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£ 26.06 £ 16.61
New Chapter Perfect Prenatal

"I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to taking vitamins. Taking the full dose (3) doesn't upset my stomach, even during all the morning sickness! Highly recommend this. Not to mention this site is the cheapest I found for these. GNC wanted 30 something for just a month supply."
- Linda M Lanphere

"In the past, I've had sensitivity to most multivitamins -- which is why I quit taking them. But, when I informed my primary doctor that we are planning to expand the family, she encouraged me to get on prenatals. This is the first brand I tried and I LOVED them! I felt a small boost of energy, PLUS, no icky stomach feelings because of the RAW natural component. I completely encourage that if you are trying to get pregnant, that these are a great pick!"
- Renee
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£ 40.46 £ 25.93
New Chapter Tiny Tabs

"Love these! You have to take 6 a day. When I would take all six back to back it would upset my stomach so I started taking 3 in the morn and 3 at night and I like that outcome much better. The pills are small, around the size of an Advil pill (small/round). After about a day or two, I definitely had more energy. It has the normal vitamin smell a lot of pills have."
- Terina L.

"Love em!! They're tiny enough for me to swallow which is a PLUS! You're supposed to take 6 a day. Originally, I'd take all 6 back to back but my stomach would feel sick afterward. So I started taking 3 in the morning and 3 at night and that regimen works much better for me. Within a day or two I noticed I have much more energy. I'm not tired and lagging like I once was. Try these pills :-) They do have that nasty pill odor though, but it's not to the extreme."
- Terina L.
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£ 76.46 £ 48.84
New Chapter Perfect Prenatal

"My daughter in law took these vitamins for her first child and they were great. The baby was super healthy and she is super bright. Did not have any discomfort. Thanks"
- Yolanda Rico

"Начать свой обзор хочется с того что я уже стала мамой, и мой малыш еще в животики начал принимать эти витамины. Изначально привез муж из командировки, а потом нашли этот сайт и спокойно заказывали весь период беременности и некоторое время после нее.Комплексная поливитаминовая композиция не содержит глютена. Perfect Prenatal включает в себя 24 отлично усвояемых пробиотическов, витаминов и минералов а также полезные травы, которые необходимы будущей маме. Лично у меня витамины не вызывали аллергию, хотя я аллергик. Очень хорошо усваивались и воспринимались как моим организмом, так и растущим организмом моего малыша. Способ применения: по три таблетки в день и принимать можно, даже натощак. Желудком воспринимаются отлично. Кстати, сразу хочу отметить, что мой врач, одобрил прием витаминов, поэтому, обязательно проконсультируйтесь перед приемом со своим специалистом. Эти витамины обладают еще одним положительным качеством- от них как на "дрожжах" растут волосы и ногти, так что благодаря витаминам, можно не только поддержать и улучшить свое здоровье и здоровье будущего малыша, но и преобразиться за время беременности. Я рекомендую вам попробовать данные витамины, у нас в России такой качественный товар не встретишь!"
- ???? ?.
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£ 65.66 £ 41.82
New Chapter Zyflamend Whole Body

"This is a great vitamin complex that has really helped me be more resistant to colds and flues as well as improved my general vitality. "
- Kim Graves

"This has been recommended to me by doctors and other noteworthy professiknals. It really does help inflammation among countless other things. My step mom takes this for helping keep herself in remission from cancer she had !"
- Anonymous
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£ 19.76 £ 12.64
New Chapter Every Woman

"I really like this vitamin. It actually even helped regulate my period a bit. Now if I could only remember to take it!"
- Esther
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£ 65.66 £ 41.93
New Chapter Holy Basil Force

"Great Product, been taking for years and would never be without. "
- Kimberly Akins
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£ 32.36 £ 20.69
New Chapter Ginger Force
£ 53.96 £ 34.61
New Chapter Wholemega Whole Fish Oil

"I've been taking this fish oil for years and feel it makes a difference. Has all the omegas you need daily and doesn't have a bad taste or smell. Τhe process they use to make it is top of the line for the market of fish oils."
- Joshua Demos
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£ 18.86 £ 12.12
Gluten Free
New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care

"I read in the past that New Chapter did the bait & switch with a mushroom product. Now I see in this write up: http://articoolz.com/2010/11/new-chapter-bone-strength-take-care-not-what-you-think-it-is/ that they’ve done it again with BONE STRENGTH TAKE CARE? "
- Rock
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£ 76.46 £ 48.84
New Chapter Perfect Postnatal Multivitamin

"Has the best quality ingredients and ingredient sources. I love these for breastfeeding. "
- Alexandra Robertson
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£ 19.76 £ 12.64
New Chapter Every Man

"My husband loves this product . He referred it to me."
- Evelyn Collins
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£ 53.96 £ 34.51
New Chapter Every Man's One Daily

"I've been using this for a few months and works good for me. "
- bryan solomon
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