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£ 25.75 £ 18.54
Garden of Life Perfect Food Green Formula

"Perfect Food Super Green has increased my health and vitality. I mix it with Apple Cider, mixed frozen fruit and ground flax meal. It cleanses my system and actually tastes pretty good when blended with the above. It still has no fat and adds healthy calories for a complete morning meal."
- Anonymous

"Perfect Food™ Super Green tastes terrible, but I will continue using it for at least one month. I predict it will increase my health and vitality. So when you buy it and realize it tastes bad, mix it with a lot of water (like 16 -32 oz) and visualize your cells thanking you after a long day of stress. It's the only way to survive this. Hang in there, and don't skip a day. You are a fierce organism that can handle any type of foul mix. You will be laughing when you move into your 80s and 90s with healthy grin and a sharp mind."
- Anonymous
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£ 31.51 £ 26.78
Nature's Plus Source of Life Power-Packed Whole Food Concentrate

"Love this product! Keeps me energized and regular the way you should be (bowels) Will keep purchasing this product! "
- Alessa Brown

"The Source of Life Green Lightning is wonderful! I am hypoglycemic and it helps keep my blood sugar stable."
- Anonymous
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£ 33.46 £ 28.11
Barlean's Chocolate Greens

"This powder makes for one of the best chocolate milk's I have ever had. IT DOES NOT MIX THE BEST, but I still gave it five stars because of the flavor. Man it tastes good....on top of the taste it is also quite healthy and contains things you would never even know are in there based off the flavor. "
- Jean-Claude Van Damme

"Delicious, Tastes like cocoa! MMMMMMM"
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£ 16.70 £ 12.52
Kyolic Kyo-Green Tablets

"For the last 12 or more years, I've taken Kyo-Green tablets when I get a cold (2 tablets, four times a day), along with a homemade sinus wash two or three times a day, and Zicam rapid melts and Mucinex DM. Before this cold regimen, I colds always turned into bronchitis, which meant antibiotics that weren't effective. I no longer get bronchitis, which Kyo-Green keeps at bay."
- Joan W.

"They are a great source of b-12 for vegans, you can chew or just swallow them. I take 2 of them three times daily... if I remember to. I like to know I am getting more greens when I forget to eat enough throughout my day."
- Ellie
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£ 41.39 £ 28.97
Garden of Life Perfect Food RAW Organic

"Brilliant product. Beats any shakes or smoothie. Drink it on its own or with fruit. Can be added as a sweetener to your cereal, too. "
- Sunder K.

"Perfect Food RAW Organic is a great product. A nice everyday supplement. Can be added to any smoothie. Great chocolate taste."
- Sunder K.
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£ 27.55 £ 20.59
Pure Planet Just Barley

"This products helps with keeping my immune system healthy. I don't always get to eat meals that are fully nutritional, so taking Just Barley helps me to get all the nutrients I need to maintain a healthy body and active lifestyle at 50."
- LaDonna Obafemi

"Love this product! During the 2nd week it made me drowsy but after that it helped me have more energy and clearer skin. I will be ordering more."
- Hk
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£ 18.67 £ 14.20
All One Green Phyto Base

"I love this product. It's just what I needed to give my smoothies that extra boost. I would recommend this product to all ages especially to those who don't eat enough vegetables daily. It's easy to use and not messy at all. There is no nasty or bitter after taste. It's also good to sprinkle over your food or mix into your drink and get great antioxidants and nutrients that are beneficial to you. It's all around great product with great benefits. Just give it a try!"
- Jacqueline Cole

"I never took vitamins, but when I started to have some pre-cataract blurry vision, I decided to step up my nutrition. ALL ONE GREEN PHYTO BASE has improved my general health, energy level and vision. I take it every morning with fresh juice. I wish everyone could experience the benefits of this product!"
- Lynn Walsh
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£ 30.27
The Synergy Company Pure Synergy

"I add Pure Synergy to my morning shake every day. It's a fantastic blend of Klamath algae and greens. Truly a superior product."
- Christen L.

"Purse Synergy makes me feel more energetic and fresh after having once every morning. You get better rate from eVitamins than any where else. Good product, good price!"
- Tee
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£ 26.66 £ 18.67
Source Naturals Yaeyama Chlorella 200 mg

"Very good! I have felt and seen improvements in recent times."
- Peter Strangar

"Muito Bom! "
- Lilian Mara Fernandes de Paula
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£ 23.84 £ 18.24
Green Foods Magma Plus

"I have been taking Magma Plus for about 3 weeks. Besides having a job that requires long hours at the office, I train for triathlons and other races for fun, so managing my health has become very important. I was getting sick all the time (possibly due to increased training while keeping up with demands from work). I was looking for supplements so that I can stay healthy and continue working and training. After taking Green Magama Plus, I have been feeling much better and have been able to avoid getting sick. I am now training for a marathon and this product is helping me to feel good at training and and when I am exercising."
- Anonymous

"I use Magma Plus in the morning, since I do not have time for breakfast. It gets me through the morning till lunch. I never feel hunger. It gives a good full feeling without hunger. The energy I get is just a plus."
- Daniel Ricks
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£ 32.43 £ 27.56
Nature's Plus Fruitein

"Very good and cheap product. Worth the money. Tastes nice. Does as the product says. Works very well. Easy to take. No bad smell."
- Deborah Thompson

"I noticed a definite increase in my energy level."
- Gloria Massey
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£ 14.71 £ 11.65
Pure Planet Just Barley Powder

"This is a brand I trust. It helps with so many things including hair growth, bad breath etc."
- T Hunter

"This is great as a detox. If you continue to use this you will notice a difference in your energy level, your face will look clear and it also helps your hair and nails to grow."
- Tawanna Hunter
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£ 18.39 £ 15.40
Nature's Life Super Green Pro-96 Soy Protein

"Best Soy protein I have ever used!"
- Christy

"I think this is going to be my new brand. Super Green Pro-96 Soy Protein tastes really good even though it's very low in sugar -- which is important. And it's got more than 20 g of protein. powders with less than 20 g protein aren't worth it to me. "
- Rebecca Y.
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£ 39.96 £ 33.56
Barlean's Greens Powder

"These green powders by barleans are awesome! Every single one they make are great and taste/mix well . I fealt revitalized not sure if that was placebo or not "
- Joe dougert

"I have this first thing in the morning and it gives you great energy. When I have this at around 7 AM, I can go all the way till 11 AM without eating anything solid since it really gives smooth and clean energy. Very refreshing. I like the taste of this one better than the chocolate one. I even find this is more effective."
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£ 14.71 £ 7.94
Now Foods Chlorella

"Excelente para anemia. Recomendo!"
- Marco Túlio Coutinho

"Desde que comecei a tomar chlorella me sinto mais forte e com mais energia! Nutrição completa!"
- Paulo Roberto Akaki Borges
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£ 11.95 £ 6.45
Now Foods Chlorella

"Produto aprovado! Pedi a Chlorella com o objetivo de melhorar meu desempenho em exercícios de endurance (corrida, ciclismo...), pois esta alga é capaz de estimular a produção e reconstrução de tecidos do nosso corpo, além de acelerar os processos de cicatrização, e a recuperação de lesões, induzidas pela prática de atividade física. Gosto bastante de adquirir produtos naturais para melhora do desempenho e o site evitamins oferece tudo isso por um preço justo e em um curto período de tempo. A quandidade por porção é generosa, o que garante os efeitos que o produto tem a oferecer. Pedi alguns itens e todos os produtos chegaram em aproximadamente 1 mês no Brasil em excelente estado e não fui taxada. Pretendo pedir mais, com certeza!!! "
- Vanessa Cavalcante Lima

"Excelente produto. Melhora a disposição e aumenta os níveis de ferro no sangue. Tem um bom preço."
- Marcilene H Soccol
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£ 53.35 £ 26.67
Paradise Herbs ORAC-Energy Greens

"I've been taking this product for several years now and love it because it has so many healthy ingredients and it's organic/non-GMO. Other people have written about the taste - what do they expect - it's a real green powder which is what I want - I find the taste to be better than other green drinks I have tried. I don't buy this product because I want something that tastes great, I buy it because it's great for my body and gives me energy and it's vegetarian. Sure you can buy good tasting protein powder but the health benefits are minimal. Also, it mixes fine if you jar put it in a jar and shake it up. The key is to add water or juice first, then add the powder. I have tried several different supplements like this and none have compared. I love how it incorporates protein along with the greens. My energy levels are amazing and I haven't gotten sick since I've been taking it. It mixes really easily into some juice and it really doesn't have much of a taste to is although it can be a little gritty but nothing terrible. "
- Abdul Basith

"Отличное дополнение к рациону любого человека, Эта смесь содержит огромное количество полезного и необходимого для нашего организма. Ее удобно добавлять в протеиновые коктейли — порошок отлично растворяется и в воде и в соке. Цвет напитка зеленый, на вкус травяной и свежий, очень приятно пить. Отличное дополнение к рациону любого человека."
- Anna Wilke
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£ 41.39 £ 28.97
Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw Organic Energizer

"Perfect Food Raw Organic Energizer has a nice strawberry taste. It's great during or after workouts. It can be added with other Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw organic supplement. Top product -- beats any other product on the market. "
- Sunder K.

"Great product all around. Good for during workouts. Tastes of strawberries. "
- Sunder K.
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£ 45.99 £ 36.79
Vega Protein and Greens

"Eu tomo essa proteína todos os dias de manhã. Misturo com fruta, leite de amêndoas, chia e faço uma vitamina. O sabor de vanilla é bom, um pouco diferente das outras proteínas de baunilha pelo fato de ser natural. A cor também é diferente. Um bege mais escuro. O cheiro não é tão agradável mas também não chega a ser ruim. Já comprei vários potes sempre que está quase acabando compro outro. Experimentei outros sabores também mas o de baunilha é o meu favorito. É fácil de misturar, eu nunca tentei fazer com a coqueteleira sempre faço no liquidificador mas não forma bolinhas e o gosto não se sobressai dos outros ingredientes que eu uso. Vale a pena experimentar. Essa proteína me ganhou por ser à base de plantas e vegana. Vega é uma marca super confiável e eu amo todos os produtos deles. "
- kdano

"M.A.R.A.V.I.L.H.O.S.A!!! Proteína à base de planta, super natural, vegan... o que mais você quer de um produto? Comprei pra testar e tenho tomado ele por quase 6 meses já. Meu marido é viciado e não troca por nada. O sabor não é como as outras proteínas de baunilha, dá pra sentir no gosto e no cheiro que é natural, na cor também. Geralmente eu uso no shake pela manhã, bato um scoop com várias frutas e fica delicioso além de ficar com a consciência tranquila de que estou tomando algo que vai me fazer bem e não mal. Indico muito. Essa proteína é Vida! "
- Priscila
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£ 20.19 £ 15.44
Futurebiotics Vital Green

"Best superfood enzyme blend for the price and around, I wanted a super food enzyme blend and saw that this product has everything I wanted with an addition of blue-green algae which I read about only after seeing it on this product's label. I compared a lot of products and reviews before choosing this one. Good quality at a good price."
- Mukkish Tahiliani
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£ 15.63 £ 8.44
Now Foods Chlorella Pure Powder

"I wasn't crazy about this form of chlorella. It doesn't mix well & tastes/smells VERY green, almost like manure."
- Anonymous
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£ 36.61 £ 25.08
Sunny Green Blue Green Algae

"I rely on Blue-Green Algae to supplement my fresh green consumption. Although I make and effort to get in my daily quotient of green vegetables, I most often fall somewhat short of what is recommended. I've been taking Sunny Green Blue-Green Algae for almost 10 years now and have been very satisfied with product quality. I sometimes find that a few pills do get broken before the order gets to me, but it is not to often and only a very few pills. The taste is not pleasant, but I swallow them down easily without tasting them. Taking them right before eating helps further remove any potential residual taste."
- Anonymous
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£ 10.57 £ 7.47
Sunny Green Chlorophyll

"Works well."
- Anonymous
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£ 12.69 £ 8.88
Nature's Life Pro-96 Acidophilus

"Pro 96 Acidophilus, Cranberry works for my Candida problems and helped my urinary tract too. I am definitely ordering again."
- Anonymous
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