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Weight Loss Reviews

$ 8.99 $ 6.74
Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Burner



Did not notice change

I tried this product for about 2 months and did not notice any difference really. Only thing I noticed was more energy but I could not take the suggested serving size. If I did I got really shaky my heart would race and I would have a really hard time sleeping at night. Once I started taking only 1 a day it was a bit better. Also was not a fan of the size of the pill. It was very large and hard to swallow.
- Harley Kensington
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$ 29.95
Cortislim International CortiSlim Original

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I bought it for my husband. Even though he is sedentary, he is still losing weight! Excellent product and I recommend it!
- Vivian Arreal

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RMed CortiSlim 01

Positive - contributes, effectively, to the well-being of my wife's health.
- Roberto de
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$ 20.50 $ 12.32
Natural Sources Raw Thyroid

Very happy, It's working well.

Ordered this for a friend. It's working so well that after 2 weeks I have ordered a 180 cap bottle so it will be here before the other one runs out. After 3 days all the puffiness in her ankles was gone, that was a good unexpected side effect. She has more energy and is getting more done (expected, or at least hoped for side effects), so we have a happy camper. She suspects some weight loss is starting to occur which of course being a woman has her very, very pleased. For the first couple of days she did say it felt a bit like her heart was trying to pump rubbish but she came right fairly quickly, although it was a bit of a concern. I will be watching to see how things go, I can feel a goiter in her neck and would be interested in seeing if this shrinks and how long it will take for it to go down. Oh and she was tested a few years ago for thyroid function, the test showed she was .1% above the threshold for requiring medication so they turned her down so I'm pretty sure its a genuine case of hypothyroid.
- Edward Minnell

Great mix!

I like how this product contains other glandulars, because issues on the thyroid gland are usually linked to issues on the adrenals.
- Nair
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$ 10.29 $ 6.57
Thompson DHEA

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I will buy again

I have been taking DHEA for a few years because of a medical recommendation, after going through a very strong crisis with a number of symptoms due to a clinical premenopausal hormonal disorder. I tried this brand and it worked very well for me.

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Very good product, there are 3 weeks that I'm using and I felt a very great improvement in the dispositions, I'm feeling very well, it's worth it.
- Emerson Costa Adário
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$ 19.99 $ 10.79
Now Foods Thyroid Energy

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I recommend ! Good for thyroid!

Very good, lots of energy in this product for the thyroid, the company now is very good too. Reliable.
- Daniela Barboza

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Health and disposition

Excellent repositor of iodine in the body. The lack of iodine is chronic in our bodies, because food no longer supplies them in minimal quantities for our well being. You will notice immediate improvement in your health and disposition! Excellent cost benefit! top of the market.
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$ 4.99 $ 4.50
Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

Amazing taste

Amazing taste, so healthy for my salad dressing!
- Athena Kapsaski

It's perfect for weight loss!

Despite the acrid taste, ACV is amazing for weight loss! Soon as I received my package, I had to test this out. Within the first few hours of trying this and weighing myself I'd lost a pound of water weight! I know if i continue to use this 2-3 a day out of the week my results will be even greater!
- Alesia Shumpert
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$ 29.95 $ 22.91
Bio Nutrition Pure Green Coffee Bean


Excellent product
- Simone Antaki

Awesome and easy to take

Awesome and easy to take, I love this product and can see quick results!
- Charlene Robinson
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$ 21.99 $ 11.87
Now Foods 7-Keto

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7-Keto great buy

Great product. It really brings benefits. You can not immediately see the gains. But using 7-keto for more than 15 days starts the effects of the product in the body. You really have an increase in testosterone. As well as a decrease in body fat (not so great) and an increase in lean mass gain. Anyway, I recommend this product.

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$ 29.99 $ 11.31
Natural Research Innovation Acai Burn

Great product and staff

Fast delivery and Acai Burn worked within 1 week. I will definitely purchase it again and would recommend this supplement to anyone looking to lose weight or get an increase in energy!
- Anonymous

Weight loss within two weeks

Great product and I see results within two weeks. Only need one to two capsules for positive results. Just as good as more expensive brands. I felt nauseous when I took the first dose but that only happened once. I have lost weight since starting this supplement. Highly Recommended. The green coffee extract is a real bonus!
- Rachael A
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$ 13.99 $ 7.55
Now Foods Apple Cider Vinegar


Amazing product. They have definitely helped me with my weight and cleansing my liver.
- Tracy Sinnott

I find this to be great

I find this to be great. I was told to take it because of my fatty liver. I now have a very healthy liver after taking it for the last 3 months.
- Sharon Dugdale
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$ 39.99 $ 18.90
eVitamins 7-Keto

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Convenient format for essential extras

I always take 7-keto which is an active metabolite of DHEA to keep the metabolic levels of youth after climacteric. 7-keto's e-vitamins have the best cost-benefit: they are small and simple capsules to swallow and have the advantage of not coming combined with caffeine and / or other thermogenics that make it unfeasible to tommar in the evening. That is: I can take them at any time of the day.
- Simone Pinto DiMeglio

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Excellent product, it has helped me a lot to keep my weight under control.
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$ 23.98 $ 17.99
Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer

Good for energy, didn't notice any help in weight loss though.

I liked the energy this product gave me but found I would crash about 8 hours after taking it. Works good if you take it twice a day. Didn't notice any difference weight wise.
- Tracy Bremner

I started taking the Green Tea Fat Metabolizer, and realized that yes it does control how much you eat, depending on how much fat you have. I'm about 192 and well it's helped me lose 2-3 pounds so far. I haven't eaten anything in 2 days, but it's because this pill basically absorbs your fat - at least that's what it's doing to me. I guess I like it.
- Lauren Porter
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$ 40.00 $ 30.00
Life Extension 7-Keto DHEA Metabolite

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Exellent product !!

This product is very good for those who need to strengthen the immune system !!
- Marcelo F. N.

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worth a try

I only used one 7-Keto DHEA bottle. I can tell you that during your use I felt a lot more disposition than usual. I could see significant improvement in all the thousands of daily assignments. I recommend its use, which will guarantee the disposition desired by all.
- Geraldo Navarro Cabañas
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$ 21.95 $ 14.84
Enzymatic Therapy Metabolic Advantage Thyroid Formula

Love Metabolic Advantage Thyroid Formula! I no longer have an active thyroid issue. Under control and feeling very good.
- Marie Grace B.

Metabolic Advantage Thyroid Formula works well for me. My TSH was slightly elevated at 5+. I was gaining weight and fatigued. After one bottle of Metabolic Advantage, a reduction in eating carbohydrates, and a complete abstinence from Diet Coke, I lost three pounds and feel much better. I showed it to my doctor who noted the product was completely natural, and recommended to keep on taking it -- which I will! I highly recommend it.
- Connie
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$ 21.99 $ 11.87
Now Foods 7-Keto

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Excellent for improved disposition and muscular condition

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Very good

I liked the product and would recommend it to others. I really like this brand and it has met my expectations. Or rather, it exceeded all expectations. The site maintains information and sends the trace when requested. After the first purchase I already bought another bottle and I would buy again.
- Fabiana Marcondes Buzanelli
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$ 69.99 $ 37.79
Now Foods 7-KETO LeanGels

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I already use it for some time, showing effective results.
- Diogo Souza Ferreira Pires

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Performance and satisfaction

The effects were felt quickly resulting in better performance in sports training and greater disposition in the day to day. The loss of fat mass and gain of lean mass were perceived after 10 weeks consuming on average 4 sotgels daily.
- Ulysses Januzzi
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$ 19.99 $ 13.99
Only Natural Apple Cider Vinegar- Grapefruit  Cayenne

Losing weight is hard with work, children and having very little time to go to the gym. Some of us in a little extra push. I love this product because after every meal I take one to speed up my metabolism while I keep moving on with my day.
- Jennifer D.

This Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapefruit & Cayenne really works! I have recommended it to many of my friends and we all have had great success in losing weight. I was concerned about taking other products on the market for losing weight as I have problems with a racing heart. I had no problem with this at all... Try it!
- Anonymous
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$ 26.98 $ 20.24
Irwin Naturals System-Six

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Less appetite. Liked it

I'm asking for the second glass. I thought it greatly reduced my appetite
- Cristina Maria Pais Cruz de Morais

Love the product. Ordering on-line is extremely easy for repeat ordering. Will definitely re-order! Great customer support if needed.
- WJ
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$ 16.79 $ 12.75
Natural Care Appetite Suppressant

Helped a little bit

With this Appetite Suppressant by NaturalCare I did not notice a huge difference. At first it seemed to really curb my craving and help my appetite, but as time went on I noticed it working less and less. My father also tried this product and had similar results. I really liked that it didn't contain any caffeine. The serving sizes were slightly odd as well, it comes with 60 Capsules and on average you should take 3 per day, but can take up to 9. That really limits how long this product actually lasts.
- Harley Kensington

I bought the Natural Care Appetite Suppressant and it did not do anything for my appetite at all, however it helped cut my cousin's appetite in half. She lost a great deal of weight over several weeks.
- Lisa H.
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$ 21.99 $ 14.03
Michael's Thyroid Factors

A thyroid test by the doctors reads my thyroid as being "ok" however, other tests have showed low iodine. When I first got thyroid factors, I began taking and almost immediately had better energy as well as was finally able to lose a few pounds. Unfortunately I am terrible at remembering to take my vitamins and supplements. Lately, I have began walking and really working at eating healthier. I added the thyroid factor back into my regimen and the results have been awesome. Thanks to all of the above, I am losing a healthy 1 to 2 pounds a week. I must say, however, that when I would forget to take the thyroid factor for a few days, my weight lose slowed down drastically.
- Diana Gordy

I have been using Thyroid Factors for over a year and the improvement in my health has been amazing! I have so much more energy. I use this one tablet a day in combination with Nutri Thyroid, a bovine thyroid supplement.
- Paula B.
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$ 8.99
Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

Try it, you'll Love it!

We have used BRAGG ORGANIC ACV for over 30 years. It's the best tasting ACV ever. This is one of our Go-to products. We use it when canning garden goodies such as salsas, spaghetti sauce, vegetable juice, etc. Great in salad dressings, Perfect on any type Greens. One or two teaspoons added to 6-8 oz ice water aids in digestion, helps w/weight loss, & is a perfect any-time "pick-me-up" & especially in summer. Bragg ACV is a staple in our home, & we are never w/out.
- Zahrah

Apple Cider Vinegar will enhance you!

This is a must have and I really enjoy taking Apple Cider Vinegar from time to time. Very healthy and refreshing not to mention that it really does a total reset on your body to start anew. I would usually mixed it into some salads, other foods and also a cup of water. One thing I did notice after a week of usage I felt much lighter also something very strange happened to me on another level. After a few times of using it the feeling of my head felt like certain pathways were being opened. I noticed everything became clearer to me perception wise and more, the feeling of a relaxation also accompanied this. That is only the beginning because when I went to sleep the second night after trying Apple Cider Vinegar I started to have very vivid dreams that reached out to me on a profound and spiritual level. Then it dawned on me that the feeling of pathways being opened also meant that it was interacting with my Pineal Gland which is in short where the Third Eye is located. I really enjoy taking Apple Cider Vinegar and I'm looking forward to purchase more in the near future
- Shadow Spirit
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$ 25.95 $ 15.91
Universal Nutrition Super Cuts 3

Super Cuts 3 really does the job to complete your body look

Great product that works really well with a good solid bodybuilding workout program. Worth the money.
- Maureen Asten

Yes they are large tablets, yes they smell and taste less than "attractive", but they work!
- JJf
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$ 24.99 $ 16.95
Maximum Human Performance Xpel Diuretic

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Diuretic nice

This one works really, great for when you're getting ready for that fds party and you're feeling super swollen ... Turn and mess I use!
- Talita Oliveira

Very, very good!! Xpel is great for women who have a greater tendency to retain fluid, but neither is it restricted to the female audience, and may also be used by men. This is also recommended supplement for athletes, especially in sports where the category is set by the body weight, since it will assist in eliminating those end pounds that the athlete needs to adapt to the desired category.
- Elisa F.
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$ 21.99 $ 13.20
Michael's Water Balance Factors

I've been using this product for's great to keep your electrolytes in balance and avoiding water retention. Excellent price and service.
- Carol

The Water Balance Factors help with my water retention problem.
- Keith Prewitt
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