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Sleep Support Reviews

R 222 R 149
Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve 5 mg

Very good product

Very good product, only slight hitch is compared to the 3mg, these left me sleepy still the next morning, this product is probably recommended for those hardcore insomniacs.
- James Roxburgh

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Quality and good price.

Differentiated product. Strawberry flavor, very nice. The Natrol Brand has excellent quality in my opinion. Eating here at home for a long time. We like the results.
- Leopoldo Carlos Stefanes
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R 135 R 124
Natrol Sleep 'N Restore

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Very good. But the tablets are kind of stinky.

Really enjoyed. It really made me sleep better. But the tablets are pretty stinky. However, I recommend the eventual use, therefore, it can end up compromising the natural production of this hormone by our body.

Good product

Very good product. The only thing that helped get me a good nights sleep.
- Ariana Lyons
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R 392 R 304
Nature's Plus Sleep Assure

Works well for my son

My son takes this when he has issues sleeping and finds that it helps him to stay asleep when he gets there - he finds that it works well for him.
- stacy james

My husband works nights and needed something to keep him asleep. This has been wonderful. Even if he gets up to use the restroom he can go right back to sleep. He says he's had quality sleep which he hasn't had in months. He's a long haul truck driver and he thinks because this product helps him have such a good nights sleep that he can stay awake during the night. He gives this product a 10 star.
- Creed
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R 161 R 123
Hyland's Calms Forte

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A wonderful homeopathic product.

Natural homeopathic ingredients make it easier to overstress your body and mind. Plus six minerals to calm the nerves. Easy, safe and effective product for the whole family. We really liked the effect. Recommended!
- Konstantin Kharchenko

I've been using Calms Forte for years. Great stuff. It calms and helps me relax and sleep.
- Robert A.
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R 365 R 273
Irwin Naturals Power to Sleep PM

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Sleep better

Important help in maintaining good sleep levels !! I just did not like the smell of it, a bit unpleasant, but the effect compensates. Packing is safe and safe for any breach. It has several components in its formula that help sleep, such as melatonin and gaba. Great product, I recommend.
- Daniel Peregrino de Brito

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It helped in my insomnia.

Great product, I found a little light, but it helped in my insomnia.
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R 342 R 220
Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid

Works wonders

Over the years I have tried various medication for insomnia. They either didn't work at all or left me feeling muggy headed the next day. These are the only sleeping tablets that actually work for me. After taking a tablet at bedtime I generally fall asleep within 1/2 to 1hour. No muggy head the next day either. Also the I haven't built up a resistance to the dose meaning I still only ever need the 1 "tablet. They are non addictive, if I don't need one then I don't take one ☺
- Mrs N.

Sleep Aid Works!

This product works as intended.
- Regina Dapkus
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R 86 R 73
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Blend

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Very Good

I liked this tea and I like the whole Yogi Line. He always consumes it before bed and it leaves me with a very good sleepiness, helping to sleep. Super easy to consume, just open the sachet and put in the water.
- Isabele

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A delicious tea with a wonderful aroma that calms and chills before bed. It helped me a lot to have a quiet night of sleep.
- Danuta Carneiro Raposo Nunes
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R 86 R 73
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Blend

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Good tea for bedtime

Really yummy tea helps to relax, I did not taste the caramel taste, I only felt the taste of exporarias. I will buy again because I liked it a lot. Does not have caffeine does not cause agitation. The site did very fast shipping arrived in Brazil in monkeys for 20 days which was amazing and made me believe and buy again. Impeccable packaging. Super recommend it.
- Juliane Fortunato

Helps With Restlessness

I was not the biggest fan of this tea's flavor. It did help wonderfully with restlessness before bed however.
- Meghan Johns
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R 273 R 155
Enzymatic Therapy Fatigued to Fantastic Revitalizing Sleep Formula

I bought the product for my daughter who has been taking medication to sleep for some months now. I tried it before I gave it to her and I had a very good nights sleep. She slept well but was groggy when she woke up the next morning. She researched some of the ingredients online and had just about every adverse reaction that can be had. She decided not to give it another try but I will use it again when she gives back what she didn't use.
- Anonymous

Love it, love it, love it! Fatigued to Fantastic Revitalizing Sleep Formula helps me sleep through the night, without waking up at 4 am. And I don't feel groggy in the morning. I highly recommend it! As I mentioned in my review for the Daily Energy B Complex, I'm pretty cynical about the claims most supplements make, but these really do work.
- Zulu
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R 341 R 212
Enzymatic Therapy Remifemin Good Night

I love the Remifemin Good Night. I have not had sleep like this in months. I have all my friends using it!
- Anonymous

I haven't had this good a night's sleep in over a year. Since trying Remifemin Good Night, during the day, my mood is wonderful, and I've been waking up refreshed... like I'm finally having a good sleep.
- Linda
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R 306 R 232
Natural Balance California Poppy Extract

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- ramiro de leon gaspar

Natural Balance California Poppy Extract

I like that it has no alcohol in it. And it is effective for me.
- Nikki Schreiber
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R 321
Advil PM Pain Reliever and Nighttime Sleep-Aid

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Advil PM - excellent.

Product sold in Brazil, only the normal, not the PM drug against pain to be consumed at bedtime, excellent and important you buy 120 tablets whose price is 12 tablets in Brazil.

Taken sparingly for sustained use.

One pill is sufficient to induce a good night's sleep and taken with one ordinary paracetamol also provides arthritic pain relief without overdoing the doses of either. Also, it is worth noting that too much diphenhydramine may have some undesirable side-effects (mood swings in my case). So as a precaution against excessive build-up in the system and also becoming zombie-like during the day, I alternate this medication with a doxylamine/paracetamol pill.
- Stephen Hancock
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R 513 R 376
Swisse Sleep

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Good form

These pills are very effective. I take half a pill one hour before I sleep and the other half immediately before bedtime. According to the instructions and when I wake up I feel relaxed, I have been sleeping, another man in a few words, eliminates any pressure or anxiety. My doctor was right, it looks like a good formula. I would have bought it again.
- Maria Riga


I've been using this product for about 7 months now and I am so happy I came across it. I love that each bottle is a 2 month supply so I don't have to purchase too frequently. Tablet is small and easy to swallow. I love the Swisse line. I use it for all my needs!
- Paige Jacoks
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R 201 R 154
Hyland's Sleep

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I loved it!!

Great!!! I slept super well with this remedy !!
- Natalia Palmeira

Helps me go to sleep but doesn't help me stay asleep like a sleeping pill.
- Linda Kelly-Penny
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R 190 R 145
Hyland's Calms Forte


This one is working for me, but I used in conjunction with Body Calm Supreme.
- Gaspa Salinas
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R 179 R 117
Natra-Bio Insomnia Relief

I love this product! I've tried many other natural remedies, but nothing has been as effective for me. Natra Bio's Isomnia Relief not only lets me fall asleep more quickly, and stay asleep, it allows me to wake up after 7 or 8 hours, without an alarm, feeling refreshed. There is no residual feeling of drowziness. I just wish the tablet form, as opposed to the liquid formula, was more widely available.
- Anonymous

Insomnia Relief Tablets work for me even if I wake up with 6 or more hours of sleep and still need more sleep (due to heavy work, stress, or illness). Normally, when I've waken after 6 hours of sleep or near the usual rising time, I cannot fall asleep again. I keep Insomnia Relief Tablets by my bed. When I take one on those mornings, I fall asleep again, and wake an hour or two later when I've had 8 to 9 hours of sleep. It hasn't failed once! A miracle for me. Oh they are a bit hard, so I crunch them up before putting them under my tongue.
- Mindy
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R 392 R 304
Nature's Plus Valerian Extended Release

I couldn't live without it. I give it a five-star rating.
- Evelyn T.

I like this product a lot. If I need good sleep I usually just take this product. the problem is, I am without now and I am not getting a good night sleep because I don't have my Valerian Extended release.
- Evelyn Tanner
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R 159 R 122
Hyland's Calm 'n Restful

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Great product !!

It Works very well !!
- Natalia Palmeira

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The best tranquilizer and sleep inducer for children! Easy to ingest and the effect is very fast.
- Mildred Freire
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R 427 R 243
Enzymatic Therapy Sleep Tonight!

I take this about 30 minutes before I want to go to bed and before I know it I'm out. I'm only giving it 4 stars because I feel somewhat groggy in the morning and often wake up after a few hours (although this last issue is consistent for me with whatever product I use).
- Anonymous

Took it two nights. Tossed and turned all night both times. Sleep was much worse than usual.
- Anonymous
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R 215 R 164
Bach Flower Remedies Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts

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Love this product. Make my sleep more effective and I relax more.
- selma horie arakaki

I find these help with the amount of time it usually takes me to fall asleep. Good for mild anxiety, worry or stress -- taken right before bed. The taste is good --orange flavor. Works better than some OTC sleeping pills but has no groggy feeling in the morning. On really anxious night,s I take these sleep melts + Bach Rescue remedy drops + Yogi Organic Kava tea before bed. :)
- Jennifer
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R 222 R 149
Natrol Advanced Melatonin Calm Sleep

Best Melatonin

The tab dissolve instantly and brings me straight good 8 hours of rest to recover from hard day. It also has great strawberry taste, no bitter aftertaste at all.
- Adriana Duarte

sleep better

I sleep better with this supplements.
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R 205 R 154
Life Extension Glycine
R 308 R 231
Life Extension Natural Sleep Melatonin

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This product effectively delivers higher quality sleep. When used mostly on nights when you have less time to rest, its effect is further realized. Would recommend the use for athletes and workholics.
- Guilherme Sivieri Rama Reyna

Guaranteed quality

Indispensable for those who want to improve the quality of sleep. Guaranteed quality product.
- Babi Domingos
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R 171 R 137
JetZone Jet Lag Prevention

Helps a little

I have tried Jet Lag prevention supplements for Jet Lag and they do seem to work. Obviously I am still tired but I do believe that this product helped.
- James W.
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