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Fiber Reviews

£ 25.03 £ 17.79
Cerburg ProFibe

Excellent product.

Has kept my Cholesterol just above 200 for about 15 years. Without it, would be over 250.
- John Esposito

Miracle worker

Excellent product, I have used this product for the last 10 or more years. Everyone I suggested Profibe their Hdl/ldl have improved, Great Product!
- Joyce Robinson
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£ 10.67 £ 7.93
Garden of Life Super Seed

Excellent. I have been using this product for a few years now and would highly recommend it.
- Carolyn D Hart

I have been taking SuperSeed since it came by post, after starting on the Maker's Diet. I have since stopped as I needed to rememdy IBS with the Guts and the Glory program. I expect I'll go back to once I feel I have done all I need to. I will finish it but hope not to need it again, as I find it quite difficult to take.
- Vera Saunders
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£ 32.03 £ 22.42
Garden of Life RAW Fiber

Best fiber!

Best fiber! I love this stuff. The most effective way to get real healthy fiber.
- Tamara Logan

Works Great and Tastes Good!

I was taking Miralax twice a day but switched to this instead and haven't had any problems since.
- Mag
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£ 25.00 £ 19.01
All One Totally Fiber Complex

This product increased the size of my stools but I had to stop using it because my system does not tolerate psyllium.
- Anonymous

Totally Fiber has helped control IBS better than anything else I've tried. Thank you.
- Linda
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£ 13.34 £ 10.21
Yerba Prima Psyllium Husks Powder

Psyllium Husks Powder took stopped the bloating feeling I get after meals. It's effective and keeps me regular.
- Allan C.

Psyllium Husk Powder is an outstanding product. It works without giving you gas or liquefying your stool. Not to be graphic, but when you look in the bowl you will be astonished at what was inside you. Part of the weight you carry around is toxic and decaying fecal matter, no other way to put it. This stuff scrapes it out of your diverticula. I used this for three months and stopped when my stool returned to normal size. Previous to that time, I had never detoxified myself and had years of stuff to get rid of. Now I use Psyllium Husk Powder on a routine maintenance program and it shows. It won't do anything but help clean you out. It isn't a diet silver bullet, but it sure did help me. The best thing to do is take it with a clear juice like apple or green grape. Never use anything carbonated, unless you want to do that volcano experiment like you did in school.
- Ted
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£ 16.46 £ 9.35
Enzymatic Therapy Fiber Delights

Good taste

I do not normally review items on online store websites, but I do feel like it might be helpful for others who are looking to purchase these fiber delights from I purchased these fiber delights from about one month ago. I found them to be rather chalky, which is to be expected with fiber chews. The vanilla flavor is very mild and they are really not too sweet, which I appreciate because I personally prefer less sugary options. Sometimes, fiber chews can be really chalky and really sweet, but these are nice and subtle. I only gave four stars because I am not sure if the fiber delights vanilla chews are actually helping or not. They certainly have not caused any known issues, but overall, I have not noticed any major improvements either, regardless of dosage. I will continue to use the fiber delights vanilla chews for another month or two to give them a chance to show some evidence that they are helping but then I think I will try another brand. Regardless, I will use evitamins.
- Amanda Mann

I love Fiber Delights Vanilla!
- Anonymous
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£ 15.09 £ 12.82
Nature's Plus Oats 'n Honey Chewable Oat Bran


These helped me lower my cholesterol.
- Vicki Quintavalle

It Works!

Fiber is great! I don't enjoy the taste or texture of the wafers.
- Mary Coburn
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£ 11.98 £ 7.61
Nutricology Dietary Fiber Cellulose Powder

Dietary Fiber Cellulose Powder is very good for weight loss. Reduces appetite.
- Eirini T.

Great product for increasing insoluble fiber. People should get at least 25 g of fiber daily. That is really hard to do without supplementing, unless you are an athlete and your life revolves around training and eating. For the price and quality, you can't go wrong.
- David D.
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£ 14.23 £ 10.89
Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Caps

I had to stop taking the product because of another program I needed to test, and didn't want the results to be affected. I found the effectiveness of the fiber caps variable; on some days they worked extremely well, but on others they didn't seem to work at all.
- Anonymous
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£ 13.88 £ 10.61
Yerba Prima Fiber Plus Powder

I have had great results from this product and it tastes great!
- Katie Lotsberg
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£ 13.34 £ 10.21
Yerba Prima Psyllium Husks Caps

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I am happy and satisfied. Since fiber is simply necessary for our body, my husband and I periodically take it with courses. Initially, I bought it to cope with my chronic problem - constipation. At first I didn\u2019t notice the result at all, but a week later there were changes. As a result, the problem that I have had all my life has disappeared - I am happy and contented.
- Anna Wilke
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£ 13.16 £ 10.07
Yerba Prima Soluble Fiber Formula

I have diabetes type II with hyperlipidemia. After taking Soluble Fiber for one month my lipids went down over 400 points and my diabetes is more stable.
- Anonymous
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£ 13.34 £ 10.21
Yerba Prima Psyllium Whole Husks

Psyllium Whole Husks help keep me regular without all the sugar and other stuff added to it. Also a great price.
- Marie Grace B.
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£ 23.10 £ 17.32
Nature's Secret Mutli-Fiber Cleanse

Multi Fiber is an awesome natural product. It's easy on the system and with a little exercise in the a.m. I feel great all day. The elimination of coffee in large quantities has also helped. I use to be severely fatigued with over 180 food allergies, now I'm on immunotherapy, eat what I wish, but small portions and healthy foods. Lots of fruit, veggies, protein from nuts and small cuts of meat. Fish is a good treat. Just remember to keep it natural - anything processed coagulates the system. Like flour and water make paste, it's the same in your system. Multi Fiber can be used every quarter.
- L. Rhein
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£ 24.02 £ 17.86
Garden of Life Super Seed

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I've put flaxseed and various kinds of grain in it, and I am suing it and it is delicious. It is good to eat with yogurt. It is good to eat in milk and it is good.
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£ 14.23 £ 13.30
Organic India Psyllium (Whole Husk)

I have tried several brands of Psyllium and some are very gritty and harder to mix with liquid. Organic India mixes very well. Also, I would not buy anything except for organic, as non-organic is highly sprayed with pesticides. This is a good value for the price.
- Betsy
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£ 4.00 £ 3.64
Now Foods Amaranth Grain

I had never eaten Amaranth Grain before so I was very interested in finding out what it was like. I love it! The best way for me to describe would be that it is similar to quinoa but smaller grains and a slightly more complex flavor. I have been mixing it with brown rice and ladling a nice bean soup over the top. Delicious!
- Thomas D.
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£ 23.99
Metagenics MetaFiber

Good to maintain health

It is really an effective dietary fiber for me! It helps me to maintain health balance. It is difficult for me to get enough dietary fiber from usual diet, and we need it to detox. I take one to two spoon for this product everyday, and I could feel its effect. It really good to maintain good health if my gut and even my skin. The only bad side of it is the bad taste, it must mix with juice but not water to drink, otherwise, the taste is bad and difficult to drink with. But it still great to maintain health.
- Emily Chan
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£ 8.54 £ 5.98
21st Century Psyllium Fiber


I am happy with the product and would recommend it to a friend. Always check the label on anything you take, check with your primary care doc and make sure it doesn't interfere with any of your medications.
- John B Harris III
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