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Natural Stress Fighters - Where and how to get them

By , Managing Editor
Friday, November 30, 2012
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How would you describe yourself when you get stressed out? Do you yell, let it ruin your day or lie awake at night plagued by the anxieties of the day? This week on "The Dr. Oz Show," Dr. Oz Welcomed registered nurse and naturopathic doctor Holly Lucille, who said we all fall into one of three categories when it comes to handing stress: Those who explode, those who simmer and those who bottle it all up. Thankfully, she also had some specific alternative therapies to try based on what type you may be.

Since Dr. Oz doesn't endorse any particular brands or supplements, we took the advice from the show this week and chose products that best fit the bill. Here are three amazing stress-busters to try out:

Oz/Lucille Recommendation One: Siberian Ginseng 
If you explode all the time from your stress, you're probably screaming at your kids, spouse and anyone else around you. They should fear your wrath. Sound like you? If so, Dr. Lucille recommended trying a solid Siberian ginseng extract, consuming 1/8 tsp three times a day. Also known as eleutherococcus, Siberian ginseng is an adaptogen, that helps the body adjust to stress, thanks to eleutherosides, the active compounds that support adrenal gland function. She chose this method because of it's pleasant taste and convenience. You can also find liquid extracts that can be added to water as well as capsules.

Eleutherococcus SenticosusOUR PICK: Eleutherococcus Senticosus from Olympian Labs -- 100 VCaps for $9.94
If you're not sure about eating your herbal supplements, this product will help you get all the benefits in a convenient capsule. Each capsule provides 500 mg of pure Siberian ginseng extract in a vegetarian and kosher capsule. You can take it up to three times a day, just as Dr. Lucille suggested. You'll feel more energized and alert without stress weighing you down mentally and physically so you don't boil over.

Oz/Lucille Recommendation Two: Vitamin C
If you simmer throughout the day, you're letting your stress and anxiety affect every part of your routine. You may have neck pain or suffer from frequent headaches. Is this you? If you're tired of the physical discomfort, Dr. Lucille suggested taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C in the morning. Vitamin C is perfect because it's a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system, repairs tissues and fights off free radicals -- all things you're susceptible to when under stress. Look for a timed-release or sustained-release formula that will keep a steady stream of vitamin C in your system all day for best results.

Two Stage Timed-Release Vitamin C 1,000 mgOUR PICK: Two Stage Timed-Release Vitamin C 1,000 mg from Solaray -- 100 VCaps for $6.68 (larger sizes and tablets available)
This vitamin C supplement supplies the recommended 1,000 mg of vitamin C (as ascorbic acid, rose hips and acerola cherry) per capsule, so you only need one per day. The best part is this product was designed to release half of its vitamin C quickly after you take it and the rest over a period of up to 12 hours, so you feel the effects all day long. It's an easy way to control the physical effects of stress and fight off any other toxins that come your way.

Oz/Lucille Recommendation Three: Passionflower
If you bottle up your feelings, you never find the relief you're looking for. Since you're not releasing the tension, it follows you to bed and prevents you from sleeping. Does this ring a bell? If "exhausted" sounds like you, Dr. Lucille recommended taking five to 10 drops of a liquid passionflower extract on the tongue before bed to help you unwind and sleep soundly for rejuvenation and a better outlook the next day. Passionflower is great for this because it increases the amount of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain, causing a mild sedative effect.

Passionflower Herb AFtOUR PICK: Passionflower Herb AF from Nature's Answer -- 1 oz for $7.48
This extract is produced from wildcrafted passionflower and is a holistically balanced fluid extract. It also has antibacterial benefits and can therefore be applied topically. This is a pure, liquid extract, without any added alcohol to worry about. You can take it up to four times a day, either directly on the tongue or mixed with water to help with the strong taste. It's not recommended to combine this supplement with MAO inhibitors or antidepressant drugs.

Shop for these great supplements and more at eVitamins today! We'll see you next week with more Dr. Oz!

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