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Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Tea

"I tried this tea for the first time yesterday at around 6pm & today @ 9am I could tell the tea SURELY does what it's suppose to! Definitely did its job! I've read that people often have cramping a couple hours after drinking this, but I didn't have any problems.. "
- Helen

"I tried it and it totally worked for me the next morning. I had no cramping and had a good bowel movement in the morning. I plan to use it once a week or so to help clean out my colon."
- Sandy
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£4.28 £3.65
Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea

"I love this tea, it's soothing and it tastes great. I would recommend it. "
- Anonymous

"Throat Coat Tea is a wonderful tea, especially if you like the flavor of black licorice tea. I personally do not like the flavor of the tea with out mixing it with some thing else. I use this tea in cooking, my chicken soup for added flavor and healing benefits, and also mix the tea with a bit of apple juice and honey to make it friendlier to my pallet. Great buy for sure."
- Oscar
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Alvita Valerian Root Tea

"I don't know about anyone else but this Organic Valerian Root Tea gave me lots of energy! I also noticed a few days after drinking this tea my skin was glowing. Price is not bad, either."
- Lisa H.

"Valerian Root Tea is a great anxiety and stress relieving tea. I have two boxes ready for any panic attack I might get. The taste for this tea might have to be acquired, but the benefits are well worth it."
- SallyRose
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Yogi Tea Organic Teas Kava Stress Relief Organic Tea

"Having children does stress you out a little more worrying all the time, but after the day is over ,drinking this tea helps me feel more relaxed and helps me sleep a whole lot better."
- Jennifer D.

"I have suffered from mild to moderate general anxiety for 3 years. I was taking Lorazepam several times a week to control the worst of the anxiety attacks. I decided to eliminate caffeine and other stimulants from my diet and went to the store in search of decaf tea. I came across this Kava Stress Relief tea and it not only smells heavenly and tastes wonderful, but it actually works. I notice the best results when I drink one cup before bed and one first thing after I get to work. I wouldn't rely on only this to treat an actual anxiety attack, but it works very nicely to take the edge off of general anxiety and aggitation. I almost never have to use my medication now. I have noticed no ill side effects, though the box lists several."
- Lauri
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£3.90 £3.31
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea

"This tea has a strong smell of lavender it better to drink this at the end of the day or after a stress-filled day to unwind. It works so well to relax the muscles and make you feel a sense of calm. I love drinking it when I'm anxious or just can't relax due to stress."
- Connie

"Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea is so refreshing. I love it!"
- Jen
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£5.30 £4.24
Alvita Licorice Root Tea

"I have use Alvita for year this is a very wonderful tea. I believe this might be my first time enjoying the Licorice Root tea. I like it very much because I really do not want to put anything in my teas, and this tea is just right!. Thank you"
- Anonymous

"This Licorice Root tea is mild, and gives a cooling after feel, but is not very tasty. Don't mix this tea with other teas, like black tea, etc, it will get really potent and make you gag. This tea is good if you plan on sipping slow for stomach ailments."
- Anonymous
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£4.28 £3.65
Traditional Medicinals Breathe Easy Tea

"I've used Breathe Easy Tea for years and it works great! The taste is not so great, but well worth the benefit!"
- Anonymous

"One month after taking antibiotics in Sept. 2009 for a sinus infections, I was diagnosed with the flu, then bronchitis, and another sinus infection for which antibiotics did not help. In desperation, on the way back from the doctor, I spoke to a salesperson in a natural food store who recommended Breathe Easy. It helps me breathe easier and feel stronger. It has proven to be one of the most beneficial products in fighting respiratory tract ailments for which there is not always an easy answer. Does anyone know if this product can be used with inhalers ? Thank you for the relief I receive from this product . "
- Jada
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Alvita Sage Tea

"My friend recommended Sage Tea for my soar throat and cough. I am pleased with the flavor and found it very soothing. I am recommending it to another friend who lives in Phoenix and also has been fighting a cough. I like the fact that it is easy to prepare and doesn't come with side effects other cold remedies seem to produce. "
- Anonymous

"The sage tea has an excellent taste. It is very calming and cleansing."
- Anonymous
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Alvita Spearmint Leaf Tea

"This tea is just amazing I'm on my second box of this and I love it. Firstly it is Organic which is a plus point and secondly the taste is also good it's not very bitter or strong as compared to other Spearmint Tea that I have tried. Overall this tea is amazing and has helped me a lot to clear my skin also. "
- Sofia Pathan

"I would like to share that Spearmint Tea from Alvita has definitely worked wonders for me. I can clearly notice it in my health and hair texture. Would like to give a big thumbs Up to it. :) "
- Suhani Priya
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Celebration Herbals Marshmallow Leaf and Root Herbal Tea

"This tea is relaxing and tastes good, soothing for the stomach. Tea bags come with no strings, and they can be used a second time for a weaker tea if you like. "
- Elise B
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Numi Tea Collection

"Nice mix tea, This is a very nice mix of teas. Excellent, if you would like to try some of them out. "
- Sofia A
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£4.28 £3.65
Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Tea

"민들레 뿌리라고 해서 쓸것 같았지만 막상 먹어보니 구수하기도 하고 약간 끝맛이 쌉싸름한 맛이 괜찮더라 민들레뿌리를 티백형태로 물에 우려서 먹기만 하면 되니 간편하고 좋은것 같아요 여름이라 차갑게 큰병에 넣어 연하게 우려 물처럼 마시고 있어요 민들레뿌리의 효능이 정말 다양하고 좋은데 자주 마시다 보면 좋은 효과가 있을것 같아서 꾸준히 마셔보려구요"
- Anonymous

"둥글레차 보다는 진한맛이지만 그래도 비슷한 향과 맛이라 먹기에 친숙하고 좋은 것 같아요. 민들레차는 호흡기질환과 알레르기 예방에 좋다고해서 먹기 시작했습니다. 드실때 티백을 오래 넣어두면 뒷맛이 떱더름 할수있으니 녹차 드시는 것처럼 드시면 될 것 같아요. 메르스로 호흡기질환 예방에도 좋을 것 같습니다. "
- Heeyeun Choi
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Stash Tea Caffeine Free Cinnamon Apple Chamomile Tea

"Lovely smell and taste!"
- Massimiliano Lamagna

"This smells delicious. It's great for a nightly drink when you want something warm but don't want the sugar. I used to drink it all the time in college and now it's a staple for when I need a warm drink but don't want the caffeine. I like the packaging that makes it easier to organize my tea cupboard. It tastes more cinnamon but the apple doesn't make it overwhelming."
- Stephanie Brown
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Alvita Red Clover Tea
Buddha Teas Pineapple White Tea

"I love the flavor of Buddha's Pineapple White Tea. It is just naturally sweet enough for me with a mild flavor of Pineapple. I love that it is organic and filled with vitamins. It is very soothing to drink. "
- KHiller
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Buddha Teas Sweet Strawberry Ginger

"This sweet strawberry ginger tea is wonderful. It tastes great. There is just the right balance of sweet strawberry to ginger ratio. the packets are easy to open snd the box keeps everything fresh."
- Penny Lane
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£8.26 £6.61
Alvita Echinacea and Goldenseal Tea

"This tea is very bitter. It almost taste like black tea without sugar added. You need at least 2 cups per day to feel energized. This tea really helped my cold and cough. My entire family uses it during this season."
- Lisa Hunter
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Alvita Horsetail Tea

"I love teas in general, but Alvita's Horsetail Grass Tea is extremely good in taste. Plus, my skin and hair have improved since drinking this tea. I recommend it highly!"
- Dianthia Simon
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£6.23 £4.98
Alvita Milk Thistle Tea

"Always helps my husband's upset stomach."
- Christa Holmes
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£5.45 £4.36
Alvita Nettle Tea

"It did help me with my prostrate problem along with the nettle root tablets."
- Yash Mann
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£5.06 £4.05
Alvita Senna Leaf Tea

"Alvita's Senna Leaf Tea works very well! I use this about every other day."
- Anonymous
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£7.71 £6.17
Alvita Valerian-Mint Tea

"I love this tea. It calms me down and puts the right frame of mind for sleep."
- Bonnir
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£2.90 £2.47
Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger

"The perfect summer tea. Easy to brew with just enough zest. I love drinking it iced too. It's great for hungry cravings or when I'm trying not to eat too much. My solution to just drinking regular water. Yum!"
- EK
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£4.28 £3.65
Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care Tea

"Gypsy Cold Care Tea is GREAT!! My grand kids don't like the taste, but I do. If you like other teas (I always drink mine without any milk or sweetener) then you will like this. It just tastes like tea, not too spicy and not fruity. It really does work. Use it as soon as you feel a cold coming on for the fastest results."
- Georgia
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