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R 74 R 68
Dr. Bronner's Organic Pure Castile Bar Soap

"Soap smells of lovely roses :) Also, it doesn't dry out the skin, which is also a plus!"
- Anonymous

"Organic Pure Castile Bar Soap smells nice, is antibacterial and doesn't dry out the skin too much. Highly recommended!"
- Sarah C.
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R 79 R 60
Nubian Heritage African Black Soap

"My daughter uses it for acne."
- Patricia Santos Carro

"This soap does wonders for my skin! Almost I don't get anymore blackheads and breakouts is gone :) "
- Just Miyama
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R 83 R 74
Reviva Labs Seaweed Soap

"I love this soap. It leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized."
- Valentyn

"This is not a good face soap. It's better to use for the body because of the scrubbing action. This was very good for my itching too and worked better than calamine lotion. I use this every night in the shower. Great body soap!"
- Lisa Hunter
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R 79 R 59
Desert Essence Cleansing Therapy Bar Soap

"Works very well. Doesn't leave your skin dry. I thought the tea tree would smell too strong, but it's pretty neutral. "
- Bruce Kent

"I like the tea tree smell. It does clean my body very well as well help with my acne. I first bought Dessert Essence tea tree soap in January and I can't try a different one. I also like the fact it is a vegan product. I would highly recommend this product to anybody that wants to experience a refreshing and lovely shower!"
- Monica W
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R 24 R 18
Chandrika Chandrika Soap

"I absolutely love using this soap. I feel it is very good for my skin as it doesn't dry it out and I do like to wash my face with soap in the mornings. The soap has a lovely smell and lathers up really well too. Even having the unopened bars of this soap in the bathroom perfume the room. It also lasts well and I feel it is very good value from this company."
- Sandra Leech

"This soap is very strong. I used it on my face once, I didn't like the dryness it made. I now uses it on the rest of my body which truly cleanses very well."
- Lisa Hunter
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R 50 R 34
Dr. Bronner's Almond Oil Pure Castile Soap

"I love the smell like "Amaretti". Very gentle for the skin."
- Giselle Colonna

"I love all Dr. Bronner's products and this Almond Oil Pure Castile Soap is no exception. The smell is great! The size is perfect for travel or to keep handy in my desk or car for on the go. The formula doesn't dry my skin out at all either. Highly recommend."
- Penny Lane
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R 79 R 60
Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver Soap

"Only face soap I use. , Love this soap, I haven't used anything else on my face in over a year. "
- Cecelia A Patton

"Great facial cleanser. Left my face glowing unlike most soaps that leave ashy look. Nubian Heritage also have a wonderful smell that lingers for awhile. I used it for my entire body too."
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R 78 R 71
The Honest Company Bar Soap

"Το σαπούνι Tangerine Vanilla της Honest Company μου θύμισε τα παλιά αγνά πράσινα σαπούνια ελιάς και με πήγε πίσω στο χρόνο πράγμα που μου άρεσε πολύ, χωρίς πολύ έντονο άρωμα ωστόσο, διακριτικό θα το έλεγα. Ελέγχοντας τα συστατικά όντως δεν είχα πέσει έξω, περιέχει ελιά. Μου άρεσε πολύ η ποσότητα του αφρού που κάνει. Αφήνει την επιδερμίδα με απόλυτο αίσθημα καθαριότητας και σχεδόν άοσμο μετά την πλύση πράγμα που άρεσε ακόμη περισσότερο. Γενικά αγαπώ ιδιαίτερα τα προϊόντα της Honest Company λόγω της αγνότητας των συστατικών. Το αγοραζω ξανά και ξανά αυτό το προϊόν και το προτείνω πολύ εάν υπάρχουν και μικρά παιδιά στο σπίτι."
- Eva C.

"Excellent clean feeling! No oily after effects. Fresh, clean smelling tangerine scent. The vanilla is very faint. Awesome soap, will buy again!"
- Bruce Kent
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R 63 R 54
Nature's Plus Cucumber Cleansing Bar

"One of my favorite soaps is this Cucumber Cleaning Bar by Nature's Plus. First, the smell of this product is amazing and it is such a great moisturizer. It leaves your skin feeling soft and really smooth. Helped minimize breakouts and keep my face from feeling oily throughout the day. Love this product! "
- Harley Kensington

"I love this cucumber soap. It smells great and it removed the dead skin from my face. I have had acne all my life but with this soap it really helped from breakouts. Very good moisturizer."
- Lisa Hunter
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R 50 R 46
Dr. Bronner's Lavender Oil Pure Castile Soap

"When I first purchased this product, I didn't realize it was a soap instead of an oil. However, I've used it for both purposes. I mix it with my Indian Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar to tone down the smell and its works awesome. I also shampoo my hair with it as well. I will be purchasing more soon. "
- Marquita Brass

"This soap did wonders for my skin. Very soapy and does the job. Might be a tad bit strong for children."
- Lisa H.
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R 54 R 46
Nature's Plus Vitamin Enriched Aloe Vera Soap

"The best soap for my husband' face - very gently and effective for spots. He doesn't even need to use moisturizing cream after this soap."
- Alise

"I like this soap because it really cleans your skin but does not dehydrate it. Nice, light citrus smell. Great product."
- Valentyn
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R 31 R 24
Chandrika Sandalwood Soap

"I hadn't used this soap before so only ordered 1 bar. I will definitely order more as it doesn't dry the skin and leaves a pleasant scent on the skin after use."
- Sandra Leech

"This soap is awesome it feels so good on my skin. I really like the smell also it gives the skin a nice glow."
- Jacqueline H.
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R 50 R 46
Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil Pure Castile Soap

"I have always been a fan of Pure Castile Soap and this Tea Tree Oil Pure Castile Soap from Dr. Bronner's is one of those reasons. I love the smell and feel of this soap. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or even oily. Its just right! The compact size is perfect for keeping it in my desk, my purse or even traveling because we all know hotels don't always have the best soap on hand. Love Love Love!!"
- C.W.

"Great soap, smells good, cleans really well, rinses right out, no chemicals!"
- Johnny Sutton
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R 79 R 61
Grandpa's Face  Body Bar Soap

" It smells great and it also gives a great silky and smooth feel to your body. "
- ShadowSpirit

"This soap is very good for itchy skin. Whenever I have an allergy I bathe with this soap and it stops the the itch. The price is not bad either. I keep a few bars around. If you've been to the park around trees, poison ivy this is great to purchase."
- Lisa Hunter
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R 50 R 46
Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Oil Pure Castile Soap

"Powerful soap,but it must be diluted. I wouldn't use this on a child. It makes a great bathroom cleanser and some use it as a toothpaste."
- T Hunter

"What can I say. It's Dr. Bronner. I've been using it for 45 years. It has no equal."
- Richard S.
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R 79 R 59
Desert Essence Soap Bar

"Not much of a coconut scent but its a very refreshing conditioning soap that I use all over my body. I love the scent and it leaves the skin very soft. Excellent for the face as well."
- Lisa Hunter

"This creamy coconut soap is very very great for the face. The conditioners are natural and do not leave skin dry at all. My skin is glowing after using it."
- Lisa Hunter
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R 115 R 86
Desert Essence Castile Liquid Soap

"Natural , It's very natural. But after using it I feel my skin is a little bit dry. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to open it..."
- Qian Wang

"I love the Tea Tree Castile liquid soap! I can really tell the difference in how much softer my skin has gotten. Once, I forgot to bring it on a trip with me and I had to use some regular variety body wash and my skin felt dry and un-moisturized. This soap is really great and will leave you wanting more when you run out!"
- Star
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R 126 R 68
Avalon Organics Glycerin Hand Soap

"Avalon Organics soap is hard to find in my area and the one local place that does sell it cost two times as much as eVitamins. My order was shipped promptly and I will be ordering more as I get low."
- Anonymous

"Lavender Glycerin Hand Soap is a very good product that I got as a gift and I would like to buy it, but I don't have any address where to get it. It is very good for the hands, very soapy and makes my hands smooth and soft. It also has a very good smell."
- Gilles Dubreuil
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R 236 R 189
Derma E Tea Tree  E Face and Body Wash

"I use this as a face wash and have for over a year. I have very sensitive, acne prone, oily skin and this is the only effective facial wash that I have found with all natural ingredients that I can use. The tea tree oil helps with breakouts and keeps the oil at bay and the vitamin E moisturizes. I love this facial wash and highly recommend it."
- Anonymous
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R 93 R 72
Grandpa's Face Body  Hair Bar Soap

"I tried washing my hair and it's now very soft and shiny no longer tangled. I also bath in it twice a week. This is a great bar of tar soap for anyone to use. It is very mild."
- Lisa Hunter

"Since the first time a used this product my skin problems were gone!! Super recommend!! "
- Mikhail Antonio Campos Torres
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R 47 R 36
Auromere Ayurvedic Tulsi Neem Soap

"I love this soap so much! It's such a bargain, the ingredients are incredible, and it smells divine. Anyone who is passionate about Ayurveda will appreciate this soap. Both neem and tulsi are great for acne-prone skin as they are antibacterial and very healing. The soap leaves my skin incredibly soft and the scent remains on my skin the whole day. The soap came in a very beautiful packaging, and I'm so impressed with the brand that now I want to try more products from them. "
- Vita Pedrazzi

"I looove this soap. This soap has a very subtle scent . Perfectly to foam and humidifies a skin."
- Valentyn
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R 50 R 46
Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Pure Castile Soap

"Baby Mild Pure Castile Soap is very soapy. You only need to squeeze a dime-sized amount in a gallon of water. I washed my hair with it and it soothed my itchy scalp. Love the smell."
- Lisa H.

"This Aloe Vera Dr. Bronner's soap definitely gets me squeaky clean. The fact that it doesn't have an overwhelming scent is also a plus. My only complaint is that when I'm done washing with it, my skin feels slightly tacky. But other than that, this is a great product that gets you clean and you definitely can't beat the price."
- Anonymous
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R 237 R 195
Dr. Woods Pure Black Soap

"I use it not only for bathing but for shaving as well. Works really well as a shaving cream. Typically I don't even have to use aftershave as there are no razor burns."
- Alise

"Best (purple) shea butter soap ever, it's not just a body wash but you can clean your bathroom, baby laundry, as a shampoo for certain hair types and more. The scent is nice."
- T Hunter
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R 96 R 64
Sunfeather Papaya and Toasted Coconut Soap

"I didn't like this too much. I could hardly smell any coconut and just a light scent of papaya. I was expecting it to smell like Nubian heritage coconut papaya soap."
- Tawanna Hunter

"I use this soap on my face daily and it cleanses and leaves my skin glowing. The only problem is not enough smell of the coconut. This soap is very good for skin problems like acne, dry skin. I keep a stock of it!"
- Lisa Hunter
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