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Stress Reviews

£ 19.57 £ 10.56
Now Foods Rhodiola 500 mg

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Trusted Brand

Reliable brand, a very used supplement in my home for me, wife and children because I always use this brand purchased on the site evitamins for being reliable and bring effective results, as it reduces physical and psychological stress because it promotes moderate increase of endorphins providing a feeling of well being, contributing to improved mood, the plant also reduces physical and mental fatigue and improving sleep quality.

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Great Product!!

I found this product very good! My stress greatly diminished, my migraine ... I spent several years taking medicine and nothing solved, the only thing that resolved was Rhodiola Rosea.
- Juliene Tais dos Santos Cini
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£ 9.43 £ 7.04
Health From the Sun MigraSoothe Roll-On

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Worth the MygraStick Roll-On

Very Good. Very fast effect!


This MygraStick Roll-On by Health From the Sun is such a great product that I would recommend to anyone looking for relief! I tried this in a last stitch to avoid taking Advil or other pain relievers. And the results were great. I was shocked how well it worked. Just put a little on my forehead and it helped melt my headache away and keep it at bay. Love it!
- Harley Kensington
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£ 5.33 £ 2.87
Now Foods Melatonin

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Great help for sleep induction and permanence

Because melatonin is a hormone related to the sleep cycle, today it is indicated for those who have difficulty in getting to sleep, in maintaining sleep or having a quality sleep at night. The capsules have a reasonable concentration of melatonin, so it is important to request the guidance and appointment of a professional. If used in addition to what is necessary for the body, it can negatively impact, like any other substance used in excess. The product is reliable, I use the dose of 3mg and I have been getting excellent results, all accompanied by the nutrologist.
- Juliette Aparecida Rocha

Excellent for sleep!

Excellent quality, helps me promote better sleep, feel more energy next day. Also improves my digestive health. I highly recommend this product.
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£ 9.87 £ 7.54
Hyland's Nerve Tonic

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Did not meet expectations

Most of the supplements I have bought in the site Evitamins have brought me great results plus this brand left a lot to be desired, I went deep into the pot, I bought 2 more bottles after using a bottle, I did not feel any results so this brand no longer buy.

I am so happy I found Hyland's Nerve Tonic. I don't have to take Paxil anymore. I feel so much better taking this nerve tonic. Thank you Hyland's!
- Teodora
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£ 30.06 £ 22.99
FoodScience of Vermont Behavior Balance - DMG Liquid

Instant change in behavior from my six-year-old autistic boy. Usually he's very violent and not very cooperative, but now he's like a completely different boy. He's loving, kind and already starting to show signs of toilet awareness. School, friends and family have noticed. I actually call it his miracle juice.
- Kelly S.

My daughter has Asperger's Syndrome. I had a conference with her teacher in the fall of the school year. Her teacher mentioned that she was having a hard time with my daughter being able to focus and suggested that maybe a mild medication would help her. I didn't want to just throw my child on a drug because she has trouble focusing so I started to do some research. I found several sights talking about Behavior Balance DMG and how it helped other people's autistic children. I bought a bottle and we tried it for a month. When her grade card came in at the end of our four weeks, every one of her grades had gone up a whole letter grade. When I asked her how she felt taking it, she looked me in the eyes and said "Mom I can think better, and I feel better." She doesn't argue as much, she focuses on tasks better, and she doesn't get as frustrated over little things either. I'm glad I chose to do some research to try and find a natural approach to helping her.
- Holly
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£ 4.45 £ 3.78
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Blend


I like the smell and taste of this tea. It's really soothing and relaxing.
- Jodie Cary

Honey Lavender equals stress relief

This is such a great tea! It is my go to when I want to unwind and destress. I really enjoy the Honey Lavender combination. It has a nice flavor to it. Yogi teas do it once again! Thank you for great products and thoughtful packaging.
- B.J.S.
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£ 18.67 £ 13.07
Source Naturals Hi-Stress BC

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Health Assistant

Good helper for stress control.
- nadir cavalcante

My wife and I take Hi-Stress B&C when we are experiencing bouts of situational high stress. We usually take 2 to 4 and then in about 15 minutes to 30 minutes it seems to help decrease the symptoms of anxiety. The down is the pills are on the larger side and I don't care for the taste. But the end result is..they work and that is the end result I am looking for. I am a counselor and recommend this to my clients.
- Anonymous
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£ 44.21 £ 33.82
FoodScience of Vermont Behavior Balance - DMG

Great vitamins for my autistic son. We have really noticed the difference when he has missed taking them. They have really helped with the behavior.
- Pina Buda

My grandson has adhd and aspberger syndrome. His moods and behavior have changed dramatically since he started taking Behavior Balance. I ordered too late once and he was without them for several days. For a while, he became cross and argumentative before the pills got back into his system. I highly recommend Behavior Balance to everyone.
- Anonymous
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£ 19.14 £ 13.39
Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Ashwagandha

Magic Stress Relief.

When under stress, one of these just brings you down a notch or two but you're still able to function normally. Wonderful stuff.
- Ngaire Reid

This product Exceeded my expectations!

I'm thrilled with this product and how it has helped with my auto immune disorder.
- salma white
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£ 10.24 £ 7.16
Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Ashwagandha

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Too good Ashwagandha formula.
- Pantelis Dafnomilis

It works

It works and has good price.
- Malgorzata Wiciun-Dowgiallo
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£ 36.45 £ 24.95
Natural Vitality Natural Calm

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Write a title for your review.

Tell us what you like and do not like about this product.
- lucio mario

Magnesium supplement helped my sleepiness and pain

I love Natural Calm! I have fibromyalgia and obstructive sleep apnea, and I am so frequently sleepy during the day despite sleeping 8-9 hours with my CPAP. When I started taking Natural Calm, I noticed an improvement in my sleepiness with in a week. I now wake up feeling refreshed 3 to 4 days a week. That's still not all the time, but it's way better than the approximately zero I was getting before. Over time, I have also noticed that Natural Calm seems to have helped with my muscle pain. This affect did take at least a month to be noticeable. The taste is unobjectionable, but can be a bit sweet if you don't add enough water. (It is sweetened with Stevia.) The Natural Calm powder dissolves easily in hot water, but it does fizz a lot, so make sure to follow the package directions and only add a tablespoon or two of water to your mug initially. When I have had to take it in cold water, it does dissolve eventually, but it takes a long time. When I took without fully dissolving, I did have some issues with gas and burping. I appreciate that the dosing is adjustable to your own needs by simply varying the amount of powder. I do recommend purchasing a long-handle teaspoon to make it easier to get the powder out of the bottom of the container.
- Anna K
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£ 33.46 £ 25.93
Nature's Plus Rhodiola Extended Release

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Very good

Very good Rhodiola supplement. It increases mental disposition and focus. More motivation for your day. Highly recommend, relieves stress.

Feels like Rhodiola Extended Release helps with PMS-like symptoms of grouchiness. I love it, works well with no side effects.
- J.S.
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£ 22.24 £ 17.79
Repp Sports Phenibut

Quality brand of Phenibut

The package arrived in time and good condition. Quality brand of Phenibut. A single pill provides a nice relaxing feeling while not stopping you from doing productive work or activities that require concentration like driving or reading. Very good for those of us that suffer from social anxiety / shyness, without the side effects of alcohol and other drugs. It's good as an occasional sleeping aid as well. The effect of one pill will last from 4 to 7 hours. No doubt I will order it again.
- Miguel M. R.

Alternative to Primaforce phenibut

I chose these capsules as a replacement to the Primaforce powder that is not currently available. Has similar effect, easy to take in capsule form. Enhances relaxation without drowsiness. Recommended.
- Rachael Allen
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£ 9.87 £ 7.54
Hyland's Calms Forte


This one is working for me, but I used in conjunction with Body Calm Supreme.
- Gaspa Salinas
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£ 14.15 £ 10.97
Nature's Plus Mega-Stress Complex Sustained Release

Mega-Stress Complex are fantastic pills. I don't miss my daily dose for anything.
- Chris D.

Love it! I have used mega Stress Complex off and on for over the last 8 years and it has made a huge difference with the anxiety attacks I get. I can't say enough about how much I love it. I am also a huge fan of Nature's Plus in general since I have never gone wrong with their products.
- Erika
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£ 23.10 £ 14.75
Natural Vitality Natural Calm Plus Calcium

Great product - helps with my severe leg cramps.
- adixiechick69
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£ 30.70 £ 18.42
Michael's Adrenal Xtra Energy Support

Twenty Plus years of MNP Adrenal Xtra Energy Suppot

We have used this product for over 20 years. Whenever traveling or a busy day ahead, we keep these adrenal supports on hand. My grown children use these still, it helped them get through high school and college. Friends and neighbors alike are always amazed at the difference they feel, when I say take these adrenal support. If we feel a cold coming on, this will usually kick it out. If you've got a big day ahead of you, this is the right combination of products, that won't give you the jitters, but instantly make you feel like you've got your 10AM energy ready for a full day again. If we have a business dinner and dragging from a packed full day, we grab an adrenal support. It calms the body and refreshes us. We can even take this before bed, so our adrenals get the support they need. ...they work for us and so many I've given too. Nobody has ever said they didn't work for over twenty plus years. Of course, we've tried other but, it's not this combination. It's nice to know this product has not changed. We trust Michaels.
- Big D jorie

Ok so far

Haven't noticed an improvement in my energy level/foggy thinking, etc. but to be fair I have only been taking it for about a week.
- Lisa Bivens
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£ 30.43 £ 23.27
Natrol SAF Stress  Anxiety Formula

Me and my girlfriend bought the stress & anxiety day and night formula yesterday. We both tried 1 tablet of the night and we both woke up the next morning feeling really bad. In fact she had nightmares the whole night that were really weird feeling and I woke up this morning feeling like my kidneys and liver was damaged and really sore. About a half an hour after I took the pill last night I felt both the left and right sides of my abdomen twitching. I couldn't sleep for like 2 hours because I was more awake after I took the pill. My girlfriend isn't taking anything except birth control by (YAZ) so there is no excuse for it not to work for her. For me, I'm not sure if it would have done that to me anyway, but I took a ultimate liver cleanse tablet by puranol the same day and also a glucosamine/chondroitin/msm tablet by spring valley for joint health. I took both these at least 8 hours before I took the pill from natrol. We did not like this product and kept us up while making us more stressed the next day.
- Billy

SAF Stress & Anxiety Formula is great! If I am really stressed out, start freaking out about life, or in a really bad mood, I take 3 or 4. Half an hour later, I feel much better. I don't take it every day, just when I feel stressed out. It really helps.
- Anonymous
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£ 15.11 £ 10.58
Source Naturals Melatonin

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Excellent product.

I found this product very good. The fact that it is dissolved in the mouth without having to drink water helps a lot for those who go to the bathroom a lot at night. The value of the product is quite taken into account since q comes with 200 capsules, meaning the person has melatonin for almost a year. I had never bought anything from source naturals. I bought a little suspicious and the product is of excellent quality and very practical to use. As I already mentioned in other posts ... on evitamins delivery by the USPS and very good. The customer can follow the product from the day of purchase until the final delivery of the product.

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Really good

This makes me sleep better and feel good to go thru the day. Really helps.
- camila santos costa
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£ 86.55
Metagenics Adreset


I love Adreset by Metagenics because it helps calms my jittery nerves when I get too many things on my mind. I am retired and anxious all the time about not working and this really helps. You can take it a couple of times per day but not after 4 pm. I buy this larger size (180 capsules) because it is the best price. I always buy from evitamins because they give the best price and shipping is fast.
- Barbara Wagner

Great find!!

These vitamins are really amazing! I have so much energy & feel better since I've been taking them!!
- Surprised
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£ 25.36 £ 21.56
Buried Treasure Stress B Gone

Stress "B" gone is wonderful. I have neuropathy and I find that I do not have as much pain now that I am using this on a regular basis. In addition, I have been more alert and definitely have more energy. As far as the taste, just mix with orange juice and it has a more orange taste. Not bitter, really tastes great. I am now on auto ship.
- Linda
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£ 14.46 £ 11.20
Nature's Plus Ultra Stress With Iron Sustained Release
£ 21.34 £ 14.94
Source Naturals Calm Thoughts

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It did not help to improve my anxiety or sleep, but it did not hurt me.

It did not work for me !!! It was not a product that could cause drowsiness or anxiety reduction, but I believe that each organism reacts differently from the other !!!
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£ 36.45 £ 24.95
Natural Vitality Natural Calm

Best Tasting Magnesium Ever!

This product works very well and I also love the flavour but, the only problem is that it’s very expensive! Being retired, I’m on a strict budget! Wish I could get it in a better price! I will definitely buy it again, but not as often as I would like only because of the price! Thank you very much!
- Murielle Cote
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