that drowsy feeling . What relief to finally have found this excellent product

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Always wake up well.

I've never had such well-slept nights. The melatonim restores my energies, it invigorates me. I slept all night and renewed agreement.
- Elaine Cristina Kiapine
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R 591 R 344
Michael's Female Reproductive Factors

These vitamins show results within one bottle

The natural vitamin store stopped carrying these vitamins in their store, big mistake! After one bottle of these vitamins, my hair was growing more, my nails were strengthened and grew, my skin became clearer. I wasn't able to complete the suggested 3 bottles to Elsie ensure becoming fertile but I'm glad to start this regimine again and hopefully we'll conceive this time.
- Niesha Walpool

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Good drug for women's health!

This biologically active supplement was secretly recommended to me by my gynecologist. Female Reproductive Factors is a daily formula of medicinal herbs and nutrients for maintaining the female body and health. Very positive effect on reproductive function. It contains rare plant herbs that have traditionally been used by women to maintain their health. Gluten free! Taking vitamins, I became better tolerate PMS. And since I am planning a second child, there is little hope that Female Reproductive Factors will play a role.
- анонимное
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R 572 R 429
Centrum Adults Multivitamin

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Would buy again

Excellent product with very good cost benefit
- Mario20LobC3A3o

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- Edna Barbosa Duarte
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R 240 R 180
Life Extension DHEA

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Very good service!

Very good service. Fast delivery and bararta. Product as specified.
- Marco

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I'll buy more for sure.

I'm very surprised. Arrived well ahead of expected
- Juliana castro moura
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R 1,542 R 1,113
Theralogix Ovasitol - Inositol Supplement

my experience

I can say that is product has worked pretty good for in in helping regulate my periods, and also overall moods. I also do recommend getting the jar instead of the packets, even though the packets are more convenient at times and can be less work to deal with, they don't always have the accurate dosage on the packets so some packets may have less than others and vice versa. With the jar it comes with a scoop so you can better keep track of much you're putting in your drink. But the last jar I got had some clumping and I'm not sure why, but I think it messed with its effectiveness. But overall its a good product.
- Jae C

Would recommend this product for PCOS suffers

This is the second time that I have purchased this product. The shipment came on the date it was due. I have to say was on the Pill for nearly 7 years and then finally decided to stop it. A friend recommended this product and i have to say so far its been amazing and has helped with my health issues. It was very easy purchasing this product from eVitamins as its the the only site so far that would ship it to Australia. I look forward to purchasing my next batch from here again.
- Sarah J
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R 308 R 166
Now Foods Melatonin

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Product of excellent quality, I slept very well

Very good product I actually slept better after I started using it
- Simone Regina da Silva Cunha

Helped me sleep

Its pretty good, takes around 30 minutes to start to kick in. Significantly cheaper then those prescribed sleeping pills
- Daniel Stepien
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R 330 R 265
Natrol Melatonin

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Great insomnia supplement!

I really liked this brand of melatonin. For the amount of tablets I spent a good time without having to re-shop. For best effect, sometimes I took 2 tablets. If you are in doubt, it is worth trying this product. I rate it as great! Even the product coming from USA, delivery is super fast, only two weeks. I recommend.

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Wonderful product!

Wonderful product! A wonderful night's sleep. I did not have any adverse reactions.
- Christiane Maria PEreira
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R 394 R 213
Now Foods Vitamin D-3

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High Quality Product

Super I recommend, there really was increase in the rate of this vitamin in my exams.
- Patrícia Fonseca Costa

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Great Product

Met all our expectations.
- Alexandre dos
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R 342 R 185
Now Foods MK-7 Vitamin K-2

It works great for me, and I would recommend.

It is really good if taken along with D3 vitamins, makes it better absorbed by the body and my overall performance feel so much better after taking regularly. I highly recommend it to all those who need a boost on K-2 vitamin (specially if they don't have much fermented food that would provide it to the body). Nevertheless, always consult your physician. Better to be safe than sorry!
- Jose Paulo Carielo da Silva

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Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 mky7 for bone health

Excellent supplement in combination with vitamin D3 in softgel, good for bones and joints. There are medical orthomolecular reports indicating the mk7 vessel.
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R 257
eVitamins Melatonin

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Excellent product!

The product surprised me very positively! I bought the product and have always had great experiences with melatonin and the brand E-vitamins! The site made me very happy with the Easter promotion, I look forward to the arrival of Melatonin!
- Daniel Assaad Salloum Moreira da Rocha

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Evitamins Quality and cost benefit always ally

This Melatonin is very good indeed, I have problems to maintain sleep, and with this I always wake up very tired, unwell, with pains in the body, and after the use of this supplementation 30 minutes before bedtime I have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep, I have not woken up at night and I agree more willingly, soon my day yields much more, This mark is found only here on the website itself Evitamins, the value is sensational, worth a lot. Exceeds expectations. The evitamins always offers the best cost-benefit price, amazing delivery to Brazil. It is certainly much more than a simple purchase, it is an investment in quality of life.
- Litzamara l correia
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R 286 R 215
Solaray Red Yeast Rice

My husband has used Solaray Red Yeast Rice tablets and has lowered his cholesterol considerably. He is now under the magic 200. I am now a believer and have started the tablets myself as I have reacted to prescription cholesterol lowering medications.
- Loretta Kryzanek

I have a family history of high overall cholesterol and high LDL levels, although the HDLs are equally high (good ratio). However, when my total cholesterol shot up to 285 and my LDL to 185, I felt I had to do something. I did not want to take an expensive and potentially liver and muscle-damaging prescription statin, so I thought I would try Red Yeast Rice after reading about clinical studies that showed it was safe and effective. I bought two home cholesterol test kits. I used one before starting the Red Yeast Rice just as a basis and then one after I used this product for six weeks. My overall cholesterol dropped 60 points! I'm thrilled and will follow up with a professional lab test to confirm these results. Needless to say, I will keep using this medication.
- Anonymous
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R 159 R 127
Natrol Melatonin

The best

Great taste, quick effect. My favorite.
- Marie Piazza Pagnan

Excellent Product

excellent product, helps greatly with sleep problems, will recommend to anyone
- James Roxburgh
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R 137 R 103
Life Extension Melatonin

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Sleep quality

It acts fast and improves the quality of sleep. Sleep inducer, too, when you ingest in dark environment. The capsules are very small, and very easy to ingestion!
- Larissa Matsumoto

Delayed but poweful

Delayed but powerful effect.
- Marie Piazza Pagnan
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R 1,542 R 1,336
Theralogix Ovasitol - Inositol Supplement

Ovulation regulation

Helping to regulate cycle length and improves ovulation.
- Amber Matulis

Good, so far!

Purchased this after reading great reviews. the packet dosages are really handy, I can put it in my purse and take with my beverage whenever I am out. However, I did switch to the jar type for less wastage (plastic and product-wise). The package itself had some loose powders in it, which told me a packet or two has "leaked". Ovasitol has been great with my PCOS. I do not feel bloated, and my period has been more regular. There was also a bit of weight loss (combined with exercise, of course). I am very satisfied with this product and will recommend it to my friends.
- JL
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R 657 R 558
Nature's Plus Source of Life

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Simply amazing! I'm a fan now!

Uou! I'm amazed at the amount of fantastic nutrients this blend possesses, as it is, from the loyalty of its consumers! I have been a consumer of supplements for a long time and I know well the positive effect and real difference that many of them make in our routine and life, in micro and macro. I was impressed as I had not discovered it yet. I've been using it for 2 weeks and I can say categorically that it's already making a difference in the rush of my daily life: more energy, more concentration, more accessible memory, deeper and more restful sleep, more libido, less anxiety and more patience, loose bowel, increased libido, better erection, more stable mood. The price is a bit salty, but you can be sure that you're bringing something VERY QUALITY home with you and it's really going to give you every cent. Without a doubt, one of the best nutritional investments I've ever made. The brand has now gained yet another loyal customer and a product propagator! Congratulations!
- Tales Diego Silva Pinheiro

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My favorite multivitamin

I love and trust Nature's Plus products. I have been using this multivitamin for years, until I found this 30-tablet pack which is perfect for carrying in my purse or suitcase on a trip. The others are medium sized and can take up a lot of space in your bag. I like the fact that it is a tablet rather than a capsule and that I do not need to take it during a meal, I often take it fasting in the morning and never had an upset stomach. The size for me is good and I only need one or two sips of liquid to swallow. Excellent quality. My number 1 vitamin choice.
- kdano
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R 223 R 120
Now Foods Vitamin D-3

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Good vitamin, trustworthy brand!

Very good for those who are deficient in vitamin D3. I bought this supplement again and also use the D-3 of 1000 IU with K-2 of 45 mcg
- Monica Poncy

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Why everyone needs D-3!

Vitamin D3 is necessary for all. I like the dosage of 5000 IU because it is convenient for me to drink only one capsule per week. This bank, my husband and I have enough for very long. And nice price. A brand now has long established itself on the positive side. You can take a lower dosage of vitamin D and drink it every day. But vitamin D is a very "convenient" vitamin because you can drink it in large doses and it will not harm your health. I always order different vitamins on this site, because here are collected all known and proven brands. There are 120 small capsules in my bank that have no smell and if they are not chewed, then they have no taste. Therefore, they are absolutely not difficult to swallow and get a lot of benefits from vitamin. From this brand I take vitamin D and vitamin c. Everyone is very happy and I recommend everyone to the site, brand and these vitamins. I hope my review has become useful to someone :)
- Belikova Elena Igorevna
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R 171 R 92
Now Foods Melatonin

Sleep NOW :)

Easy to use - veggie and works really well. Recently ran out. Worst three nights of my life
- Claire Raynor

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would not buy again

I did not like the taste that did not induce me to sleep.
- Carla Furtado da Silva
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R 342 R 185
Now Foods Melatonin

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great product

product arrived in the right time frame. Using the product daily to regulate sleep, I have nothing to complain about, very good! mark recommended by staff.
- wellington kato

It really works

Very good item. Works well and is very easy to take. If you have difficulty to sleep this will solve the problem
- Marcio Alvarez Silva
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R 514 R 385
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

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Very satisfied!

Very good product, arrived earlier than expected. I recommend!
- Nelson Aprigio de Oliveira Junior

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Energy and Disposal

Centrum is ideal for those who do not have a balanced diet in vitamins and minerals. For me, Centrum is great because I do a lot of physical activity and with the use I have a better recovery from my training. I indicate to everyone who does physical activity, and also to those who do not practice any type of sport and who does not make use of an adequate diet in nutrients. I have made use of other brands of vitamin supplement and without a doubt, Centrum is the best!
- Erman Dias
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R 471 R 265
Nutrition Now PB 8 Original Formula

Translate  Original

- Margarita Labad Ramirez

Translate  Original
Excellent probiotic

Very good product, I've been using it for almost 2 years, and I'm much better. I had pains in the stomach and intestine trapped, and after use of PB8 regulated my intestinal flora. It strengthens the immune system greatly, prevents diarrhea, flu and colds. I keep the PB8 in the refrigerator to keep the probiotics fresh and preserved. I recommend everyone because it is an excellent product for our body. Thank you evitamins. I was not charged for delivery in 2 weeks to Brazil. I highly recommend it. Excellent product works great. very effective brand
- Maria das Graças Araujo Bezerra
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