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R 154 R 107
Larenim Concealer

"My eyes are not what they used to be. The area beneath them is dark and aged. Yes, I'm 40, but I still don't want to look 40. I don't like using creams or liquids on my face as they do more damage than good in my experience. I tried this powder concealer below my eyes and felt prettier and younger. My eyes looked brighter because of this simple application. It will be a repeat purchase."
- Tami Qualls

"I have very marked bags under my eyes, and for this reason I looked for a concealer that covers them. This is the best option, better than liquid concealer.Love it!"
- Maria Elena Barbero
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R 154 R 118
Jason Natural Cosmetics Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover

"These makeup remover pads are good at removing face makeup but too harsh on the eyes. When you rub your eyes with these you feel it scratches the eyes and they become reddish, even if you do it with a lighter touch. That's a shame, because their natural ingredients are very good and they don't burn or else. They just need to be softer. That's why I wouldn't 100% recommend these."
- Erika Agostino

"Έχει μέσα δισκάκια ποτισμένα που αφαιρούν το μακιγιάζ. Δεν είναι για τα μάτια γιατί το χρησιμοποίησα και με τσούζει αλλά δεν το γράφει ότι είναι για τα μάτια και έτσι φταίω εγώ. Τα δισκάκια είναι υπέροχα γιατί δεν στεγνώνουν εύκολα και αφαιρούν το μακιγιάζ. Το μόνο που με πείραξε είναι ότι είναι πολύ πολύ λεπτά."
- xara koukouvini
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R 206 R 165
Derma E Makeup Remover

"Out of this world awesome! I love how fantastic this make up remover works! It leaves behind no make up residue and fantastic at getting all of the make up off in one go. It has no weird smell, strange after feeling and leaves my skin feeling great. I love how little I have to use on top of everything else unlike other brands."
- C. Wolfe

"Muito bom."
- Alexander de Ataide Castro
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R 162
Benecos Natural Eyebrow Designer

"The color is a perfect match to my natural eyebrow hair, the texture is amazing, it's easy to use, and the brush on the other end is awesome! Not to mention is lasts a very long while. I have been using only this pencil for my eyebrows for a while now, an I'm totally getting another one after I'm done with my current. Love this product!"
- Danuta Carneiro Raposo Nunes

"Melhor lápis de sombra celha que ja usei na vida, sem mais. Ele é ótimo, a ponta do lápis é super macia o que facilita e muito na hora da aplicação, a cor é linda. Eu to simplesmente apaixonada, ele tem uma consistência incrível, o preço é maravilhoso, aqui no Brasil é uma fortuna, nesse site o preço ta super em conta, então vale demais adquirir esse produto, virou meu novo vicio de tão maravilhoso que ele é, serio gente eu recomendo muito, podem comprar é super confiável e chegou super rápido aqui no Brasil, amei amei amei, vou comprar mais com certeza, e voces também podem adquirir com a certeza de que vale a pena. porque vale muito, isso é significado de economia"
- Quetsia Marques Rangel
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R 118 R 92
E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation Nude SPF 15

"Logo quando vi a marca nova por aqui ja quis logo testar e usar, qualidade de base incrivel. Ameiii e quero ja testar todos os produtinhos dessa marca ! Recomendo muito e vale a pena investir nesse novo produto e marca que tem tudo para dar certo."
- Amanda Tavares

"Produto maravilhoso. Adorei a textura e fixação."
- Sweetie Rodrigues
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R 178 R 134
Reviva Labs Liquid Mascara

""This stuff is just basic goodness. It goes on thick without being clumpy and makes my eyelashes look BIG. But the best part of it (aside from the price) is that it doesn't irritate my eyes after a long day at the office "

"This mascara is great, made my eyelashes thicker in less than a week. It didn't clog up inside tube like some mascara does at time. It's very darker than the normal which help define my eyes. Very easy to wash and did not smear at all."
- Lisa Hunter
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R 154 R 107
Larenim Eye Colour

"Great pigment, great color selection and amazing price. Personally I don't feel they last super long as I have oily lids (even when I put a primer on they don't last that long) but for the price you pay and the color payoff, I'm pretty happy with the shadows. Love this brand."

"Love this color and this brand!"
- Kimberly Bustamante
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R 424 R 311
Larenim Pressed Foundation

"This make-up is absolutely amazing. I don't break out anymore, and my face doesn't get oily later in the day either. It covers the rosacea on my cheeks, and makes my skin look smooth and natural."
- Stephanie Wilson

"I am impressed! I've used several top brands of mineral makeup. I don't like putting poisons on my skin and was looking for a makeup program made of pure minerals with no surprise toxins. Also hoping this makeup would stay in place for more than two hours. I found nothing and was quite disappointed. I have oily skin with small veins and large pores and within an hour or two my face would be shiny and looking like I had no makeup on. I bought the Larenim Pressed Foundation 3-NM, 2 eye shadows and 2 lipsticks. WOW what a surprise. My makeup covers nicely, stays in place and the eye color lasts much longer. The lipsticks feels good and doesn't dry your lips out and didn't seem to smear. An added blessing, the colors all looked good and matched my skin coloring which has been another sore spot for me. I'm a happy gal! No more shine and touch ups except if I'm going to go somewhere after work. No more lines or cakey makeup lines either. I'm very grateful! Thank you from my heart. "
- Dixie Khbeis
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R 103 R 81
Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer

"This burts bees lip shimmer is awesome! The texture is butter smooth and leaves my lips so happy! The color is fantastic, not to light and not too dark just right for every day use. Bonus is the small size. It fits perfect into my pocket, purse and even my cup holders in my car for quick re application."
- C.W.

"Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers are awesome. It's long lasting, great color and a very inexpensive lip balm."
- Valentyn
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R 210 R 158
Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Mascara

"The texture of this mascara is amazing! Doesn't clump on my lashes, and the dark brown color is perfect for a more natural look on my eyes. Loved it!"
- Danuta Carneiro Raposo Nunes

"I like the wand -not too wide, easy to control. Applies readily. Smells edible."
- Cilla
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R 210 R 168
Andalou Naturals Brightening Lash and Lid Make Up Remover

"This isn't my every day make up remover. I tend to use it more when I have used more make up than usual like for nights out or even after a day of cosplay. A little of this product goes a long way. It does a great job of getting tough make up off without being harsh on my skin. There is no redness after use and it helps to keep my pores unblocked even after heavy make up use. It's overall a great product and the price point is decent too."
- Allie C

"Αν και σπάνια χρησιμοποιώ γαλάκτωμα ντεμακιγιάζ, δοκίμασα αυτό και μου άρεσε. Έχει ελαφριά υφή, ουδέτερη μυρωδιά και χρειάζεται μικρή ποσότητα σε κάθε χρήση. Αφαιρεί εντελώς το μακιγιάζ και τους ρύπους και δεν ερεθίζει/τσούζει τα μάτια. Παρόλο που έχω λιπαρή επιδερμίδα, το γαλάκτωμα αυτό δεν αφήνει στο δέρμα ίχνη λιπαρότητας -για αυτό και μου άρεσε."
- Aglaia Amanatidou
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R 283
Benecos Vegan Natural Volume Mascara

"Generally I use Tarte as my go to brand for mascara but I decided to try the Vegan Natural Volume Mascara in shade Magic Black from Benecos as I have been looking for natural makeup options to try when my skin is a little more sensitive. I am impressed with this product. It goes on smooth without clumping. There is no chemical smell and it lasts pretty much all day. My only problem is it take more than one coat sometimes to get the desired thickness I like but besides that it's a great option."
- Allie C

"I have been using YSL mascara for years and this one is 4 times cheaper for a very similar effect. I would recommend anyone to switch to this product. It is a bit less resilient - but I don't mind."
- Anna
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R 364
Mavala Nail Shield

"Minhas unhas melhoraram bastante, estao super durinhas recomendo."
- Andrea Lucia Teodoro de Macedo Padua Walfrido

"Esse Produto da Mavala é ótimo, ele fortifica a unha, possui dois passos e cria como se fosse uma telinha por cima da unha (parece pequenas fibras) mantendo-a firme e nutrida, conquentemente ela cresce. Estou super feliz que encontrei neste site com esse preço inacreditável!!! Pois por aqui no Brasil o lugar mais barato que eu encontrei estava mais de R$150,00. Aqui mesmo que o produto seja tributado ainda sim compensa mais... Ah e para quem acha caro, se você tem dificuldade com o crescimento de unhas fracas... Esse é o preço! Vale cada centavo!!! "
- Talita
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R 405 R 351
Earth Lab Cosmetics Vegan Brush Set

"Το πρώτο μου, 100% Vegan σετ πινέλων! Περιλαμβάνει και μία όμορφη θήκη μεταφοράς. Η ποιότητα των πινέλων είναι πολύ καλή, οι τρίχες τους είναι απαλές και δεν έχουν μαδήσει καθόλου στο πλύσιμο. Είναι κατασκευασμένα από μπαμπού, και συνθετικές τρίχες. Τα 4 πινέλα είναι για τα μάτια, και τα 3 για το πρόσωπο. Είναι ένα σετ που θα σε βολέψει πάρα πολύ για ταξίδια, αφού περιέχει όλα τα απαραίτητα πινέλα που χρειάζεσαι για ένα ολοκληρωμένο μακιγιάζ."
- Aglaia Amanatidou

"Ранее я никогда не пользовалась кистями для макияжа. И вот оно свершилась, я решила освоить этот труд под названием "нанесение макияжа с помощью кистей". Первое время не так все и просто было, но потом я приноровилась, узнала какие кисти для чего, какие косметические средства мне необходимо приобрести, и как говорится, "понеслась душа в рай". Кисти Vegan Brush Set обладают отличным ворсом, за которым элементарно просто ухаживать. Теперь чувствую себя настоящим визажистом! "
- ???????? ???? ?????????????
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R 59 R 46
E.L.F Highlighting Brush

"Πολύ καλό συνθετικό πινέλο! Πολλές οι χρήσεις του και όχι αποκλειστικά για highlighter. Ιδανικό μέγεθος για σετάρισμα κάτω από τα μάτια, για contouring, για ρουζ και φυσικά για Higlighter. Λόγω της συνθετικής τρίχας είναι cruelty free. Δεν χάνει ούτε τρίχα στο πλύσιμο. Δεν μυρίζει καθόλου περίεργα όταν το ανοίγεις για πρώτη φορά. Πολύ καλή σχέση ποιότητας - τιμής."
- Maria Lamprou

"Кисть очень мягкая, средняя набивка. Хорошо полирует и наносит хайлайтер. "
- ????????? ??????? ?????????
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R 157 R 123
E.L.F Beautifully Bare Foundation Serum FairLight

"This is the lightest foundation I have ever used for the coverage it provides. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a great product! I will buy this over and over again! I cannot say enough about it. You will be pleased."
- Renee Bartel

"Base com textura excelente, de cobertura leve e com um toque aveludado. Amei."
- Sweetie Rodrigues
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R 118 R 92
E.L.F Contour Palette 4 Shades

"Nossa estou apaixonada por esse produto. A textura é muito boa, leve, bem pigmentada que resulta uma make perfeita com ótima cobertura. As cores são maravilhosas, essa marca é excelente. A embalagem é bonita e pratica,e a entrega foi super rápida. Com certeza voltarei a comprar essa paleta maravilhosa e outros produtos da marca, ameiii super recomendo!!!"
- Karina Alexandre de Sousa

"Очень нравятся два скульптурирующих оттенка, из-за них и заказывала эту палетку, хайлайтер не такой пигментированный, как хотелось бы. "
- ????????? ??????? ?????????
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R 145 R 111
Earth Science Chamomile  Green Tea Eye Makeup Remover

"I really like this eye makeup remover! It works great!"
- KP
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R 272 R 204
Larenim Mineralash Mascara

"I have very sensitive eyes and was willing to try out Larenim Mineralash Mascara. I will say it does not irritate the eyes. That is all the good I can say. The hype that is stays on so well, is not what I experienced. I had raccoon eye with in an hour after applying it. I tried it again and had the same result. I was so disgusted I tossed it out."
- Tina McCann
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R 340 R 237
Larenim Blush

"Minha esposa sempre gostou de usar Blush. Sendo assim comprei este. Ela gostou, devido a tonalidade ser a mesma de sua pele, bem como a consistência do pó ser de fácil aplicação e ótima fixação. Ja me pediu para comprar mais desta marca. "
- Emanoel Pereira Souza
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R 254 R 133
Larenim Blending Brush

"I mean it's just a normal eye shadow brush. It has good quality as well. But I would describe it more like a flat eye shadow brush rather than blending brush."
- Eliza Stergiou
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R 68 R 48
Larenim Eyeliner Brush

"No tan bueno como esperaba de esta marca. Los primeros usos fueron geniales, pero al paso de los días perdia los pelitos, no sirviendo para mucho.."
- Maria Recio
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R 424 R 296
Larenim Softer-than-Sable Kabuki Brush

"This Larenim Kabuki Brush is perfect for both application of foundation. The texture of the brush is soft but not to soft. The length of the bristles on the brush re perfect. I love the short handle it gives me great control for use. The size is wonderful for travel."
- Allie C
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R 154 R 107
Larenim Eye Colour

"This shadow has the expected high-quality and performance I would expect from Larenim. However, the Elfin color is a bright green -- too yellowy, too "loud". I'm a brunette medium-fair skin (look best in jewel tones), and I looked too clown-ish in this color. On the other hand, the green in Scale of the Dragon (more brownish-green/blackish green, muted and earthy) is just perfect. I'm sticking with that from now on."
- Endee
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