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Eye Vitamin Reviews

£ 30.60 £ 22.95
Life Extension Brite Eyes III

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Wonderful eye drops

Excellent brand, great eye drops and very indispensable in my house and when I finish the bottles I go to the site Evitamins to renew the stock, a year ago I went to the ophthalmologist for routine exams and it was observed the beginning of cataract in my eyes and I found on the site this great eye drops that contain L-Carniosine, a potent anti-glycation nutrient that protects eye lenses from cataract formation and prevents vision problems, a great antioxidant against cataracts.

Helps computer eye

Been using for 6 months. My eyes feel so much better. I use now about every other day. At first I used morning and night for 6 months. My eyes used to hurt, now they are feeling normal again, but if I use computers a lot these drops really help. It stings at first, then eyes feel so good!! Some people say the drops get rid og cataracts.
- susan
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£ 58.67 £ 49.67
Bausch and Lomb PreserVision Areds 2

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Great remedy

It helped my father a lot, excellent. Great vitamin my father likes her a lot, it helps a lot in his sight. His doctor passed him and he's always been here with you. Anyone who has any bleeding haze blemish problem, can buy my father use this remedy for 3 years already ❤️ Thank you eVitamins.
- Maria I S Morais

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After all, doubt still results

Use it now for more than 1 month; have the impression that the distortion in my eye (wet macula) has not got worse; it seems that less fluid comes under my macula
- Robbert G.W. Boxman
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£ 12.42 £ 9.50
Similasan Dry Eye Relief

Love these eye drops!

The best dry eye relief drops on the market! No residual gritty or irritating feeling that is usual with other drops..
- Elena Petruzzi

Works good.

Got this for the wife. Works good.
- Gregory Restino
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£ 21.59 £ 16.19
Solgar Bilberry Ginkgo Eyebright Complex + Lutein

Great Supplement

This always makes my eyes feel better. At eye exam Dr. Said my eye pressure was 15 which is great...I myself attribute it to these.....
- Melody montminy

Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder!

Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder!, My friend is using this product for macular degeneration now. Upon a recent checkup the eye vision has not changed for the worse from a visit 6 months ago. The doctor is quite amazed. We have not told him about taking this supplement. He sells supplements in his office that are really quite junky with fillers. This product is pure with no additives. Would highly recommend this product for people with this eye disease.
- Gramzie
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£ 12.42 £ 9.50
Similasan Computer Eyes

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Good drops.

Good eye drops. it's a pity that only a month is kept after the autopsy, but this concerns all drops) Eyes really start to rest after a day at the computer
- анонимное

This eye drop is ok but it stings a tad bit too much. I think it's because of my allergies though. Other than that it makes my eyes feel better after being on the pc so long.
- Lisa Hunter
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£ 59.55 £ 37.96
Nutricology OcuDyne II

This item contains a LEAD warning which doesn't appear on the page it is advertised on. This is deceiving!
- Alexandru Ion Mustata
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£ 10.70 £ 9.29
Nature's Blend Macuvite Eye Care

Goods for everyone

Really improve my situation a lots. Great product! For everyone you love your friend and family you should suggest them to try this product. Also I purchase on is easy and convenience , I always can got it on time and when I need it. This is great gift to give your love and release friend.
- Yu Chieh Hu

Great Product!

Works better than other eye care products I have tried.
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£ 25.11 £ 18.84
Carlson Labs Moistur-Eyes

This product really does deliver on its claim. I used to be really bothered with dry, irritated eyes at the end of most days but this problem has been greatly alleviated by taking one Moistur-Eyes capsule daily.
- Kari
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£ 35.06 £ 19.94
Enzymatic Therapy Doctor's Choice Eye Formula with Lutein

Loving this

Loving this product!
- Susan Okafor
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£ 29.66 £ 20.76
Jarrow Formulas Vision Optimizer

My vision improved after taking this for about six months. This had not happened with any other vision supplement, so I'm sticking with Vision Optimizer.
- Kellie B.
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£ 15.75 £ 11.03
Source Naturals Visual Eyes

Write a headline for your review.

Very good complex.I will buy again
- Alexa
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£ 23.99 £ 17.99
Irwin Naturals Vision Sharp Precision Eye Health

I had been taking different supplements for a while, but I changed to Vision Sharp Precision Eye Health based on the recommendation of a relative. I have been very happy with the results of Vision Sharp Precision Eye Health. I would recommend this product to others.
- Jane Wineteer
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£ 10.61 £ 6.36
Nature's Life Lutein i-care

Since my husband has been using this, "Lutein I Care" the eye surgeon does not have to see him until next year, usually he has to be seen at least every 6 months. Thank you very much!
- Beverly Yarborough
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£ 10.79 £ 6.14
Nature's Way Eyebright Herb

Dry eyes

Great product. Very effective for dry eyes!
- Esther Zisman
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£ 15.02 £ 11.28
Solaray Eye Blend SP-23

My eyes water all the time. Thought Eye Blend SP-23 would help but it didn't. I took it three times a day. No change.
- Beverly M.
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£ 11.69 £ 8.10
TRP Blur Relief

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My evaluation

It helped me to improve the vision, getting the vision blurred, tired. Especially at night, because I took a lot of road and had difficulty driving. Super I recommend, besides having natural active principles that do not pose health risks. Affordable price, since I looked in several sites and until then had not found anything.
- Jéssica Vieira de Paula
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£ 34.20 £ 25.65
Life Extension Eye Pressure Support with Mirtogenol


A MARVELOUS SUPPLEMENT!! My hubby had been taking a RX to lower his high eye pressure, it was making him anxious. I researched and found this product from Life Extension and it has shown marvelous results for him. If I could, I'd give it a 10 star. His Dr. at the VA is very impressed with the results he sees with it.
- Patricia Schonfeld
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£ 39.56 £ 25.71
Zahlers AccuVision

Super Strength Eye Formula

My alternative practitioner recommended me to take Lutein, Bilberry and Zeaxanthin because I'm unfortunately suffering from slight vision loss in one eye. I was about to buy a cheaper product with much less ingredients when I spotted this one and decided to give it my all and spend the extra money to get a product with much more ing in it. I bought this product and then found the company's number on the label, and decided to call and hear what else I can be taking. They had a nice nutritionist help me out and tell me what foods to eat (carrots, blueberries etc.) and also told me to take Omega 3 Fish Oil. It is now 3 months since I bought this product, and I'm very pleased with the results (and so is my dr.) I'll definitely keep taking it and perhaps try to order bulk to get a better discount too.
- Sheila
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£ 27.45 £ 21.96
Bluebonnet Nutrition Zeaxanthin Plus Lutein

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great value for money.

Great quality product. Protects and regenerates the eyeball.
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£ 21.60 £ 15.12
21st Century Healthy Eyes SuperVision2

A must for diagnosed Macular Degeneration.

Excellent buy. Exact same ingredients as Areds II, but half the price. Anyone over 55 may want to check with their doctor to see if they should be using these. Anyone with early macular degeneration should start these or as directed by their eye doctor.
- Yvonne Eskridge
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