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Theralogix Ovasitol - 90 Day Supply

Price: £60.45

Regulated me
by Alexis on 23 July 2018
☑ Verified Review
Period came after taking Ovasitol for just 3 days
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Excellent product
by Rosmery Hernandez on 18 July 2018
☑ Verified Review
Excellent product, helps with PCOS and all its problems. I recommend ovasitol. Have been using for a while and made my menstrual regular. I'm trying to get pregnant and hopefully it will help with that too. I've heard good positive results from other users that have this same problem and have gotten pregnant after using this product. Hope this review helps y'all. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Worth every dollar.
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by DP on 13 July 2018
☑ Verified Review
Great product!!!! I have been using it for 90 days now and am seeing the effects. Works excellent at managing my PCOS symptoms. I highly recommend!!!! I have experienced weight loss, decreased hair growth, better blood sugar control, and my ovulation and menstruation have returned. I plan on continuing to take this supplement because it allows me to use something all natural and doesn't require a script. The product is amazing and I feel wonderful. I recommend this product for anyone suffering from PCOS and unexplained infertility. Great product with excellent results! Finally, I have greater control over my fertility and my health. I feel so much better--- more energy, less fatigue, and better mood. This product is a godsend. I have also told my healthcare provider about this product and he's now recommending it to other patients. This product is worth the price and then some. Take better control of your life and health with this amazing supplement. I've tried so many products, but none worked like this.
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Fantastic product! Highly recommend for PCOS.
by Kristine A on 13 July 2018
☑ Verified Review
This product is a game changer for those suffering from PCOS. I had really bad ovulation pain before my periods and this product helped reduce inflammation, pain and has regulated my system. I have also had better results with weight management, cravings and hunger. I highly recommend this product, this container will also last you for a little while.
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PCOS Sufferers
by Lauren Ede on 3 July 2018
☑ Verified Review
Excellent for women with PCOS. Relieved facial hair, anxiety, stimulated ovulation within one week (I have heard it depends on the person though). Great taste and dissolves well in all liquids I have tried so far. Scoop is easy to use and measures portions well. Took three weeks to arrive to Australia from time of ordering, however this was my first order so will be much faster next time. Prices on this site are the cheapest I have found for shipping to Australia and packaging was done very well (safe for transporting). Would recommend packet version if you travel often, otherwise you either have to take the entire container with you, or buy something else to portion it out (needs to be taken twice daily and you WILL notice the difference if you don't have it). Some nausea and headaches in the first week when not taken with food as recommended, so its best to follow instructions on container.
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Delivery amazing, product review still to come
by Karlia Savage on 30 June 2018
☑ Verified Review
Have received my first tub of Ovasitol. Shipping was fast and the product is so simple to take with the pre measured scoop. Completely tasteless which makes it so much easier too take. I am looking forward to seeing my results in the next 3 months and will definitely ordering more. I have recommended to alot of ladies in my pcos support group to give it a try and there is alot of great results being seen from those who have already tried it. Thankyou to evitamins for allowing ladies in australia to be able to get this amazing product as we can not get it anywhere else as noone else will ship to Australia. I will provide another review when i have been taking ovasitol for a couple of months. Here is too a happy healthy future and hopefully the miracle we have been waiting for for over 6 years now. Shipping was alot faster than i was expecting which was great. Thankyou again guys. Look forward to future dealings with your company and will continue to recommend you to everyone i know.
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Great product and delivery!
by Angela MacPherson on 19 June 2018
☑ Verified Review
I love Ovasitol! It is a key supplement in my PCOS routine. It is the only product that I know of that has both kinds of inositol in it- inositol and myo-inositol. It has helped to regulate my cycles like nothing else has. It is also really nice that they have made an option to have packets or powder. I stopped getting packets as I found that some had uneven dosage amounts. two packages that I received had unequal amounts. A few had no powder in them and some just a very little amount. I did contact the distributor at one point, and they did send me a replacement, which I appreciated. The next time it happened, I did not bother to contact. I lost a bit of faith in the packet delivery and decided to go for the powder scoop, which is cheaper anyhow. Highly recommend this product, and I have found this site to be the best place to purchase. Thank you for making this available on e-vitamins site! The only negative I have is that it is expensive. Please also market to health care providers, as most often don't know what this is when I mention it. Thanks!
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Excellent product and easy to use
by Samantha Fitch on 10 June 2018
☑ Verified Review
Product dissolves easier than I expected. Was really happy with this product.
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PCOS HYPOTHYROIDISM = No Ovulation, but using Ovasitol made my periods and ovulation regular with just 1.5 months of use.
by Muhammad Waqas Mirza on 13 May 2018
☑ Verified Review
I know it might be a long review but they have earned it. I have PCOS and I am trying to conceive. Done everything but my weight never reduced. It is a success as my periods and ovulations are very regular now. My biggest concern was the delivery of the order since I live in a country where several restrictions are imposed on international delivery of supplements due to security reasons. Hence I made the order with the cheapest delivery option as I was quite skeptical on whether the custom would allow. Better than what I expected, I got my order in 20 working days. The follow up mechanism is also very efficient and you can always contact the company for a detailed tracking of your order. They reply within 24 hours and are very easy to talk and communicate to. I bought the canister as a tester but now I will be moving to the packets since they are more handy and portable. Both have the same importance, It's just the matter of preferences that's all. EVitamins is doing her job in the best way possible! Now as for the usage of the product, I have been using it for a month now and I can feel that my energy levels are reaching the sky! People with hypothyroidism along with other hormonal disorders will understand the fatigue they go through everyday. My hunger and cravings are now fully under my control. Not only this, grouped with a short light workout routine I was able to lose 4 kgs with in the first 2 weeks. That's just the beginning. All I have done was reduced taking sweets to once a week along with a 30 min of walk light jogging a day. 4 days a week. Easy with my routine and best result gaining. I am TTC and I have gone through quite a lot in the past 2 years. Infertility treatments cause a havoc on our system with dangerous side effects. I always wanted to conceive without any medical intervention and I am hopeful this product will work in first few months of using it. Keeping my fingers crossed for a beautiful surprise a head of me. :) I have felled in love with this. Saying good bye to all my meds I wait for consume it everyday. I never miss a dose as it is easy on my body with absolutely no side effects. I am so happy and satisfied that I have referred this to a friend going through the same thing as me.
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More energy - very happy
by Toni Dowling on 26 April 2018
☑ Verified Review
So far I feel more energy and am very happy with the product. It is definitely tasteless as it claims and easily dissolves in my hot drinks, I usually put in my cups of tea. Hoping it will also help me ovulate as I have heard great reviews online especially for people with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). I decided to order extras so that others in New Zealand are able to try it, as I find it hard to come by unless you live in the USA. Would recommend this product and feel the price is worth it (you would pay the same for a decent supplement from a health store). Also the tub is better value - get that, its easy it comes with a scoop in it.
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