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Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Triple Strength

"Uso Osteo Bi Flex a mais ou menos 3 anos...tive uma melhora absurda no joelho...Eu o recomendo a todos que tem dores nos joelhos e articulações."

"eu amo e indico, nunca mais tive dores no joelho. "
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£ 56.69 £ 46.02
Olympian Labs Fibro-X

"I have been using Fibro-X for 15 years and cannot do without it. It took a few weeks to see results, but the pain in the hips and center back stopped first. When I have difficulty getting the product and supplies run low I lower my dosage and feel the pain and fatigue returning .especially in my hands, hips and neck. I usually don't let it get further than that. "
- Iris D.
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£ 31.46 £ 21.53
Inholtra Premium Lubri-Joint

"I was very skeptical that any product could ease the pain in my feet and hands that I was experiencing at the onset of menopause. I bought Premium Lubri-Joint at the recommendation of a clerk in a health food store. I felt results within days, not weeks, of taking the product. If I skip a day or two the pain returns so I am sure that this product is helping my joints directly. Great product - will continue to use it daily!"
- Barbara Wolf
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£ 50.85 £ 36.86
Carlson Labs Nutra-Support Joint

"My knee that has been scoped for a meniscus tear feels a lot better since I have been taking this."
- George Harrison
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£ 17.40 £ 13.31
Natural Balance Super Flex Joint Formula

"Com apenas 4 dias de uso minhas dores e estalos no joelho e punho acabaram, excelente produto. Excelente atendimento da evitamins, produto chegou com apenas 15 dias."
- Evandro Teixeira
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£ 17.99 £ 9.71
Now Foods Celadrin Liposome Lotion

"NOW's, Celadrin Liposome Lotion is a great product to use on achy joints. I have some mild arthritis in my finger joints. When I rub this cream on these joints the pain subsides. The cream has a silky texture when you rub it into your skin. As the bottle says, It is fast acting. It relieves my joint pain quickly."
- KHiller
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£ 13.49 £ 7.28
Now Foods Joint Support Cream

"Άριστο για τα καταπονημένα γόνατα της μητέρας μου 87 χρόνων και τα δικά μου καθώς η δουλειά μου είναι χειρωνακτική."
- ?????S G?O?G??S
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£ 33.29 £ 26.63
Buried Treasure Joint-Ease

"My husband suffers from shoulder problems and has for years. He is very active and works out 5 days a week lifting very heavy weights. He was almost sidelined by this shoulder pain. I found this vitamin and thought we could try it since I already used and enjoyed this same brand's multi vitamin. He took this product for a month. Then due to holiday travel was off of it for 5 days. He noticed a difference in his pain increase by not taking it for those few days. He is a believer and has since asked me to order more for him. I am happy with the other vitamins this brand has as well."
- Anonymous
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£ 33.26 £ 21.21
Naturally Medizym

"I have been using Medizym for about 1 month. Originally I started taking Wobenzym N about 3 years ago, then it seems I had a hard time getting it. I switch over to a product called Vitalzym. It worked for a while for me, but a friend of mine told me about Medizym. Since I started taking this supplement, I seem to have more energy and my knees don't hurt as much. I'll post back again in a few months to let you know my progress."
- David R.
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£ 44.96 £ 29.06
Universal Nutrition Animal Flex

"Produto muito bom, atendeu as expectativas."
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£ 46.76 £ 39.74
Nordic Naturals Omega Joint Xtra

"Works really well for joint pain and swelling. Cant live without it!!!"
- S.Cardwell
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£ 13.49 £ 10.33
Deva Vegan Glucosamine- MSM and CMO Joint Support

"As a "fishetarian" it's great to have a non-meat-source glucosamine. I like having it with the MSM and CMO all in one pill. I'm taking it on a regular basis, 3 times daily and I think it's doing a good job keeping my joints healthy. I started developing some arthritis symptoms some years ago and they seem to have got better and even stopped its soreness since I'm taking it."
- Francesca Mari Torres
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£ 30.68 £ 19.56
Dynamic Health Laboratories Liquid Joint Elixir with MSM

"I prefer the elixir without the MSM. This is way too thick and does not taste as good as the other."
- Audrey Lightsey
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£ 21.59 £ 11.66
Now Foods Joint Support Powder

"Works well. I have been using along with UC-II. Very cheap product. Both help me with chondromalacia patella. They reduce a lot the inflammatory process!"
- Daniel M
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£ 39.60 £ 29.70
Life Extension ArthroMax with Theaflavins and ApresFlex

"É muito bom, tenho artrose e não sinto nada quando tomo esse produto. "
- roberto rita
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£ 28.80 £ 21.60
Life Extension Arthro-Immune Joint Support

"My mom uses this... She's a nurse; it really gives her joint support."
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£ 9.08 £ 5.79
Thompson Hydrolyzed Gelatin 2-000 mg
£ 14.12 £ 9.00
Thompson Gluco-Pro 900
£ 18.44 £ 14.11
Dynamic Health Laboratories Tart Cherry Complete

"I've taken Tart Cherry for almost 3 months - 1 tablet twice a day - in the hope of helping with a very damaged knee. Although I still suffer pain in the knee at the end of the day, I find that I am much more active, can exercise more, walk without pain for longer and sit in a chair comfortably for much longer than I could before taken the tablets. Definitely worth a try if you have damaged and inflamed joints. I feel like I'm taking my life back again."
- Monica Smith
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£ 26.96 £ 20.61
Bio Nutrition Joint Wellness

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£ 53.99 £ 39.60
World Nutrition Flexera
£ 22.46 £ 16.76
Bell Joint Support

"I have been using it since 2011. I was diagnose with Leukemea 2010, some one told me about it. I also remember patients with HIV/ AIDS used to tell me they feel great and that was in early 90's. Since I started using it my White blood cells and Lymphocytes number are controlled, don't jump up like before. The blood results seems better. I do my blood work monthly last March I went to visit my family in New Zealand I stayed for 5 months so I ran out of it as it wasn't available there. When I came back to FL my blood work was not good, white blood cells was really up, also the lymphocytes, so I went back on it my blood reading better and went down. I just believe in it. The health food stores use to sell it now I can't find it, so I went to the website it is cheaper and mailed to my home on time no delays. Thank you Bells shark CCartilage. now other companies makes but mixed with other stuff. So make sure you get the Bell. Even it says joint support it helps everything it is amazing."
- Patricia Burjony
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£ 49.46
Metagenics OsteoVantiv

"I tried weaning myself off this a few months ago. Big mistake. Boy did I feel it! I have DJD, a crumbling arthritic knee, and a bulging lumbar disc. Taking this makes the difference in being able to do my everyday workouts (which are low impact, but strenuous) and walk my best friend Will E or having to take Ibuprofen and pray for the pain to subside. Take this, you won't be disappointed. It's worth every penny."
- amy
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£ 32.39 £ 25.91
Gaia Herbs DailyWellness Ginger Supreme

"Gaia products are made of the best ingredients and highest quality, and you can feel it."
- Dee
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