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Multivitamin Reviews

R 687 R 489
Centrum Adults Multivitamin

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Very good product, this imported even better!

Very good product, I used it for a long time in my teens and also in the adult phase of my life, but had stopped taking some time, because I misfed my body ends up missing the various vitamins that this wonderful product replaces us, lately was feeling very pained in the body, very tired, sleeping extremely badly, always seemed to have a hangover, stomach aches, I came to see a doctor to see if I had any serious illness, because with all these symptoms I thought it was some principle of something more serious! To my happiness only my exams were altered due to my poor diet! One of the indications besides eating better is the use of this multivitamin, with the rush of everyday life I just can not eat properly every day, if you also suffer from poor diet and even trying can not follow a diet of themselves. feed better use this product called Centrum, I've tried other brands but the result on my body was not even, without a doubt the Centrum brand polyvitamin is the best on the market! Now that I discovered this version of Centrum with 425 tablets I will never be without, especially for its cost benefit, if you use this product daily buy this version with more tablets, because it comes out for a much better price! Just do the math, nothing compares to this kit, besides accompanying a smaller pack of 60 tablets that is perfect to take on trips, beach, camping or anywhere else you go! Hard to find on the market such a good product and fair price! Mostly this offered by evitamins, beat the price of any other store! In addition to having a totally intuitive site and very easy to make purchases even living in another country, always provide excellent service and delivery even being in another country can deliver quickly in my opinion!
- Rodolpho Klaumann

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Great !!!

Product delivered ahead of schedule and as requested. Original product. Great price. Highly recommend without any restriction or exception. Buy it, it's very worth it (price and quantity).
- Bruno Brambilla
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R 574 R 430
Centrum Adults Multivitamin

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Adult Centrum, recommend buying!

I loved the product! Centrum's usual quality, being innovative. Taking every day you notice a difference in your daily life, both in mood and in the skin itself. Highly recommend to everyone on the site.
- Fernanda Maria da Costa

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Quality product and arrived ahead of schedule.
- Vinicius Silva de Vargas
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R 515 R 386
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

Centrum-the best!

I've been using Centrum for years! Now I've discovered these bigger packages at evitamins and decided to buy one for my son. The experience of all these years taking Centrum is fantastic. I feel wonderful,full of energy and healthy. As soon as I finish my 30 tablets package I will buy a bigger one from evitamins.Centrum us by far the best multivitamin ever!
- Arminda Monteiro

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Very good

I find the best product of the zinc-based polyvitamin species I take every day. I felt improved immunity and disposition. How much delivery: arrived on time. Centrum is the most suitable of polyvitamins.
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R 515 R 386
Centrum Silver Men's 50+ Multivitamin

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I find it indispensable, especially at my age. I feel more confident doing physical activity.
- Rubens T G Mariano

For my father

I always buy Silver Men's 50 Multivitamin for my father and he takes it every day. Now he is 80 years old and still strong because of this Multivitamin.
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R 659 R 560
Nature's Plus Source of Life

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Simply amazing! I'm a fan now!

Uou! I'm amazed at the amount of fantastic nutrients this blend possesses, as it is, from the loyalty of its consumers! I have been a consumer of supplements for a long time and I know well the positive effect and real difference that many of them make in our routine and life, in micro and macro. I was impressed as I had not discovered it yet. I've been using it for 2 weeks and I can say categorically that it's already making a difference in the rush of my daily life: more energy, more concentration, more accessible memory, deeper and more restful sleep, more libido, less anxiety and more patience, loose bowel, increased libido, better erection, more stable mood. The price is a bit salty, but you can be sure that you're bringing something VERY QUALITY home with you and it's really going to give you every cent. Without a doubt, one of the best nutritional investments I've ever made. The brand has now gained yet another loyal customer and a product propagator! Congratulations!
- Tales Diego Silva Pinheiro

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My favorite multivitamin

I love and trust Nature's Plus products. I have been using this multivitamin for years, until I found this 30-tablet pack which is perfect for carrying in my purse or suitcase on a trip. The others are medium sized and can take up a lot of space in your bag. I like the fact that it is a tablet rather than a capsule and that I do not need to take it during a meal, I often take it fasting in the morning and never had an upset stomach. The size for me is good and I only need one or two sips of liquid to swallow. Excellent quality. My number 1 vitamin choice.
- kdano
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R 309 R 232
Centrum Women Multivitamin


One can feel the effect just after an hour of taking this tablet.

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Excellent product! Super reliable site!

Wonderful product and on this site I got it for a great price. I received in 15 days in my house, very well packaged and protected. Website with impeccable service. I recommend this site to anyone who needs it!
- Edna Ferreira
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R 141 R 90
Thompson Multi-Vitamins with Minerals

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Great; the most complete without a doubt!

The most complete; excellent price and an amount of minerals and vitamins very similar to the most expensive brands. I opted for the Thompson Vitamin because of its high rate of vitamin supplementing minarals. Just compare, look at the amount of vitamins it contains, look at the minerals, it really is very complete and the pot with 120 capsules is much more worth it than the one. of 60 because the price is not the double and you will have much more vitamin for much longer; buy; You will not regret it!
- Tarcísio Souza Lobo

Complete Multi-vitamin

Complete multi-vitamin and no negative reaction. My husband has been very happy taking these regularly and with other supplements.
- Karen Carr
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R 515 R 386
Centrum Silver 50+ Women's Multivitamin

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Excellent quality product

Multivitamin recommended for average orientation. Excellent results and well being. I recommend.
- Grazi Palombo

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Essential Vitamin Supplement

It's great for our health.
- Dilson fonseca
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R 309 R 232
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

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I recommend!!

Excellent product. Great results.
- Humberto Alves de Carvalho

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Best value for money!

I bought this supplement for my husband for the same reasons that I bought Centrum Women for me, the American formulation is far superior to the Brazilian one we were used to. Not to mention the price, the price of the Brazilian is bought almost three Americans. It pays to buy here on the website of Evitamins, it does not take long to arrive even being an international site, it has the fair freight, very attractive prices and variety of supplements and vitamins that hardly is found in some site of national products here in Brazil. For those who are already accustomed to using the Brazilian Centrum will certainly feel the difference in using this. I recommend!
- casa
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R 1,133
Metagenics PhytoMulti


I just started using this and find it very helpful. This was highly recommended to enhance the CandiBactin combo for SIBO.
- Lisa Johnston

Best Multi I have taken

Best vitamins I've taken. Metagenics PhytoMulti was suggested by my Osteopath. Been taking it for over a year now. Great product and has everything I need in its ingredients.
- Jean Nasiatka
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R 893 R 603
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

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The ON-OPTI-MEN is an excellent product.

Product of great quality, I have great results using OPTI-MEN from ON. It ensures greater physical stamina and muscle gain, enhances immunity, I never get a cold. I recommend to all men to use the ON-OPTI-MEN. The ON-OPTI-MEN guarantees a much healthier life for men who use it. I have been using the OPTI-MEN of ON for more than two years and will continue to use it.
- Mauricio Schmidt

Great Vitamin!

This vitamin has helped me feel better overall. I used to not be a big advocate of taking vitamins, but this has helped me to feel healthier and it is food based. It is so easy for your body to absorb! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to feel better overall and I find it easy on my stomach as well.
- Cleverson Schroth
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R 261 R 222
Nature's Plus Animal Parade Multiple

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Loves these vitamins

Vitamins are excellent, the child ate them with pleasure, the effect is visible, it became less sore in the autumn-winter period. Loves these vitamins :)
- анонимное

My kids love this product! Now they are 21 and 18 and still using it.
- Andrea B.
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R 258 R 139
Now Foods Daily Vits

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- Marilene Fontana

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Great value for money

Very complete multivitamin, especially considering price. Significantly improves mood, concentration on daily tasks and sleep quality.
- Luísa Schenato Staldoni
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R 790 R 553
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men


It is a best multivariate, specially for, vegetarians. It shows its effect immediately after taking it for a weeks time.

Great Vitamin for Overall Health

This vitamin has helped me feel better overall. I used to not be a big advocate of taking vitamins, but this has helped me to feel healthier and it is food based. It is so easy for your body to absorb! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to feel better overall and I find it easy on my stomach as well.
- Richard M Urban
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R 342 R 291
Nature's Plus Childrens Vita-Gels

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Very good

My kids liked it a lot. I bought it because it's easy to swallow and without those strong candy flavors my kids don't like. This multivitamin they did not complain and take quietly.
- Liza Bassani Haeberle

multivitamin for kids

Finally a multivitamin that my child can swallow.
- Kristin
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R 291 R 233
ChildLife Multi Vitamin and Mineral

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Nice taste and great dosage

I like this vitamin and kids love it. Great taste and proper servings. Approved! Please leave your like.
- Ulisses Gomes de Sá

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Love it!

Great flavor!
- Arthur
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R 378 R 309
Life Extension Two-Per-Day Capsules


Provides the highest potency at the low cost of any multi-vitamin complex that I could find.Felt the difference immediately. Great product. Trusted name in vitamins and supplements - one of the best! Don't hesitate to purchase Life Extension products. I've been looking for quite a while for something that has all the good forms of the vitamins and in the right doses. I used to take a multi with a ton of other pills to supplement it. Now I just take this one and a couple other things. Good buy too. The only missing thing is that there doesn't seem to be any vitamin K in here. Vitamin K2 is important for us, so this is one of the things I've been taking separately.
- Lyubov Sankauskiene

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multivitamins? top essential

great product, another recommended by my doctor nutromolecular / orthomolecular, in the daily race we can not consume all the nutrients we need, so all independent people whether or not they practice sports should take multivitamins, and today the food we have is very poor in vitamins, another one I'll take for the rest of my life.
- Fabrício Pompermaier Ferreira
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R 515 R 434
Centrum Silver Adults 50+ Multivitamin

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Excellent multivitamin! I will certainly repeat the purchase.
- Luciana Rocha dos Santos

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Best multivitamin

Evitamins is the best place to buy your multivitamins at the best price and excellent quality and has very good customer support, timely delivery and respect for the consumer.
- Jose Divino De Deus Junior
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R 411 R 315
Futurebiotics 30 Day Beauty Secret

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Excellent product

Excellent product. Improves skin, improves immunity
- Cibele Oliveira Silva


Good..., Good multivitamin. I felt energetic after I started using this.
- Radhika Sharma
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R 412 R 222
Now Foods ADAM Superior Men's Multi

The best multivitamin

Excellent multivitamin, one of the best in the market! It really helps with everything and I notice improvements specially regarding to skin, energy levels and specially better sleep! Totally recommend it!
- Lucas Cerqueira Jeronymo

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Great product with quality raw material
- moises fenerich
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R 93 R 59
Thompson Multi-Vitamins with Minerals


I take vitamins all the time, these don't make me feel sick. They are very effective and does not cost a lot revived them quickly.
- Keryl

Good but there is beef liver in it

Nice multivitamins. Great price for the amount. The packaging is too big though for the amount of pills in it so it's a bit of a waste. Also, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, but one thing that surprised me was the "beef liver" I didn't expected to find, so if you're vegetarian or vegan I wouldn't recommend this.
- Erika Agostino
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R 429 R 232
Now Foods Men's Extreme Sports Multi

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The best multivitamin on the market! I researched a lot on all brands! And this NOW supplement is complete man! I believe this supplement is for TPC as it has all Tribulus Terrestris, Peruvian Maca, ginseng and MCT. TESTOSTERONE does not go down kkkkkk will always walk on 220 !! The amount of intake I use only 1! In 1 he meets the need for an adult, taking 2 at the same time will only be wasting because the body will not be able to reabsorb the total amount of 1, now imagine 2 ... My analysis is this, it is complete, for those who train he is excellent !! It helps in various things try to study each of the components of the formula, increases to the amount of sperm, has the good level of zinc tbm and other vitamins that help. IT'S LIKE PHOTO! THIS TABLE THERE IS THE SAME OF THE PRODUCT I HAVE, BRAZIL! ORIGINAL! LACRATED MT WELL! DO NOT EXTRAVE THE QUANTITY, JUST ANALYZE YOUR ROUTINE AND SEE IF IT IS GOOD.
- Hewerton Moraes Fernandes

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R 555 R 416
Centrum Silver Adult's 50+ Multivitamin

A good product

Very useful product for my father
- Paramjeet Singh

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Fast delivery and normal validity

Receiving fast and apparently orignal product. Expiration date equal to what I bought at the pharmacy, so it is not a product close to expiration. I recommend purchasing this site, fast and secure
- Ricardo Carlos Alvadia Andrade
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R 653 R 378
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women

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Best multivitamin

The best multivitamin I have ever taken !!! My immunity is naturally low, but Optiwoman strengthens the immune system and my sinus attack never again. Note 1000!
- Janina Pinheiro da Silva

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Best multivitamin!

I've used many multivitamins, but none are as complete as this one. It's much better than Centrum Woman, for example. Helps improve mood and immune system. I'm not a marombeira, but I take this supplement because of the variety of minerals and vitamins it has in a single capsule. I liked it and I have repeated the requests. I highly recommend it!
- Luciana Venancio
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