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$ 90.00 $ 65.00
Theralogix Ovasitol - Inositol Supplement

Body Realign

The packages are good for outings, but prefer the tub of powder to ensure getting the right amount- and less package waste. Great for supporting your body to realign when you have hormonal imbalances such as PCOS and when ovulation is not regular.- Not a magic substance but a genuine product which helps women who are lacking what should be a natural occurrence in our bodies. Can help with sugar cravings- helps to stabilise blood sugar levels, recommend giving it a go
- Rach

Regular periods again

Really like this product so far. I mix it into orange squash and you can't tell any difference to the taste. I started taking this in December and I have now had 3 months of regular periods. Before this, for the last 3 years they have been anywhere between 21 days to 31 days which has at times been stressful. I haven't weighed myself since Nov/Dec so unsure if this has helped with weightloss but this is an ongoing battle that I need to deal with. I will definitely be ordering again. I haven't always had 2 scoops a day and it's obviously still doing the job. I wish it was available in the UK to avoid the tax charges. Overall an excellent product and I'm really glad I decided to buy it.
- VixStar
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$ 90.00 $ 78.00
Theralogix Ovasitol - Inositol Supplement

PCOS- support

Helps with regulating hormonal imbalances and assisted with ovulation. Easy to take anywhere the with individual packages. Also lowers blood sugar levels, a must have when you have PCOS to help bring back all round balance to the body. Recommended by everyone I know who has tried it, no one regrets.
- Rach

Best results seen and worst purchase

We have ordered this through evitamins and the order arrived on time. We started taking the powder twice daily and we could see good results after 5months of daily usage. this can be taken every day twice after lunch and dinner. This helps in balancing harmones thus reducing facial hair growth and periods interval. Packing is good and easy to handle. Each packet consist of 90 small packets of powder which can be used one time. Dosage is nicely managed and packed as separate packets as this helps to take regular does in right manner. We were earlier suffering from unwanted hair growth and irregular period but after taking this insitol supplement for 5 months now, we could see a drastically change in body and periods. Unwanted hair growth has also controlled. We are staying in UK and we ordered this product through e-vitamins website where the product arrived from US to UK on time. There were few delivery charges charged for courier and handling charges. We would like to order few more as the product is genuine when compared to other products in market. Its easy to carry while travelling to any place as well as each dose is packed in a small packets. This supplement is very helpful for PCOS. Regular intake of Insitol and Zinc will reduce irregular period and will keep your harmonies in balance. Insitol along with Omega and Zinc will give you best results. There are many products available in UK but we feel this is very genuine so we ordered from US to UK. This also helped us to control insulin levels which is most required to control PCOS and irregular periods. We recommend every one with hormone unbalance, unwanted facial hair growth, irregular periods can take this Ovasitol for 6 weeks daily and you can see the expect the best results.This should be followed for few years so your body gets control and you will be on -track to manage PCOS. For people suffering from PCOS, this will really help and most recommended.
- Sai Charan Tej
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$ 83.00 $ 70.00
Theralogix TheraCran One

Theracran One Vitamins Really Work

The Theracran One vitamin really works! My Gyno-Urologist recommended trying Theracran to help reduce the number of UTI's that I was experiencing. I've been using Theracran for two years and they have greatly reduced the re-occurrence of my UTI's. Thank you Theracran!
- Millie

Dr recommended

- Carol Sorensen
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$ 57.00
Theralogix ConceptionXR Reproductive Health Formula

Good as gold

Easy to take one a day formula ticks all the boxes
- Jessica Overend

Great stuff

Improved my husband count from zero to almost normal!
- Leslie Combs
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$ 140.00
Theralogix TheraNatal OvaVite

Good choice for prenatal supplement

I don't like to take supplements because they are hard to swallow sometimes. OvaVite has no such problem. I like it includes CoQ10 as well which is good for egg quality. The vitamins included are comprehensive, which means I can do away other supplements and just take OvaVite instead. Has been taking it for few months and got pregnant in the 3rd month. Though it ended up in an early miscarriage, I continue to take Ovavite, and I found it helpful for my recovery. The Iron, Vitamin C and E, help to restore the blood in my body and my physical energy comes back in a week or two. I will continue to take Ovavite and hope it brings me good news again soon!
- Yuki Tsui


I ordered this product after trying their amazing "Ovasitol," which ended my years of migraines and inability to lose weight after trying everything. My husband and I are trying to conceive and I'm over thirty. My doctor advised me to take pre-natal vitamins, so I figured I'd try Theralogix's equivalent that delivers this punch. I liked the amount of activated folate in the supplement as well as the CoQ10 in it. I usually have a sensitive stomach with pills and vitamins (my body will usually throw up after 30 minutes of taking items). I experience no bad side effects of this supplement. It was a bonus that the pills are labeled in each daily dose - so two CoQ10 pills and one comprehensive vitamin for each day in childproof foil/plastic peel away packets. Each day is labeled (Monday through Sunday). Each day perforates easily, although it is hit-or-miss on how easy or hard it is to begin the pre-lifted edge that is on each day. Sometimes, the pre-lifted edge is secured too tightly/closely to the edge of the pill packet, so it is difficult to get the edge to start. The user really has to explore all around that edge to find the "sweet spot" where the packet can begin to be started to peel away from the backing. Another reason why I chose this product was for the activated folate. Because of my weight loss difficulties, I was suspicious for the MTHFR gene, so figured this product would address this possibility as an indirect benefit. I also enjoy the CoQ10 aspect because who couldn't use more antioxidants in their life? I figure the liver, kidney, and brain benefits of CoQ10 were also something that I would be interested in. From "Supplementing with CoQ10 seems to help and may even reverse this age-related decline in egg quality and quantity." I am thinking that I will have my husband take CoQ10 supplements (obviously not this product since it is for women, though!) to aid in his sperm quality and heart condition (he recently suffered concerning symptoms).
- Ginger
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$ 23.00 $ 19.00
Theralogix Essentia

Translate  Original
The mood is great!

These vitamins were brought to me by a son from America, before that he consulted in the family (where he lived)! The American "mother" ordered him this complex! I already drink it for two months. What I feel: the mood is excellent as always, there are no explosions. The body is not broken, the weight is stable. But sometimes it is hot then cold, I don\u2019t know if there is such a magic pill. The composition of the complex is excellent.
- анонимное
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$ 125.00 $ 110.00
Theralogix ProCerv HP

Great vitamins!

My doctor recommended that I start taking these and I am so glad that she did. I have been taking these for three months now and I have been feeling so much better. I have more energy and overall I feel healthier. I have always had problems with my face breaking out and now it is much clearer. I have also had problems with a small patch of eczema/psoriasis on my scalp and that, too, has cleared up. My hair is not as brittle and is growing fast and my nails are growing extremely fast, too! I have had no negative side effects.I take three of these capsules as directed right after I eat lunch with a glass of water. The only downside (if you want to call it that) is that these capsules are quite large, but I have no trouble swallowing them. They also have a strange smell, but that doesn’t bother me because I swallow them, I don’t sit around smelling them! I highly recommend these. They do cost more than other vitamins I have taken, but they work much better than any other vitamins that I have taken by far.
- Natalie Catar
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$ 112.00 $ 95.00
Theralogix Prostate 2.4

helps with normalizing urinary function and other symptoms of prostrate problems

my doctor said this was effective in reduction of PSA numbers
- Joe Miranti
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$ 112.00 $ 95.00
Theralogix Prostate PQ

The right ingredients

This product was recommended by my urologist practice. It has the key ingredients for good prostrate health. This is my second order.
- David Koppeser
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$ 90.00 $ 75.00
Theralogix Prostate SR

Could be a safe alternative to expensive prescription testosterone

My urologist said I can't take testosterone hormones directly any more because it is killing my liver. This should help cause my body to increase production naturally. So far it has a mild effect but I will get a complete "T" Testosterone score in a few weeks. Crossing my fingers.
- Victor Volkman
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$ 75.00
Theralogix TheraNatal Complete

Good Value

A lot of tablets to take but after researching this supplement has the widest range of inclusions. The fish oil has a bit of an aftertaste but only every once in a while. Also super glad it has methylated folate.
- Jessica Overend
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$ 16.00
Theralogix Theratonin

Try it!! you will love it

I have finished one bottle before, i had to take one and a half pill to feel anything for me. It really helps me to fall asleep faster also have better deeper sleep, it is so good that i have to come back for 2 more bottles
- Watcharee Phanyom
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