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Nature's Way Esberitox - 100 ChewTablets

Price: SGD 33.19
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(5 Stars)

Verified Review
by Jaskcon D.  on 17 March 2020


Been taking these one and off for several years. I take Esberitox at the first sign of getting sick and believe this product really works to help strengthen my immune system.

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by анонимное on 29 May 2018

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If you do not want that kids were sick!

I think every mother is concerned about the health of her child, especially if he is often sick. What I just did not try at one time. And quenching, and various vitamins and real vitamins, which caused the child to be allergic to many fruits. All one. It's like a week for school and everything is sick. My despair started already before our local doctor advised me to take Esberitox chewable vitamins. They do not taste nasty, even tasty, so children are happy to accept them. (it is not necessary to thrust it by force). My findings for two courses of admission: the child became very rarely sick. We are even in an epidemic, when everyone home is snotty, we go to get knowledge in school. By the way, I tried Echinacea to brew and water in the form of tea, and to give drops on alcohol. All this is useless. The composition not only contains the extract of health miracle grass, but also all sorts of useful trace elements for children's health, which, in combination, enhance the immune system. Even when I notice that the child is starting to get sick, I do not run to the pharmacy for antiviral drugs. Esberitox, hot drink and rest day. All ills, as a hand off. My child was painful from the very birth, now I constantly thank the doctor for advice. Of course, I did not stop giving my son and these vitamins. We began to go in for sports, began to eat more vegetables, do exercises in the morning. So imagine in combination with vitamins what result we will achieve! I am already in anticipation and advise all caring moms!

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by анонимное on 17 March 2017

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There is always a family first aid kit

I liked the product, firstly, because it is natural, and secondly, when a cold or flu quickly leads to feelings. Here her husband had a sharp pharyngitis-red throat and high fever. He took Esberitox in the complex and went on the mend for 3 days, and without it, usually 6-7 days.

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by Genna  on 5 September 2013

I was told about Esberitox by a co-worker and to my surprise in hours and I noticed a difference! I started draining and getting more energy. I highly recommend this product. Also, if you are really feeling bad take Esberitox and original Sambucus Elderberry by natures way! WOW these to together really know how to fight off cold/flu AND they are both safe for children. Great for kids going back to school, teachers, people who travel, WELL EVERYONE that doesn't like to get sick! Both sold at eVitamins for great prices!

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by Anonymous on 29 December 2012

Remarkable. For us, it improves our immune system and allows us to stay healthy.

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by Linda Lola on 11 December 2012

Esberitox works best when you first get the symptoms of a cold. It nips it right in the bud. Also, it works well for sinus infections too. I tell everyone that I know about this. And I am skeptical of so many things, but Esberitox is a keeper.

Was this review helpful to you?  

by Mike Fox on 5 December 2012

I have been using Esberitox for the past 4 years, on and off, every time I start to get sick. I think Esberitox is by far the best product on the market to help deal with a cold. I start taking them at the very first sign of a cold and 9 times out of 10, I don't get sick. I give it to my kids as well. Its nice because its a chewable so it's not like I have to swallow some disgusting liquid as with other echinacea supplements. Highly recomend for cold season!

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by Anonymous on 24 November 2012

I have used this product for the last 8 years. Every time I feel something coming on I start to take it (usually only for 2-3 days and then I am back to "normal"). My friends and family also use this and it seems to work for all of us.

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by Yas on 1 October 2012

Esberitox is excellent to boost the immune system when it needs it the most. I used to have colds frequently, about 8 to 10 times per year and have now started taking Esberitox every time I feel a cold coming on. It has been over a year since my last cold!

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by Anonymous on 15 July 2012

I've been using Esberitox for more than 6 years and the benefits are great. You get a natural energy enhancing boost and feel great.

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by Louisa on 8 June 2012

Take it from a single mom with no family to help me. My son is five now and only sees the doctor for his required annual checkups. I went to school full time for 4.5 years and neither did my son nor I ever miss a day. At the first sign of sickness I give him and myself Esberitox. I do go over the recommended dosage (I actually double it, timewise, not extra pills). We never get sick. I don't understand why everyone doesn't use it? It is such a great product!

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Verified Review
by Stacey Gautier on 26 March 2012

My husband and I found Esberitox a year and a half ago when we got tired of taking our two boys (then 5 and 3) to the doctor for allergies and ear infections. Once we started giving it to them, we started seeing a drastic difference. My oldest son complained of an earache the first time we started giving it to him and the pain went away within a few days. Neither one of them has had to go to the doctor for antibiotics since. We have noticed that by making sure they have it during the allergy season, like right now, when the pollen is bad, it keeps them from getting congested or having a runny nose. We also give it to our 8 year old daughter just to prevent colds, etc. My husband and I take Esberitox periodically as well, especially when we have been traveling and are fighting work related stress. It is amazing. I have recommended this to everyone I know. and will continue to do so.

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Verified Review
by Janis Cameron-Pierce on 11 March 2012

Esberitox is our new best-friend. I have two small children, and they love eating these chewable tablets. Children get sick all the time, but if I can help them get over a cold sooner, or not get sick at all, this is a miracle drug. I use them for myself too. I had a sore throat and took 3 esberitox tablets and the pain was gone in 15 minutes, truly a miracle. Thank you for making esberitox such an awesome product.

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Verified Review
by Anonymous on 17 February 2012

Excellent results! I've used Esberitox for about 3 years and it's more power-packed than Echinacea or Goldenseal alone. It has warded off lots and lots of colds, flus, sicknesses, before they've fully developed. During sickness, it has lessened the time of the illness.

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by Anonymous on 21 January 2012

Esberitox is great and I recommend it to all my friends and family! I've been using it for years. Whenever we are coming down with something, we start taking it and never get the full effect of what is going around. We're better in a couple days and symptoms are never severe. When we go to big functions with many people in the winter where our chances of getting sick increase quite a bit, or after we are around someone sick, we will take Esberitox for a couple days to ensure that we don't get anything, AND IT WORKS!!

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by Anonymous on 8 January 2012

Esberitox is the best supplement I have found for when I get colds. I start taking it immediately and within a day or 2, presto, I am back to normal. I like the fact that they are chewable also and dissolve easily in my mouth.

Was this review helpful to you?  

by elvisabeth on 1 January 2012

I've been using Esberitox for the past two years and have never had a cold. At the first symptoms (sneezing, sniffling, sore throat) I begin taking these great tasting pills. No cold ever develops! Even though there is no scientific proof that this prevents colds, I endorse this product 100%. I am a college professor, and when my students have colds, I don't contract them! Use with confidence!!

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