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£ 12.02 £ 9.29
Nature's Plus HEMA-PLEX

"Excellent source of iron, easily absorbed by the body and not causing any constipation or stomach issues. The delivery was efficient and good packaging."

"Good source of iron, easy to digest. "
- Gwendolyn L. Casey
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£ 13.64 £ 10.56
Nature's Plus Chewable Iron

"Autumn is not a good period for my hair. It was falling a lot, therefore I thought of buying natural hair vitamins. I tried these chewable iron ones for a month already and I noticed a huge decrease in hair loss. I really think my hair reacted so good at it. The cool part is that it comes with vitamin C which makes it easier to digest and avoids bloating or uncomfortable bowel movements. It is vegan :-D and natural and tasty. It is effective and totally worth the money."
- Diddy

"Best Tasting , This is the best tasting I have found. "
- Annabelle Frailey
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£ 10.80 £ 8.10
Solgar Gentle Iron

"Capsules of the small size, are easily swallowed, there are no unpleasant feelings, either nausea, or frustration, etc. After a week of application I have felt improvements, the head has ceased to be turned, cheerfulness has appeared. I drank capsules 2 months on 1 piece a day. I have stopped two weeks ago. Today I have made blood test, hemoglobin 136. I am happy!!! Bank big, in her 180 capsules, ideally"
- Alexa

"Solgar's Gentle Iron has worked to restore the low iron levels in my daughter. Last winter she had pneumonia and her body became run down. This product helped to boost her energy levels. It is an easy pill for her to swallow and has been very gentle on her stomach. "
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£ 9.89 £ 5.34
Now Foods Iron

"I've been mildly anaemic for a long time but having now consumed an entire bottle of these capsules, my haemoglobin has been raised so that I'm now within the normal male range. I'm just ordering some more!"
- Nick Hope Wilson

"Saw the effects after a week. My blood image improved. Not heavy on the stomach."
- Matt
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£ 14.36 £ 11.13
Zahlers Iron Complex

"Great product. bought up my iron levels in a relatively short amount of time and wasn't hard on my stomach. I now understand what sets this product apart from the other iron pills on the market."
- John Dwek

"Great Iron Supplement. This has vitamin C in it which is great that I don't need to add on as separate pill. The most amazing thing about this iron is that it didn't constipate me even one bit! It's a fantastic supplement. "
- Christy Block
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£ 24.11 £ 20.69
Flora Floravital Iron  Herbs

"When I was pregnant I had severe anemia. I was very tired, dizzy, pale w/ dark eyes. I was miserable! I started using Floravital Iron & Herbs and within a couple of days I felt much better; and within a week I felt great! I've always had low iron and now I'm feeling it (not pregnant) and sent my husband to buy Floravital again. I have recommended this product to many people! I can't wait to get started on it this time and feel even better!"
- Keri

"Floravital Iron & Herbs is actually great! I was pretty skeptical when I bought it but decided to give it a try. I'm supposed to be taking these giant iron pills to try to bring up my levels but I hated all the cost and side effects and didn't feel any better. The first day I took Floravital I felt more awake and energized. I haven't gotten that mid-afternoon fatigue and I do feel a little more focused. I have a blood test in a couple of weeks so it will be interesting to see if it brings my iron levels up. My mom has also been taking it. She has a history of blood diseases and needs transfusions. Since she's been taking it, she doesn't get tired anymore and she's not cold all the time. All of these changes occurred the first day of use. It is worth every penny!"
- Ryan
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£ 9.54 £ 6.68
Nature Made Iron 65 mg

"This is a good product. I will buy again."
- Lisa G

"Muito eficaz, tratou minha anemia."
- Lais Andrea Rossi Candido
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£ 19.76 £ 11.25
Enzymatic Therapy Energizing Iron

"This iron is in liquid form which makes it easier for your body to absorb. Also, it contains the vitamin B needed to transport the iron throughout your body. My daughter uses it because she is a cross country runner and we think it's a great product."
- Anonymous

"I am a post gastric bypass patient who could not seem to absorb any form of iron. Energizing Iron has by far been the best product for me. "
- Gillian
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£ 21.59 £ 16.71
Enzymatic Therapy Ultimate Iron

"I am perimenopausal and borderline anemic- if I don't take iron every day I can hardly keep my eyes open. This is the best iron pill I have found! Easy to swallow and keeps the energy level up for me. I don't let myself run out of these!"
- Susan K.

"I use this supplement as the iron succinate it contains is recommended as the best absorbed by the body. This supplement doesn't upset my tummy as others have. It is difficult to obtain in the UK but the international postage from eVitamins is very fast and reasonably priced."
- Sheila Nethercott
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£ 8.99 £ 5.50
VegLife Vegan Iron Chewable

"I have had no problems with the Vegan Iron Chewable whatsoever. I love that there is an option for a vegan who cannot swallow pills. It tastes great though the slight iron taste can linger for an hour or so. Nothing big at all."
- Karin G.

"It left a funny taste in my mouth for hours and burned my tongue! Also gave me stomach cramps despite the assurance of being gentle on the stomach. There's much better, more natural vegan iron supplements out there, definitely won't recommend this one."
- Anais Dozol
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£ 11.48 £ 8.89
Nature's Plus Iron

"Everything as expected, except for the fact that is a two tablet formula. I skipped that info. It's 40 mg per 2 tablets. Nevertheless, it's still good quality and pretty economic."
- Adriana Cota García
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£ 17.96 £ 16.16
Vitanica Iron Extra

"This Product is amazing because I have anemia and this help with my Sympthoms."
- Jennifer
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£ 15.29 £ 10.70
Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW Iron

"This product also contains vegetables that support healthy blood which is more than just the iron. "
- Rita Chu
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£ 6.29 £ 4.81
Deva Vegan Chelated Iron

"This iron is small and easy to take with no aftertaste."
- Kristin Bonilla
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£ 9.17 £ 6.89
Solaray Iron

"Definitely found that it helped, and was gentle on the stomach. Would purchase again."
- Jessica Young
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£ 8.63 £ 5.18
Kal Iron Glycinate

"This is a very nice product with no side effects. I've been taking it once a day for the last 3 months and I saw a big difference in my energy level. I recommend this product for anyone with an Iron deficiency."
- Amélie Sallenbach-Morrissette
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£ 13.49 £ 7.28
Now Foods Iron

"Produto de alta qualidade. Como estou sempre em dieta, tenho dificuldades de assumir a quantidade de ferro diária na alimentação, por isso adotei esse produto diariamente, aumentando assim os níveis naturais de ingestão. Para aqueles que não recebem ferro suficiente naturalmente, acrescentar um suplemento pode trazer muitos benefícios. Já uso esse produto a mais de 1 ano, associado a uma alimentação adequada vem contribuindo com minha saúde em geral. Recomendo, sem nenhuma dúvida. Importante: Meu nutricionista explicou que como qualquer vitamina, em excesso pode ser tóxico. Meu nutricionista me acompanha e faço exames periodicamente, para ter certeza que o nível de ferro está bom. Mas em geral, a dica é: Precisando suplementar ferro, sem dúvidas é um dos melhores custos benefício do mercado. "
- Juliette Aparecida Rocha
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£ 38.48
Metagenics Hemagenics

"My wife is ordering her fourth bottle. She said that when she stopped taking them she could really feel the difference. Happy wife = Happy life so back ordering more."
- Robert Barbour
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£ 4.91 £ 4.13
Sundown Naturals Iron

"A marca é ótima. Bom custo benefício. Devido ao preço e a quantidade. Estava anêmica e recuperei com o uso deste suplemento. Qualidade muito boa. A quantidade de miligramas para quem está com falta desta vitamina está de bom tamanho. Eu gosto de combinar com o comprimido de vitamina C de 1000. Pois o ferro absorve melhor junto com a vitamina C."
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