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£ 45.95 £ 29.71
Universal Nutrition Animal Flex

"Produto muito bom, atendeu as expectativas."
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£ 49.63 £ 42.19
Nordic Naturals Omega Joint Xtra

"I really like this supplement. It gives me the necessary omega vitamins both EPA and DHA and the joint support with Glucosamine Sulfate, all in one supplement. I can feel the decrease in pain in my joints after being on this a short time. I strongly recommend this formula!"
- Julie Hellweg

"Works really well for joint pain and swelling. Cant live without it!!!"
- S.Cardwell
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£ 13.79 £ 10.56
Deva Vegan Glucosamine- MSM and CMO Joint Support

"As a "fishetarian" it's great to have a non-meat-source glucosamine. I like having it with the MSM and CMO all in one pill. I'm taking it on a regular basis, 3 times daily and I think it's doing a good job keeping my joints healthy. I started developing some arthritis symptoms some years ago and they seem to have got better and even stopped its soreness since I'm taking it."
- Francesca Mari Torres
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£ 31.36 £ 20.00
Dynamic Health Laboratories Liquid Joint Elixir with MSM

"I prefer the elixir without the MSM. This is way too thick and does not taste as good as the other."
- Audrey Lightsey
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£ 22.07 £ 11.91
Now Foods Joint Support Powder

"Works well. I have been using along with UC-II. Very cheap product. Both help me with chondromalacia patella. They reduce a lot the inflammatory process!"
- Daniel M
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£ 15.63 £ 8.44
Now Foods Beef Gelatin 550 mg

"Beef gelatin is a great item for the back condition I am fighting. My Eastern Medications doctor has suggested these products for me, even though he does NOT sell them."
- Joann Sturm
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£ 40.48 £ 30.36
Life Extension ArthroMax with Theaflavins and ApresFlex

"É muito bom, tenho artrose e não sinto nada quando tomo esse produto. "
- roberto rita
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£ 29.44 £ 22.08
Life Extension Arthro-Immune Joint Support

"My mom uses this... She's a nurse; it really gives her joint support."
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£ 33.11 £ 26.11
Pioneer Glucosamine Chondroitin Complex

"These are great. They have given me so much more movement and much less pain. "
- Amanda Guthrie
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£ 27.55 £ 21.07
Bio Nutrition Joint Wellness

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£ 22.95 £ 17.13
Bell Joint Support

"I have been using it since 2011. I was diagnose with Leukemea 2010, some one told me about it. I also remember patients with HIV/ AIDS used to tell me they feel great and that was in early 90's. Since I started using it my White blood cells and Lymphocytes number are controlled, don't jump up like before. The blood results seems better. I do my blood work monthly last March I went to visit my family in New Zealand I stayed for 5 months so I ran out of it as it wasn't available there. When I came back to FL my blood work was not good, white blood cells was really up, also the lymphocytes, so I went back on it my blood reading better and went down. I just believe in it. The health food stores use to sell it now I can't find it, so I went to the website it is cheaper and mailed to my home on time no delays. Thank you Bells shark CCartilage. now other companies makes but mixed with other stuff. So make sure you get the Bell. Even it says joint support it helps everything it is amazing."
- Patricia Burjony
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£ 26.67 £ 21.33
Youtheory Joint Collagen Type 2

"Если вы хотите восстановить свои суставы, то это подходящее средство. Только надо брать на 3 месяца, чтобы восстановить полностью. Пьются нормально. Побочных эффектов не было. Лучше всего дополнительно применять с витамином "С", пить больше чистой фильтрованной воды. И заниматься спортом. Только принимая этот препарат - суставы не восстановишь. Нужно хорошее кровообращение в местах, где у вас проблемы. И массаж можно и растяжки делать и легкие упражнения для подвижности суставов! Да и для профилактики после 40 лет можно принимать всем, кто заботиться о своем теле! Я брал именно эту добавку. потому что в ней много дополнительных трав, которые снимают воспаление и поддерживают суставы. Но в следующий раз выпишу другую, чтобы сравнить эффект. Ожидал от этой добавки большего результата."
- Konstantin Kharchenko
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£ 50.55
Metagenics OsteoVantiv

"I tried weaning myself off this a few months ago. Big mistake. Boy did I feel it! I have DJD, a crumbling arthritic knee, and a bulging lumbar disc. Taking this makes the difference in being able to do my everyday workouts (which are low impact, but strenuous) and walk my best friend Will E or having to take Ibuprofen and pray for the pain to subside. Take this, you won't be disappointed. It's worth every penny."
- amy
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£ 45.99 £ 36.79
Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength

"If you're experiencing any joint pain or discomfort, I would defiantly recommend trying this Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength 120 Vegetarian Liquid Photo-Caps by Gaia Herbs. It has made a huge difference in the pain I was experiencing in my wrists from working on the computer all day. I would highly recommend this product! "
- Harley Kensington
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£ 33.11 £ 26.49
Gaia Herbs DailyWellness Ginger Supreme

"Gaia products are made of the best ingredients and highest quality, and you can feel it."
- Dee
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£ 39.51 £ 27.66
Jarrow Formulas Ultra Jarro-Dophilus

"Excelente produto. Comprei para meu filho que estava desanimado e meio depressivo. Aprendi que a saúde começa no intestino e não pensei duas vezes. Comprei dois frascos e ele já está no final o primeiro frasco. Já melhorou bastante. Está dormindo melhor. Eu estou feliz em observar que meu filho está voltando a sorrir, está melhorando a saúde."
- Maria da Conceição Sousa
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£ 33.07 £ 21.50
Zahlers Inflame-X

"This product is great. Have a lot of pain in my hands... helps me to do daily tasks. I do not like to take medication so this fills the bill."
- Mary Ann MIller
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£ 55.15 £ 35.85
Zahlers SynerG

"My mom has been suffering from joint problems and she's very into supplements, swears by them actually. she takes this daily for 3 months and wouldn't miss a dose as she feels a huge difference on them."
- Sheila
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£ 32.19 £ 16.09
Paradise Herbs Bromelain 500 mg

"A quality and effective product from paradise herb. Free from gelatin, fillers and binders. Pure Bromelain supplement. Bromelain is an amazing anti inflammatory supplement useful for several illnesses. It can also help people suffering from autoimmune diseases. One study proved that it's beneficial for sinus congestion and nasal congestion. It can effectively reduce swelling in nasal pathway. Good for digestion of proteins in meal, as a systemic enzyme on empty stomach for inflammation, and also with supplements and herbs for increased bio-availability. I always keep a supply of this on hand because it has the highest potency of bromelain and when used with Vitamin C and Quercitin, it helps combat the flu, fever, cold and nasal congestion. It does not have any of the side effects of NSAIDs or acetaminaphen. Bromelain can be used with other difficult-to-absorb supplements like Quercitin and Curcumin because it is supposed to help with absorption. Highly recommended for allergy, poor digestion and inflammation sufferers. "
- Abdul Basith
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£ 46.35 £ 32.45
Nature Made Triple Flex

"Another popular item among family and friends, which makes it a healthy, practical and very nice gift! I work out everyday with weights. Every time when I start to feel pain in knuckle areas, I simply take a few of these tablets, and the condition usually improves in days. There is a reason why Triple Flex is so popular, it is because it actually does work and makes a difference. Compares to other similar items in the market, NatureMade offers very competitive pricing with impressive quality."
- Delicia Shyu
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£ 45.99 £ 33.11
Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Triple Strength

"Segunda vez que compro este produto, está me ajudando bastante no alivio da condropatia patelar, nunca mais senti dor. Voltarei a comprar dele sempre que necessário. "
- Helder de Souza Luciano
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£ 32.19
CodeAge Multi Collagen Powder

"This Collagen Powder was so much bigger than I expected. So there is a lot in here, for a very affordable Price. I am excited to try it. Was very good packed and in perfect condition. Thank you so much"
- Anna Banman
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