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£27.09 £14.21
Now Foods D-Mannose Powder

"I've found D-Mannose works great as a preventative measure and can also hold off an infection long enough for antibiotics to start working. "
- Kelli

"This product works SO well to get rid of bladder infections safely and naturally. It has saved me many trips to the doctor!"
- Elleah Derksen
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£14.39 £7.55
Dose Per Serving: 10,000 IU
Now Foods Vitamin D-3

- Anonymous

- Anonymous
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£8.46 £4.43
Dose Per Serving: 30 mg
Now Foods L-OptiZinc 30 mg

- Anonymous

"Prevent colds, I take this to stay healthy in the winter. I work around kids so it is really helpful to keep me healthy."
- rainjo
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£4.65 £2.93
Now Foods XyliWhite Toothpaste Gel

"I love this toothpaste. It cleans great, tastes great and is good for my teeth. "
- Valentyn

"Silhouette is a great toothpaste without a strong back taste to it, other than the sweet cinnamon taste which mellows out. It is wonderful and very safe to use as it contains no fluoride. "
- Spirit
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£10.15 £5.32
Dose Per Serving: 3 mg ($0.04)
Now Foods Melatonin

"This melatonin helps our kids settle to sleep. "
- John Hogan

"This is a great product. Works wonders on my son that needs it. Otherwise he only gets 2/3 hours of sleep a night. "
- Yvonne Conkie
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£16.93 £8.88
Now Foods Thyroid Energy

- James W.

"Great for a sluggish thyroid. It helped me feel reinvigorated after a longer period of dieting."
- Robb
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£42.33 £33.77
Now Foods Ultrasonic Faux Wood Grain Diffuser

"Fantastic diffuser! Gives off a soft, cool mist. The small night light on the front is pretty cool too. It adds a nice touch. The oil and water I dropped in it last several hours. I also continued to smell the scents for several hours after that as well. I highly recommend this!"
- Bruce Kent

"I love how chic this diffuser looks. It is very quiet, you will hardly notice it running in a room except for the nice scents it produces. It is very easy to use and it does need to be cleaned in between uses, especially if you are using a new scent but that is very simple to do too. I love the wood look, it makes the diffuser fit into any room easily."
- Amber Wenturine
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£27.09 £14.21
Dose Per Serving: 800 mg ($0.29)
Now Foods Quercetin with Bromelain

"It has solved my respiratory allergy problem."
- Samir

"I take this to fight skin allergy, it works better together with green tea, even my dog takes this everyday. Another thing is, early this year, I found a wart on my belly, after taking Quercetin together with green tea, the wart diminished and did not regrow until now."
- MrBread
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£7.61 £4.79
Now Foods Cinnamon Cassia Oil

"Excellent Cinnamon scent. It doesn't strike me as a Christmas or Holiday smell you sometimes get with cinnamon. It's more of an earthy cinnamon. Very nice for a change. Perfect for fall or winter months."
- Bruce Kent

"I didn't find the smell overwhelming at all but it is definitely cinnamon. There's a yellow tint to the oil I did not expect but I had no trouble adding it to the diffuser. I think it would be great in blends - I've smelled wonderful blends with it - but I actually enjoy it alone which surprised me. A great background scent."
- EK
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£13.54 £8.52
Now Foods Patchouli Oil

"I use the Patchouli Oil in my diffuser and the smell is extremely pleasant. It has a very earth scent and makes my home smell great. I recommend going extremely light with this oil because too much can be some what over powering. Love the smell and love the brand. Highly recommended!!"
- A.Powers

"Patchouli Oil has a very unique scent that's tamer than eucalyptus but still earthly. It mixes well with lemon despite the packaging suggesting jasmine and I think it does better as a mixed oil than being smelled alone. The oil itself has a yellow tint but the bottle comes with a stopper that helps you from over-pouring so there's less chance of spilling and staining something. It's great for anyone who loves earthy smells or more subtle, less floral and bright scents."
- EK
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£5.07 £3.19
Now Foods Lemongrass Oil

"This lemongrass essential oil has to be one of my favorite essential oils I've used in a diffuser thus far. The scent is not too citrusy or overpowering, it is very sweet and refreshing. I would definitely recommend this lemongrass essential oil to anybody."
- Amber Wenturine

"I love Lemongrass Essential Oil by NOW. The fresh lemon aroma that is dispersed out of my Now essential oil diffusor with just a couple drops makes my house smell fresh and clean. I sometimes make my own soap and candles. A little Lemongrass Oil gives them a wonderful scent."
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£29.63 £18.66
Now Foods Lavender Oil

"Lavender oil works miracles. This product is great applied to burns, cuts, scrapes, and bug bites. It is a pain reliever and also actively heals injuries. The smell is good for mood elevation, clarity, and peace of mind. NOW Foods is a great contender in the Oil market, as their prices are nigh unbeatable. I have yet to purchase a NOW Foods oil that I am unsatisfied with, as far as quality goes."
- Joey Wheeler

"Lavender is a classic oil that can be mixed or is great on its own. It's very strong but when diluted properly it's very relaxing. The bottle has recommended blends to try but I like putting a few drops on a tissue to carry with me or tucked under my pillow helps keep me relaxed. I prefer this oil over Jasmine it's floral but not overwhelming. It has a very much understated scent. Because the oil is pure it will be strong straight from the bottle so be sure to dilute it. Don't like the clear color fool you it's all oil."
- EK
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