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£ 27.58 £ 20.69
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

"Good product, I will buy again. this website has everything I need thank you very much"
- jose alberto carmona silva

"Centrum men is an ideal and safe multivitamin for men.. It is a must have for gym guys... I have got very good results and my health has improved significantly... "
- Happy Saini
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£ 25.71 £ 20.57

"Outstanding multivitamin. I've been using this brand for years and it provides every essential nutrient possible and then some. I especially see increased energy, more intense focus and overall feeling of well being when taking this then when not. During the cold and flu season, this vitamin boosts my immunity. When I feel a cold coming on, I take this and rarely get sick. I highly recommend Total Man!"

"A friend of mine asked me to buy him the vitamins Total Man. He said he didn't feel any physical changes. But after a hard workout he said it has become easier to refill the energy with the product. He takes about 2 pills a day and says that's enough for him. Thanks for what you do and the products you sell!"
- Oleg Zhigalko
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£ 27.58 £ 20.69
Centrum Silver Men's 50+ Multivitamin

"Esta vitamina é excelente para ajudar a dar a disposição necessária no dia a dia. Tenho tomado este tipo de vitamina por anos com bons resultados, incluindo para o stress diário. Recomendo á todos."
- Isaias Jr

"It helps and the product delivered quickly. I tried to search this product at many sites but this is the best deal so far. "
- Ting Kong Kwai
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£ 41.39 £ 28.97
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men

"This vitamin has helped me feel better overall. I used to not be a big advocate of taking vitamins, but this has helped me to feel healthier and it is food based. It is so easy for your body to absorb! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to feel better overall and I find it easy on my stomach as well. "
- Richard M Urban

"Great product has all the things men need for a multivitamin."
- Joshua Demos
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£ 47.83 £ 22.99
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

"Very important for all. Energy and health every day. "
- Bernardo Santana

"Opti-Men by Optimum is a great multi. The tablets are kinda large but overall it provides a good blend of nutrients and worth the money."
- James
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£ 16.54 £ 12.41
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

"A embalagem é original e o preço é muito em conta relativamente ao que se encontra em Portugal. Estou a utilizar este multivitamínico com resultados excelentes, consegui recuperar o meu ácido folico para níveis normais, bem como a ferritina e a vitamina B12 com este suplemento, que em conjunto com a Vitamina D3 5000un da Now Foods também comprada aqui neste site consegui desta forma reduzir o cansaço, recuperar a auto-estima, estar mais ativo e mais concentrado mais horas por dia, voltei a dormir normalemente à noite sem acordar a meio da noite, de manhã acordo revitalizado, reduzi o peso para níveis de normais sem grande necessidade de fazer dietas. Recomendo a todas as pessoas este multivitamínico que ajuda na vida ativa do dia a dia, fortalece o corpo e o cérebro e para quem faz desporto ou ginásio poderá notar melhorias significativas rapidamente."
- Diogo

"I use to take these vitamins everyday and it helps me to feel less tired during my work and physical activities. It also improved my sleep quality."
- Marcelo Eller de Amorim
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£ 22.07 £ 11.91
Now Foods ADAM Superior Men's Multi

"This brand of vitamins always makes me feel better and it doesn't have an exorbitant price for the excellent quality that it provides. Furthermore, it doesn't contain all of the new faddish herbs that other brands add to their formulas and which can cause problems."
- Paul S. Lepinski

"This is the best multivitamin I have ever taken. That is a biased review because I have been having prostate problems; nevertheless, I have noticed better results with this vitamin than any others. However, all of Now Foods vitamins are great; and I wouldn't buy them anywhere but eVitamins cause they have the best prices and service."
- .epalma
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£ 16.73 £ 12.55
Centrum Men MultiGummies

"These are so great for getting the multivitamins you need. They're easy to eat and taste great and don't upset your stomach. For breakfast or any other time during the day, they're gone pretty quickly and you're on with your day without having to swallow giant pills. It also feels like a treat every day."
- EK

"This multi is pretty good if you want something sweet but I wouldn't take it as my multi. 2 grams of sugar per serving but there doesn't seem to be any crazy dyes like other Centrum products. Overall the taste is not that sweet and actually taste pretty good. "
- James W.
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£ 40.94 £ 27.36
Rainbow Light Men's One Multivitamin

"Love these vitamins! It's a 3 month supply and only have to take 1 a day as opposed to 2 or 3 a day! "
- Esteban Navarro Gil

"Had all of the nutrients needed for a quality multivitamin. The taste wasn't the greatest, but was tolerable. Took before I started my day and it gave me sustained energy throughout. Just felt better upon taking it. "
- Tom H.
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£ 40.47 £ 21.85
Now Foods ADAM Superior Men's Multi

"Very effective."
- ??S?????S ??T?????

"It is not easy to find men's vitamins without iron, for those of us who retain iron. I have felt healthier and had more energy ever since I starting taking these vitamins!"
- Doug Carson (Dayal)
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£ 24.52 £ 18.39
Irwin Naturals Men's Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi

"This is a wonderful product FOR ME, I can feel it working, during exercise, and recovery. I love the omega which does boost all the other vitamins. I can take this anytime, with or without food. Drinking, preferable H20 is essential. "
- Joseph Roberts

"Men's Living green is the best multivitamin. I have been using it for the past five years!"
- Jermel A.
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£ 22.99 £ 12.41
Now Foods Men's Extreme Sports Multi

"Just start to use. It seems to be a good vitamins complement. "
- Ernesto Yo Hayashi

"Esse complexo vitaminico é muito bom, estou fazendo uso dele e tenho percebido uma melhora no meu dia, tenho uma rotina muito corrida então ele tem me auxiliado muito porque tem uma grande quantidade de vitaminas e ervas que tem me ajudado no suporte fisico e mental que preciso. Eu trabalho, estudo e faço academia diariamente, só tenho elogios. A embalagem é bonita e resistente. O gosto da capsula é bom, melhor ingeri-lo com agua ou suco para não ficar com dificuldade na ingestão. Rende muito. Na embalagem fala pra tomar 3 os homens e 2 as mulheres, eu faço uso de 1 só por dia e tem me ajudado bastante. O frete é economico e bem acessivel para todos, bem fácil de fazer a compra no site, não é complicado. Recomendo a todos. Esse é o meu relato. "
- robert campos ferreira
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£ 32.19 £ 18.34
Swisse Men's Ultivite Multivitamin

"My dad says these are the only pills he takes and can tell a positive difference. "
- Merrilee Rushton

"Gift for my father."
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£ 23.91 £ 13.59
Nature's Way Alive! Once Daily Men's Ultra Potency

"I have been taking these vitamins now for about 3 months switching from a similar brand at GNC. This vitamin tops the GNC brand by far, first you only need to to take one per day, versus the two per day needed for the GNC version. This vitamin also has higher potency as well. the only draw back would be the size of the pill which may take some getting used to, but is well worth the purchase. I would recommend this vitamin without hesitation."
- RB

"The best in the market!"
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£ 10.47 £ 7.26
Centrum Men Multivitamin

"Great all round vitamin! A brand you know and trust. Easy to swallow with no strong after taste. Mu husband was happy to take them. And the pack size means it lasts more than others!"
- Carla Howe

"Centrum is a light and excellent multivitamin available for men. Centrum multivitamins composition is highly relevant and suitable for men. It doesn't contain any irrelevant or shady stuff. Centrum sticks to basics. I have tried other multivitamins. Most of them were too strong or contained stuff which is not really required. However, Centrum men's multivitamin is suitable for men of all ages. I highly recommend Centrum multivitamin to people seeking general health or to bodybuilders who wish to take it as a supplement to meet their demanding nutrient requirements. In addition, Centrum is a trusted brand with years of experience in this industry. Hence, you can be assured of the quality and genuineness of the product. Evitamins is a really good website with a great customer care. I got my delivery on time and at the right price. "
- Happy Saini
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£ 16.54 £ 12.41
Centrum Silver Men's 50 + Plus Multivitamin

"A must have in every house-hold. A compact bottle that you can carry around even when you are trips or to where ever you go. This supplement takes care of my daily dose of vitamins, and having 100 tabs in one pack, last for three months. I also think this is a bargain price. I only with I had found this years ago."
- krishna prasanth guttikonda

"A vitamina e excelente , melhora a disposição e a imunidade. Além de vir em uma embalagem muito bonita e prática. Eu recomendo para todos. Vale muito a pena."
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£ 31.23 £ 26.55
Nature's Plus Source of Life for Men

"Have used Source of Life for Men (Iron Free) on and off for a couple of years, I feel much better when I have taken it and people say how well I look!"
- Chris

"Source of Life for Men is excellent. After taking the product I don't feel tired at all for the whole day."
- Patrick Lim
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£ 36.75 £ 22.05
New Chapter Every Man's One Daily

"We are an organic-loving family, so I purchased Every Man's One Daily for my husband as his multivitamin. He's had no complaints in taking it. Aside from eating well, I'm sure it helps in his overall health because he's hardly ever sick. Would highly recommend if you don't mind the "organic" price. "
- Marizel D.

"In about a week of using this product I found a notable increase in my well being. With exercise and regular meditation, I found my body restoring itself and functioning at a higher level of efficiency when doing regular tasks (house work, work, driving etc.) I simply felt cleaner and healthier. I stopped using this product for about 3 weeks and I still feel good, however, I'm not as regular as I was when using this product."
- Anonymous
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£ 27.59 £ 15.68
Nature's Way Alive! Men's Max Potency

"I should say this is a product providing comprehensive nutrients to me. It would be even more convenient if I would just need to take only one tablet at a time."
- Luting Xiao

"This stuff rocks. Very potent loaded with different vitamins and no burping taste after"
- Anonymous
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£ 23.91 £ 13.59
Nature's Way Alive! Once Daily Men's 50+ Ultra Potency

"My hubby has changed to this vitamin about 6 months ago. It is a great vitamin made with real food. He loves them. So much healthier to be taking."
- Patricia Schonfeld

"I think it is a must for 50+ adults. Good combination of all essential vitamins and minerals required."
- Naresh Sood
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£ 25.75 £ 18.02
Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW One for Men

"Vitamin Code RAW One for men are excellent vitamins all around."
- Sunder K.

"Vitamin Code RAW One for Men is an easy, once a day RAW vitamin with value for money!"
- Mitsuko S.
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£ 63.43
Metagenics Wellness Essentials Men's Vitality

"Great product but the small white tablets were crushed inside the packets. Need to have some better quality control!"
- Elise Chang

"My husband used this for a while. Great vitamins."
- Ginette Massanet
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£ 21.15 £ 13.17
Country Life Max For Men

"WOW! Call it a coincidence? I don't think so! Consider this: At the same time I decided to take vitamins, I couldn't decide which to choose. I actually decided on two. MAX FOR MEN, and VITAPOWER. So I started taking the full doses of each one around the same time. Since then I have lost 60 pounds! And it was easy, I have never been able to loose weight before! I didn't even buy these for weight loss, but what a coincidence! Can you figure out anything medically to explain this? If so, please let me know! No matter though, Im buying more! Thank You"
- Dirk

"I have been taking Max for Men for about a month now. I take 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon (it says take 2 daily and I figured spreading them out would be better). I did get gas in the beginning, but that only lasted a few days. I found myself in a better mood, and had more energy than usual. I didnt realize how much it helped until I forgot to take any for a few days and on the 2nd day of not taking any I felt like my old sluggish self. I will definately be reordering once I finish this bottle."
- Anonymous
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£ 44.11 £ 44.09
The Synergy Company Vita Min Herb Multi For Men

"Within a week I feel so much better. Nothing can compare to this one. Through the years, I have tried Life Extension Mix, Solgar Male Multiple, Solgar Omium, Thorne Al's Formula, Macro Greens and although the last one just mentioned is a good product still Vita Min Herb from the synergy company beats them all. It has to do with the energetic value of the ingredients I guess. Their vitamin C is also very good. Also very happy with fast and low cost shipping to Canada."
- Isaac Ghiorghis

"I'm taking Vita Synergy for Men as part of a cancer battle plan and it seems to help keep my energy levels up. It's easy to swallow, easy to digest and I've never had any problems with after-taste or reflux. I cannot say that about other supplements I take."
- Michael Adler
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