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Vitanica Pregnancy Prep

"I took Pregnancy Prep for approximately 14 days. After taking PP, my period came late and when it started it was abnormal - very light. I stopped taking PP after 7 days of my abnormal period. Then my period switched to its usual flow. However - it lasted for 12 days like this. In total, I had my period for 19 days. Very unusual. I finally called my Dr. yesterday and she told me to come it. She explained that 1 of the ingredients acts as a blood thinner....and that may have cause the excessive bleeding. I was told to take the birth control pill to stop the bleeding. If my period does not stop in the next day or 2 - I will start taking the pill. So, Pregnancy Prep was supposed to help me get pregnant and now I am going to start taking the pill. Unfortunately - this was not the result I was looking for. Just my 2 cents."
- Anonymous

"I rated this in the middle because not sure if it contributed to my miscarriage. I took it for 4 months and I am 44 and got pregnant, but lost the baby. It could just be my age. I did not take while I was pregnant either. Just wanted people to know."
- Anonymous
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£ 26.63 £ 15.98
New Chapter Perfect Prenatal

"I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to taking vitamins. Taking the full dose (3) doesn't upset my stomach, even during all the morning sickness! Highly recommend this. Not to mention this site is the cheapest I found for these. GNC wanted 30 something for just a month supply."
- Linda M Lanphere

"In the past, I've had sensitivity to most multivitamins -- which is why I quit taking them. But, when I informed my primary doctor that we are planning to expand the family, she encouraged me to get on prenatals. This is the first brand I tried and I LOVED them! I felt a small boost of energy, PLUS, no icky stomach feelings because of the RAW natural component. I completely encourage that if you are trying to get pregnant, that these are a great pick!"
- Renee
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£ 21.44 £ 18.23
Nature's Plus Ultra Prenatal

"The pills are a little big, but not too difficult to swallow. Ultra Prenatal is good because it has the right amount of vitamins needed for a good prenatal at a wonderful price!! Make sure you check the levels on your current prenatal because I thought I was getting what I was supposed to get but found out it only had half the required amounts I needed in a day!! These have exactly what you need to conceive/carry a healthy baby AND you only have to take two pills a day!!"
- Laura R.

"Nature's Plus Prenatals are great. They don't make me sick like all the others I had tried. Also, I only have to take 2 tablets, once per day, unlike the other brands where I had to take 2 pills, 3 times per day. I would highly recommend these to any, especially if you are having trouble keeping them down."
- Renee
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£ 38.41 £ 34.57
Vitanica Maternal Symmetry

"I have been taking Maternal Symmetry for my second pregnancy and have enjoyed the quality ingredients it has to offer. I feel confident in knowing that I am covering my bases by taking this product along side a healthy daily diet. This product is hard to find on some vitamin websites but I am glad eVitamins carries it and at such a great price!"
- Shyla P.

"I have been taking this product since the start of my pregnancy at half the recommended dosage since it is already high in so many nutrients, which has helped me save money on it while providing the reassurance that I am getting what I need with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It seems like most of the nutrients in this supplement are in forms that are more readily absorbed by the body, which was important to me when I was first looking for a prenatal."
- Shyla Paradis
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£ 29.89 £ 25.41
Buried Treasure PreNatal Plus DHA Complete

"Prenatal Plus is a great prenatal vitamin."
- Kathryn Judkins

"PreNatal Plus DHA Complete does not taste bad at all and I do not taste/smell any fish in this liquid. It is bright orange and would compare it to carrot juice by it's taste. I brought the bottle in for my first prenatal appointment and the doctor thought it was a great product offering everything I need including DHA. I do take an additional calcium supplement since there does not seem to be much in here. "
- Maria
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£ 45.95 £ 39.06
Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA

"Trusted product and this one is NON-GMO now. I tried this years ago and believe it does help during pregnancy and I recommend it to many moms around me. This is the first time I try EVITAMINS. I thought it would be long to get it. But actually the shipping is much faster than I expected. Quite pleasant shopping experience. "
- Muying Wu

"I like that there is safe products for prenatal. This is an impt supplement for pregnancy. "
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£ 26.63 £ 22.64
Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA

"No fishy taste and I've also noticed my joint pain has disappeared which is a great side benefit! "
- Emma

"Very effective soft gels! Excellent quality!"
- Vijayalakshmi R
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£ 21.15 £ 14.80
Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal

"I love Vitamin Code Raw Pre-natals. My nails are strong and my hair is growing faster. I love that it is made with whole foods and I know exactly what they are. It does not have any crazy names of chemicals on the bottle, which makes me feel safe when I took them. I also feel like I have a little more energy than normal. "
- Diana Jedrzejczyk

"I originally was taking New Chapter Perfect Prenatal that I LOVED. When I ran low, I went back to the store and they were sold out. I tried this brand after reading the box. I have noticed these vitamins are easy on the stomach. I noticed with the other brand, a spike in energy, which is usually good, but it kept me up late. With this brand, I'm not having any side effects. "
- Renee
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£ 60.71 £ 42.49
Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal

"The product and quality is fine from this provider. My doctor did not recommend this product though. When she found out I was taking it she wanted me to start taking the prenatal her office carried or the Smarty Pants brand. She said that the folate/folic acid in here is different than others and that my body may or may not absorb it correctly. She said she didn't know what to do with the rest of it, just throw it away. Ha, I am happy with my doctor's recommendations but this product was fine for the time that I took it."
- Darci Cowan

"I have had problems with vitamins and them hurting my stomach. These don't. It's just a pain taking them 3 times a day. I take them with meals to remember. Great product. Even noticed my skin has cleared up. "
- Rp
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£ 59.57
Metagenics Wellness Essentials Pregnancy

"This is a great product. I've always trusted Metagenics to provide excellent supplements and quality control, something even more important in a pre-natal supplement. The daily packets are easy to use and make it simple to take all of my daily vitamins at home or when traveling. The individual packets are great to toss in my bag to take later in the day, as I found that the fish oil supplement causes stomach upset if taken on an empty stomach. "
- Melissa Thompson

"While researching prenatals I was reccomended Wellness Essentials from a family member. I was looking for an all natural prenatal that would give me the most bang for my buck nutrition wise but also come from sustanable sources that were close to the earth. I was specifically looking for folate in its natural form and not folic acid which is synthetic and in most prenatals. Nowadays with the knowledge of the MTHFR gene mutation and the way people metabolize folate, this was the right option for me. There are no dyes and the DHA comes from fish other than sardines and anchovies. I have taken these for both of my first 2 pregnancies and loved them! I continued them while breastfeeding over a year and am currently taking them while expecting baby number three. There are a few things some people may consider cons but were fine for me. One is the size of the pills. The DHA pill and specifically the fish oil pills are huge and there are 7 of them, so when I was most nauseous I would just take at night with dinner! While doing so this caused 0 nausea and still gave baby and I everything we needed."
- SamnWinnie
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£ 78.15 £ 46.89
New Chapter Perfect Prenatal

"My daughter in law took these vitamins for her first child and they were great. The baby was super healthy and she is super bright. Did not have any discomfort. Thanks"
- Yolanda Rico

"Начать свой обзор хочется с того что я уже стала мамой, и мой малыш еще в животики начал принимать эти витамины. Изначально привез муж из командировки, а потом нашли этот сайт и спокойно заказывали весь период беременности и некоторое время после нее.Комплексная поливитаминовая композиция не содержит глютена. Perfect Prenatal включает в себя 24 отлично усвояемых пробиотическов, витаминов и минералов а также полезные травы, которые необходимы будущей маме. Лично у меня витамины не вызывали аллергию, хотя я аллергик. Очень хорошо усваивались и воспринимались как моим организмом, так и растущим организмом моего малыша. Способ применения: по три таблетки в день и принимать можно, даже натощак. Желудком воспринимаются отлично. Кстати, сразу хочу отметить, что мой врач, одобрил прием витаминов, поэтому, обязательно проконсультируйтесь перед приемом со своим специалистом. Эти витамины обладают еще одним положительным качеством- от них как на "дрожжах" растут волосы и ногти, так что благодаря витаминам, можно не только поддержать и улучшить свое здоровье и здоровье будущего малыша, но и преобразиться за время беременности. Я рекомендую вам попробовать данные витамины, у нас в России такой качественный товар не встретишь!"
- ???? ?.
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£ 19.60 £ 16.66
Nature's Plus Source Of Life Prenatal

"I took the Source of Life Prenatal while I was pregnant and I did not get that nauseated feeling you get when you take prescribed prenatal vitamins."
- Diyah

"I looked high and low for these vitamins after stumbling upon them last summer on vacation on the Olympic Peninsula. Thank heavens eVitamins had them... They are easy to digest, no gas, cramps, or other awful feelings like some generic ones. I feel good about every single ingredient in here, both for me and my baby. I plan to keep taking them as a daily vitamin after the baby comes to aid with nursing and to prep for the next one...oh yeah, I've also avoided several colds and flus this season and I attribute it to these awesome whole food, nutrient packed vitamins. Finally, you only have to take two a day and I usually take with breakfast but have taken on an empty stomach and have felt fine."
- Anonymous
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£ 43.39 £ 31.24
MegaFood Baby and Me

"I've just ordered my second bottle as I think these vitamins are really great. They are made from whole foods so nothing is synthetic and they are very gentle on the system."
- Valentyn

"Excelente, proporciona muito mais energia e disposição durante o dia. A cápsula não é muito pequena, mas é possível ingerir facilmente, com auxílio de bastante líquido. O fato de sua composição de vitaminas ser quase que totalmente feita a partir de alimentos é um diferencial considerável na avaliação deste suplemento."
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£ 29.85 £ 26.87
Vitanica Pregnancy Prep

"Had finished the 120s bottle. Been no period during the consumption hence my cycle is not normal. Had ordered another 120s bottle. Hope this vitamin will get back my ovulation to normal. Please pray for my success to conceive. Will pray for other consumers too. Good luck. "
- Sally

"I don't know if it's making a difference yet. I have irregular period and still haven't started. I'm almost half way through the bottle. Will update if anything changes. "
- Ger Yang
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£ 124.15 £ 80.70
Zahlers Prenatal +DHA 300

"This is a great prenatal pill that you can take. The only cons I found is that you have to take two pills a day, but it contains all the necessary nutrition you need as a mother, such as DHA. I am re-ordering this after taking it for three months! Totally worth your money."
- GeeHeeJeong

"Gosh! It feels great to finally find that perfect prenatal vitamin and even better to practically fall in luv with them. no kidding. these are made of high quality, include best source of folate, DHA (for baby's development) easy to swallow softgel, slim softgel and blister packed so that makes it easy to take along with me wherever I go. will definitely buy again."
- Stephany
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£ 8.36 £ 6.28
Solaray Baby Me Now Morning Ease

"Morning Ease provide fast relief, and prevents upset as well. After gastric bypass my stomach is sensitive and this soothes any digestive problems I've had. I think Morning Ease is way better than my prescription meds. My sister in law had stomach pain, I gave her one easy to swallow and digest capsule, and within a half hour she was feeling much better. I keep a bottle with me in my purse and medicine cabinet as well."
- Anonymous
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£ 18.35 £ 15.60
Nature's Plus Prenatal Tablets

"Отличные витамины, самочувствие великолепное и главное от них не тошнит! заказывала себе и сестре, сестра тоже очень довольна, до этого пили серию ультра, вот там были проблемы и тошнота, особенно во время токсикоза."
- Andrey Leonenkov
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£ 36.79 £ 25.75
Garden of Life Minami Prenatal

"Produto incrível! Estou grávida e o produto está me ajudando bastante. A ingestão de omega-3 é indispensável durante a gravidez. Ajuda tanto a gestante quanto ao bebê. Ainda estou no sexto mês de gestação e estava bastante preocupada com determinados produtos que eu estava usando, pois a grande maioria possuía em sua composição corantes artificiais. Achei INCRÍVEL. Esse ômega-3 é o primeiro que eu consumo sem ficar com.gosto de "peixe" na boca... Faço acompanhamento com uma nutricionista, e ela determinou a esse produto durante toda a minha gestação e período de amamentação, justamente por NÃO possuir corantes na fórmula, não deixar gosto ruim na boca, e ser SUPER concentrado. Faço uma dieta saudável, o que ajuda, ainda mais, nos resultados finais. Estou apaixonada e super indico. Quanto ao prazo de entrega, superou minhas expectativas. Chegou dentro do previsto. Farei nova compra pelo site. Inclusive já estou providenciando compra desse mesmo produto, já que o uso dele será bem extenso. Produto super natural, sem aditivo de corantes ou substâncias nocivas ao nosso organismo. O produto NÃO tem gosto. O produto NÃO tem cheiro. O produto é de fácil ingestão. Procuro tomar o comprimido pela noite, antes de dormir e sem ingestão de outros alimentos. Consumo o produto com água em temperatura ambiente e juntanente com um probiotico. "
- Sandi Ribeiro Pinto Villote Amado Ramalho
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£ 13.79 £ 10.54
Deva Vegan Prenatal Multivitamin and Mineral One Daily

"Excellent option. It is the most complete multivitamin that I found and for an excellent price. "
- Jennifer Hernández
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£ 18.39 £ 12.23
Rainbow Light Prenatal One

"I love this product it is all natural, gives me energy, not hard on my at all. I will recommend this product to my friends "
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£ 40.47 £ 27.04
Rainbow Light Prenatal Petite

"Not pregnant but have IBD (Crohn's). Was recommended this by my nutritionist as it was easy to digest. I prefer the petite tabs over the full Rainbow Light Prenatal since I don't need the full dose every day and it is easier to keep down or I can space taking the full dose throughout the day. Does have a very vitamin smell and taste but doesn't bother my stomach like other vitamins tend to do. "
- Nicole DeAndres
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£ 26.84 £ 20.53
Spectrum Prenatal DHA

"I´ve been taking this for two weeks and feel great! It doesn´t upset my stomach, it doesn´t taste "fishy", the softgels are not too big, so it´s easy to swallow."
- Dulce Maria Gonzalez Gutierrez
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£ 77.27 £ 54.09
Garden of Life mykind Organics Prenatal Multivitamin

"The only brand I trust. "
- Kirsten Smith-Willis
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£ 18.35 £ 11.93
Zahlers Total One Prenatal

"I'm pregnant and can hardly swallow. So this is a once a day prenatal that gives me all the basics- plus 800mg of folic acid so I'm covered. I take it during my meal (not after, but rather in the middle) and so far so good."
- Sheila
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