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Multivitamin Reviews

R 560 R 420
Centrum Adults Multivitamin

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Would buy again

Excellent product with very good cost benefit
- Mario20LobC3A3o

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- Edna Barbosa Duarte
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R 643 R 547
Nature's Plus Source of Life

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Simply amazing! I'm a fan now!

Uou! I'm amazed at the amount of fantastic nutrients this blend possesses, as it is, from the loyalty of its consumers! I have been a consumer of supplements for a long time and I know well the positive effect and real difference that many of them make in our routine and life, in micro and macro. I was impressed as I had not discovered it yet. I've been using it for 2 weeks and I can say categorically that it's already making a difference in the rush of my daily life: more energy, more concentration, more accessible memory, deeper and more restful sleep, more libido, less anxiety and more patience, loose bowel, increased libido, better erection, more stable mood. The price is a bit salty, but you can be sure that you're bringing something VERY QUALITY home with you and it's really going to give you every cent. Without a doubt, one of the best nutritional investments I've ever made. The brand has now gained yet another loyal customer and a product propagator! Congratulations!
- Tales Diego Silva Pinheiro

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My favorite multivitamin

I love and trust Nature's Plus products. I have been using this multivitamin for years, until I found this 30-tablet pack which is perfect for carrying in my purse or suitcase on a trip. The others are medium sized and can take up a lot of space in your bag. I like the fact that it is a tablet rather than a capsule and that I do not need to take it during a meal, I often take it fasting in the morning and never had an upset stomach. The size for me is good and I only need one or two sips of liquid to swallow. Excellent quality. My number 1 vitamin choice.
- kdano
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R 503 R 377
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

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Very satisfied!

Very good product, arrived earlier than expected. I recommend!
- Nelson Aprigio de Oliveira Junior

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Energy and Disposal

Centrum is ideal for those who do not have a balanced diet in vitamins and minerals. For me, Centrum is great because I do a lot of physical activity and with the use I have a better recovery from my training. I indicate to everyone who does physical activity, and also to those who do not practice any type of sport and who does not make use of an adequate diet in nutrients. I have made use of other brands of vitamin supplement and without a doubt, Centrum is the best!
- Erman Dias
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R 503 R 377
Centrum Silver Men's 50+ Multivitamin

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Perfect multivitamin for men from 50.

Excellent product at a balanced price. I was looking for a multivitamin that fit my needs. Centrum Silver Men's 50 is just what I needed, both for its vitamin ingredients and the proportion of each of them adjusted to my age.
- Moises Ordoñez

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Very reliable!!!

Very good product!!! Great buy always !!!
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R 137 R 88
Thompson Multi-Vitamins with Minerals

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Good and cheap!

Besides being complete, with the most important vitamins and minerals, it has a super price!
- Isaque Fancelino

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Keeps me active

I take it every day to help with my immunity, and feel that there has been improvement in my readiness and health to endure the heavy routine.
- Renan Terezan
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R 503 R 377
Centrum Silver 50+ Women's Multivitamin


excellent product & fast delivery
- Ting Kong Kwai

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Energy, beauty and health with Silver 50 Women's Multivitamin

I can not imagine my life without vitamins. As it seems to me, our body desperately needs them. Many people do not get enough vitamin from their food, many are on diets, and someone simply doesn\u2019t absorb vitamins. As a result, our body and internal organs suffer. The body begins to age faster, the woman begins to lose its attractiveness. And I can say with confidence that all this is precisely because of a lack of body, vitamin, minerals and trace elements. Not the correct way of life also affects the health and the human body. Silver 50 Women's Multivitamin perfectly supports the female body, helps it to recover from hard work, gives more energy, helps fight stressful situations, and most importantly has a positive effect on appearance, nails, hair, skin! Excellent and affordable vitamins for a modern and active woman!
- анонимное
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R 255 R 217
Nature's Plus Animal Parade Multiple

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Loves these vitamins

Vitamins are excellent, the child ate them with pleasure, the effect is visible, it became less sore in the autumn-winter period. Loves these vitamins :)
- анонимное

My kids love this product! Now they are 21 and 18 and still using it.
- Andrea B.
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R 754 R 528
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men


It is a best multivariate, specially for, vegetarians. It shows its effect immediately after taking it for a weeks time.

Great Vitamin for Overall Health

This vitamin has helped me feel better overall. I used to not be a big advocate of taking vitamins, but this has helped me to feel healthier and it is food based. It is so easy for your body to absorb! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to feel better overall and I find it easy on my stomach as well.
- Richard M Urban
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R 872 R 419
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

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Excellent product, recommend.
- Anonymous

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Product great, 5 stars

The ON brand exceeded our expectations regarding the quality and benefits of this product. My son is making use of it, he has felt the difference in relation to the vitamin of another brand he was using, although the previous one is good he was surprised by the quality of this and will be loyal because it is worth the vote of confidence that we gave to her. Congratulations, congratulations and congratulations to ON !!! Great product, 5 stars
- Du
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R 302 R 226
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

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Centrum man

Very good product. It really treats itself of original product in the original box. Delivery time was approximately 20 days in a row.
- Alexandre Mana

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Great multivitamin

Great product, it has vitamins and minerals essential for our health. Very advised for people who have a diet deficient in vitamins and minerals, nowadays it is impossible to eat so much food and get the daily value necessary for our health and well being. I am taking one capsule a day and it has helped me a lot, I feel more willing to practice physical exercises, my vitamin levels are improving considerably. The centrum is well recognized here in Brazil and in the world, for this reason I opted for this multivitamin brand. The time of entrance was relatively fast, as soon as the payment of the ticket was confirmed, the evitamins sent the product, arrived in Brazil in only 7 working days, I was not taxed by the customs, the mail also did not charge a delivery fee. In the box came the description of the supplement that was inside and was not declared the freight. Finally, I advise you to buy this supplement, I have had good results and would buy it again.
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R 1,106
Metagenics PhytoMulti

The only multi I will take!

For years, I was unable to take multis because of the stomach upset it caused. A wonderful DO doc recommended PhytoMulti and I have been taking it for 7 years without issues. Highly recommended!
- Mary Yordy

Metagenics PhytoMulti - Excellent Product

I suffer from an auto immune disorder and since I've been taking the Metagenics PhytoMulti, I'm feeling better and my system seems to be responding to treatment a bit better. I'm so glad this product was recommended to me by a friend! I would highly recommend adding this vitamin to your daily routine!
- David Sabatelli
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R 302 R 226
Centrum Women Multivitamin

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Wife did not complain. Allergies to the components were not.
- Рагозинский Дмитрий Сергеевич

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It increases the disposition and energy, great product, I am taking it frequently and I hardly get cooled.
- Cibele Oliveira Silva
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R 334 R 284
Nature's Plus Childrens Vita-Gels

multivitamin for kids

Finally a multivitamin that my child can swallow.
- Kristin

Great alternative for children

Much better alternative for my son. He was not a fan of gummies or chewable vitamins and it is impossible to find anything like this in the stores for children. Very satisfied with this product. They are easy to swallow and I get no arguments with taking them daily.
- Stephanie Frenette
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R 284 R 227
ChildLife Multi Vitamin and Mineral

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Love it!

Great flavor!
- Arthur

Great Tasting Product!

Good!! I've used this product a lot in the last 6 months and it works very well. It's a great taste and my kids love it!
- Anonymous
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R 251 R 136
Now Foods Daily Vits

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it's ok

Pills are too big, but quality is nice.
- Aleksei Vladimirovich Burkov

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In the right measure

The most complete mineral and vitamin supplement on the market. In the right measure for the pocket and especially for health. Highly recommended!
- Sueli Lima
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R 90 R 58
Thompson Multi-Vitamins with Minerals


I take vitamins all the time, these don't make me feel sick. They are very effective and does not cost a lot revived them quickly.
- Keryl

Good but there is beef liver in it

Nice multivitamins. Great price for the amount. The packaging is too big though for the amount of pills in it so it's a bit of a waste. Also, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, but one thing that surprised me was the "beef liver" I didn't expected to find, so if you're vegetarian or vegan I wouldn't recommend this.
- Erika Agostino
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R 318 R 211
Rainbow Light Women's One Multivitamin

- Sandra Piotrowski

Great Multivitamin

I love this Rainbow Light Women's One Multivitamin. I've been using this product for a few months now and I can tell a difference. It is very convenient you only have to take 1 tablet a day. My favorite part is that it is a food based multivitamin so it doesn't have a bunch of fillers or unnecessary ingredients in there. It also contains probiotics, so it limits me having to take another product, which I like. Overall, great multivitamin for women.
- Harley Kensington
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R 402 R 307
Futurebiotics 30 Day Beauty Secret


Good..., Good multivitamin. I felt energetic after I started using this.
- Radhika Sharma

I used 30 Day Beauty Secret for three months some years back. It worked and co-workers attested to that. Now I'm done with childbearing and I want to start taking care of myself and looking good once again.
- Jacqueline U.
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R 402 R 217
Now Foods ADAM Superior Men's Multi

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Great product with quality raw material
- moises fenerich

Excellent Value for Men's vitamins.

This brand of vitamins always makes me feel better and it doesn't have an exorbitant price for the excellent quality that it provides. Furthermore, it doesn't contain all of the new faddish herbs that other brands add to their formulas and which can cause problems.
- Paul S. Lepinski
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R 369 R 302
Life Extension Two-Per-Day Capsules

Health Booster

Using it for the past few months. Really helps with my health. I use to fall sick quite often but now I am much more energetic and fit . Thanks

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The product is very good! Two-per-day capsules really made a difference in my lifestyle. It is a wonderful multivitamin both for those who are starting to supplement, and for those who already supplement with other vitamins. The dose of 2 capsules is really ideal. Proven life extention quality. An excellent brand for all the products it owns. In my case I still supplement with 500mg of Vita C also from the same brand life extention. I recommend and will make a new purchase as soon as possible. The product is very good! Two-per-day capsules really made a difference in my lifestyle. It is a wonderful multivitamin both for those who are starting to supplement, and for those who already supplement with other vitamins. The dose of 2 capsules is really ideal. Proven life extention quality. An excellent brand for all the products it owns. In my case still supplement with 500mg of Vita C also the same brand life extention. I recommend and will make a new purchase as soon as possible
- Mariana Freitas Rita
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R 671 R 478
Centrum Adults Multivitamin

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Excellent product

Product without comparison. The brand is really excellent. Since I already used some CENTRUM products, I bought this one to try out with the certainty of having obtained a state-of-the-art product.

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Excellent Cost Benefit

I'd rather shop here. For it is a product certified by the FDA, an American body that regulates Foods and Remedies. I think the inspection in Brazil is poorer. Buying any "food supplement" in pharmacies and grocery stores I find more risky. And those that come regulator by the Brazilian government, which are even remedy (vitamins, but remedies for surveillance) these are YES reliable. But infinitely expensive. So the cost benefit of Centrum on this import is favorable. Although this last freight was salty, more than 50 ...
- Ana Letícia Cintra Ramos
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R 542 R 407
Centrum Silver Adult's 50+ Multivitamin

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Very good

This product meets my expectations, very good.

Recommended Vitamins

Very good product it helped me a lot. I will order it in the future. The delivery was very fast.
- Eitan Naor
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R 469 R 398
Nature's Plus Adult's Multi-Vitamin Chewable

This is a great choice

Love this. I even get my Dad to take them. Awesome product and doesn't taste bad.
- Alessa Brown

Highly recommended

I have tried quite a few multi-vitamins and I am more concerned with quality ingredients than cheap artificial flavors. Compared to other vitamins Nature's plus holds ingredient choice to the highest standard and does not compromise with artificial flavors or useless artificial colors.
- Joey Wheeler
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R 168 R 128
Nutrition Now Rhino Gummy Bear Vitamins

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Very good

Too hot does not even look like vitamin pills. Tasty and with a texture very similar to the sweets of gum.
- andrea aramaki

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My daughter loved it.

My daughter loved it, teddy bear and very nice taste.
- Juliano Fontinelle Nascimento
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