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Sally's Smart Keylime Jalapeno Almonds

"All I can say about the Keylime Jalapeno Almonds by Sally's Smart is EW! Personally, I usually love spicy and sour foods, but these are the rare exception. The taste is not desirable, at all. Tastes like you're sucking on a lime, very bitter. The only positive, is they use large, crunchy almonds and it's nice the bag is resealable. "
- Harley Kensington

"Great flavor! Very invigorating and fresh tasting. Like a kick in the mouth, these almonds will wake you up in the morning. Not overly spicy and enough lime where you can really taste it. I would buy these again."
- Joey Wheeler
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£5.92 £4.14
Now Foods Crystallized Ginger Dices

"The taste is all right! Not good but not terrible bad. However, I do like the idea about having a fat-free, low in sodium, no preservative, and no sulfur snack. I might try to bake with it and expand my options. The price is very good too. I would buy it again in the future. "
- Monica W

"These Crystallized Ginger Dices by Now Foods are awful... As soon as you bite into them they break apart and the flavor is awful. I've had other Ginger snacks I really liked, but this is not one of them. I would recommend trying these with caution. But these were definitely, not for me. "
- Harley Kensington
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£7.10 £4.97
Now Foods Raw Energy Nut Mix

"I love the Raw Energy Nut Mix by NOW. You get a good mixture of nuts and fruit. I use it as a snack to get through my work day while getting a little energy boost. It is tasty and filling. It is a much healthier snack than some of the stuff I haven eaten in the past."

"When you are enthusiastic with a product you have to endorse, so I wish I could give more that 5 stars for the unsalted Raw Energy Nut Mix by Now Foods. I eat them plain from the bag as an energy booster at work and when at home add them in smoothie bowls and baked goods. Just a handful of nuts make me feel full for longer, so convenient when dieting! The quality had been always the best, I'm very satisfied with this product, the variety of nuts included on the bag and the nutritional value it provides. "
- Eva C.
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Now Foods Organic Flax Seed Meal

"This product is a great source of fiber and easily mixed in my breakfast shake; it has helped to regulate by digestive system. Its great you should try it!"
- Cynthia Brown

"Now's Organic Flax Seed Meal is great for digestive health. I use it to supplement my morning breakfast shake; and since I have been using this product I have not problems with irregularity. What a great supplement!"
- Cynthia
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£6.71 £4.72
Now Foods Brazil Nuts

"Fresh and Tasty, Brazil nuts are by far the single best food source of the trace mineral selenium. Just one single kernel meets 100% of the daily value for this nutrient while a 1 oz serving provides 536.8 mg of selenium or 766% of the daily value. These nuts are tightly packed so the freshness is assured."
- Alise

"My favorite nut, delicious and nutritious & with selenium! Very fresh, big size."
- Valentyn
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£5.52 £3.86
Now Foods Raw Pumpkin Seeds

"I like to mix NOW's Raw Pumpkin Seeds in with a nut/fruit mixture I make for myself to eat when I just have time for a snack. They are high in protein and that is just what I need from this mixture. These pumpkin seeds have a great flavor and a nice crunch. "
- KHiller

"These pumpkin seeds were very, very fresh. Good source of protein, I will definitely order them again."
- Valentyn
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£2.60 £1.82
Now Foods Organic Flax Seeds

"I love the Now Foods Organic Flax Seeds. I add them to my protein shakes or the smoothies I make in my Nutribullet. They add some extra Fiber too and they break down very well. Only issue with them, is if you do blend them up they do form a very thick consistency and can make shakes really thick. If I do add these, I make sure to add an extra 1/4 cup of liquid to offset it. Great product through. "
- Harley Kensington

"I normally add this to my shakes for extra fiber and omega. I'm not sure if its helping but I guess it is. Doing it cause a relative recommended it."
- Safraz Kasooji
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Barlean's Organic Chia Seed

"I love Barlean's chia seeds because they keep me full. They're a great addition to your water bottle or a morning shake, these little guys make dieting easier."
- Christen L.

"Todo chia é ótimo. Eu gosto desse em particular pelo fato de ser da Barlean's que é uma marca que eu confio, ele é orgânico e não GMO. O pacote é bem grandinho e como só é necessário uma colher pequena por shake ou por receita (geralmente) ele vai durar por muito tempo. Os benefícios para a saúde são inigualáveis e o preço é ideal. "
- kdano
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£9.35 £7.95
Eden Foods Organic Pistachios

"I really enjoy these Eden Organic Pistachios. They're a nice treat when I need something salty to snack on. They have a nice flavor and the mild crunch so they're really tasty. It's nice that they are already shelled. Makes it a very convenient snack. Great alternative to chips or other high calorie snacks. "
- Harley Kensington

"These are definitely organic and they taste a 1,000 times better than regular hard shelled pistachios."
- Tawanna Hunter
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Barlean's Raw Energy

"I love this product. I enjoy the flavor and texture and health benefits of the fiber that it brings."
- "Anonymous"

"Comprei, gostei, mas não consegui achar muitas receitas pra usar ele. O gosto de coco é bem predominante. Usei na vitamina algumas vezes, na granola, no açaí e gostei porém prefiro comprar eles separadamente porque eu não uso coco sempre mas pra quem gosta esse produto é ideal. A Barlean's sempre faz produtos de alta qualidade e confiáveis, ele é orgânico o que já ganhou vários pontos comigo e o tamanho é bem bom eu comprei o meu faz mais de 6 meses e ainda tenho, vale salientar que não uso todos os dias. "
- kdano
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£5.52 £4.90
Now Foods Crunchy Clusters

"These are so good! They make a great snack during the day or when you're craving something sweet. After I eat lunch I usually crave something sweet and salty and these are the perfect cure for that. These Almond Crunchy Clusters by Now Foods are excellent! Love the fact that they are 100% Natural and contain no yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, shellfish, additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Perfect guilt-free snack! "
- Harley Kensington

"Tasty. Great with cereals or just as a snack. "
- Sunder K.
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£6.25 £5.31
Eden Foods Organic Tamari Roasted Almonds

"These nuts are too hard for me, but my mom loves em. They are not salty and the are great in fiber. She eats the entire bag so they must be good! "
- Lisa Hunter

"These nuts have crunch and flavor. Almonds have health benefits. I keep a bag of these almonds in my handbag for between meals and delayed meals."
- Andrew
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£7.89 £5.55
Now Foods Organic Hemp Seed Hearts

"Great!, Love them! I am so happy with this product, will definitely be repurchasing!"
- Teanji MacDonald

"Great as a healthy treat and great for some pets."
- T Hunter
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£16.11 £12.24
Health From the Sun Raw Chia Seed

"Έμεινα πολύ ευχαριστημένη με τους σπόρους Chia της Health From the Sun απο άποψη ποιότητας. Τα χρησιμοποιώ στο γιαούρτι, χυμούς και πουτίγκα για αρκετό καιρό, ακόμη και σε σαλάτες. Μειώνουν το αίσθημα πείνας και είναι καλή πηγή θρεπτικών στοιχείων. Το συνιστώ."
- Eva C.
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£17.37 £12.16
Salba Smart Whole Seeds

"Salba's Chia Seeds can be consumed in many different ways. My favorite way to eat these seeds is by putting them in vanilla yogurt over night. Then when I eat the yogurt the next day, it kind of taste like I am eating tapioca. I also make fruit parfaits with the vanilla yogurt and chia seeds and they are to die for. I have also used them to make protein bars, which are very tasty. They are very healthy so I try to find many ways to eat them."
- KHiller
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£23.98 £16.78
Salba Smart Organic Whole Chia Seeds

"Очень хорошего качества белые семена чиа, Очень хорошего качества белые семена чиа, мусора среди них не попадается. Удобная для хранения банка, крышка открывается с двух сторон и имеет разный диаметр отверстий. Мне нравится добавлять в йогурты и в каши. "
- Anna Wilke
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£3.55 £2.48
Now Foods Amaranth Grain

"I had never eaten Amaranth Grain before so I was very interested in finding out what it was like. I love it! The best way for me to describe would be that it is similar to quinoa but smaller grains and a slightly more complex flavor. I have been mixing it with brown rice and ladling a nice bean soup over the top. Delicious! "
- Thomas D.
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£3.15 £2.20
Now Foods Organic Golden Flax Seeds

"M wife wanted Organic Golden Flax Seeds for baking. She seems to like it. It makes her bread more nutritious and filling. It seems to enhance the taste of it, too. "
- Safraz K.
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£5.52 £5.25
Now Foods Crunchy Clusters

"The Cashew Crunchy Clusters are AMAZING! Definitely my favorite flavor out of the 3 Now Foods makes. I love them! They have just the right amount of sweet and salty and the fact they aren't that bad for you makes them even better. "
- Harley Kensington
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£8.68 £6.08
Now Foods Macadamia Nuts

"I love these, they are delicious. Now Foods even makes macadamia nut oil which is great for baking or popping popcorn."
- T Hunter
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£4.73 £2.98
Now Foods Broccoli Seeds

"Excellent, Amazing product."
- Anantha Prabhu M
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£3.24 £2.75
Eden Foods All Mixed Up Too

"I really enjoy this delicious nut, seed and dried fruit mixture by Eden Foods. I keep it at work with me for when I need a little something to hold me over. The flavor of the nuts, seeds and fruit are perfect. The nuts have just the right amount of salt on them for me. It's healthy and tastes great!"
- KHiller
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£2.95 £2.51
Eden Foods Organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

"These are delicious and a little spicy. Being that it has cayenne pepper in it you would assume it would be extremely hot. I took my chance and ordered a pack of the pumpkin seeds and I'm thankful they did not make me feel like I was on fire from the seasoning."
- Tawanna Hunter
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£11.84 £8.29
Now Foods Organic Pine Nuts

"Enjoy Now Foods range of certified organic nuts and these pine nuts are no exception - just delicious and always tempted to eat a little more than I should. Always a repeat purchaser of these products, price is reasonable too."
- Andrew
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