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1,370 руб 739 руб
Now Foods True Focus

"I wouldn't say its horrible, but I didn't feel any effects on focus, attention, concentration or any other similar more than I'm used to. Actually I've had better results taking Ginseng. "
- Daniel

"It works! The product is effective. I feel a little more focused in work after I started to use this product."
- Sergio
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2,740 руб 1,479 руб
Now Foods Alpha GPC 300 mg

"Excellent product! 1 cap per day increased my concentration and energy. The effect is small but notorious."
- Vinicius Tarrago

"Didn't notice much difference, and the fact that the capsules are large and needed to be taken twice a day, can't say I am happy or unhappy it just didn't do much for me."
- Anna Mak
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822 руб 467 руб
Nature's Way EFA Blend for Children

"This is a good product with no artificial ingredients."
- Ursula Minnaar

"After only one month my daughter said she has only notice a slight improvement. She is going to use it another month and see if the results change. We will update any new changes."
- Anonymous
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2,054 руб 1,572 руб
Vital Basics Focus Factor for Adults

"After taking Focus Factor for just one week I noticed a distinct difference in memory. I also felt an increase in energy."
- Anonymous

"I have been taking Focus Factor for 6 months. It was supposed to help my memory and I see no difference whatsoever in my memory."
- Robert Smith
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890 руб 576 руб
Now Foods Mental Focus Oil Blend

"One of the better "minty" scents in my opinion. Works well in a diffuser and I can see how it would help you focus. It's a relaxing scent."
- Bruce Kent

"This smells more like cough drops or gum to be much use to me. It's not a bad scent, very minty with a hint of citrus. It just is too distracting to me to promote any kind of mental focus. I'd prefer something more subtle or earthly but it's probably personal preference. I tend to like my own blends anyway. This one is more balanced than others, though the wintergreen is very prominent to me."
- EK
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9,524 руб 8,572 руб
Neurohacker Collective Qualia Mind

"Great product. It totally helps my mental clarity and focus."
- Bill S

"You have now idea how remarkable this is until you try it. It works immediately the very first time you take it but only gets better with use. The effects that show up immediately are amazing. The focus, the energy, the feelings of motivation help to get so much done. After extended use, the new effects that show up are even better. The emotional resilience piece kicked in at about month 3 for me and that was a huge game changer. This is truly a game changer and you simply must try it."
- Ben Cote
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1,507 руб 813 руб
Now Foods Brain Elevate

"Very good product gives a much needed lift in morning. Take it in the morning as it may interfere with sleep, I have felt alert while on it. Note: I am saying alert by that I don't mean Cognitive focus!!"
- Rishab Mahajan

"Brain Elevate Formula is a very useful vitamin."
- Ts G.
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1,082 руб 825 руб
Natrol Alpha Lipoic Acid

"Maravilloso antioxidante, mejora tu manejo de los carbohidratos ingeridos, mejora tu piel, cabello y apariencia general, es como una especie de píldora de la eterna juventud."
- Martha Yaneth Becerra Prieto

"I really like this product, especially the fact that it has a time release benefit. My doctor recommended it and I feel like it helps me being a Diabetic. I won't get another variety than the time release, I've done it in the past but don't feel like I'm getting the same benefits."
- Bill Burkel
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1,027 руб 554 руб
Now Foods DMG 125 mg

"Excellent product. Good quality and good price."
- Krzysztof Hajduk

"Boa qualidade, melhorou minha capacidade de memorização, recomendo, estou satisfeita, tb com a entrega!"
- fatima crespo
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3,837 руб 2,878 руб
Life Extension Cognitex Elite

"Este produto é realmente excelente. Fórmula super completa. Melhora o cérebro de uma forma global (memória, aprendizado, raciocínio, cognição). Esta marca é de alta qualidade e confiança. Gostei muito e voltarei a comprar novamente, com certeza. Muito bom."
- Felipe

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2,498 руб 2,341 руб
Vitanica MindBlend

"This works wonders for my husband even though it's marketed for women. Helps with his anxiety and helps him to cope at a stressful job. It elevates the mood and helps the mind to focus and function better. It's the only supplement out of several we have tried that works the best for calming anxiety and stress, focusing, and uplifting the mood. Every ingredient has wonderful proven clinical research for brain function. Rhodiola is great for stress & mood. The phosphydityl complexes are very crucial to brain function. Gotu Kola is wonderful for stimulating the mind for better focus. this is a wonderful formula that's worth the money!"
- Anonymous
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1,555 руб 933 руб
Kal Deep Thought

"Excellent product, can't recommend anything better then this one. Great focus during the day, if you carefully and not taking after 4-5pm you will sleep well. I'm ordering another two now."
- Anonymous

"Used it years ago on a regular basis and it was very powerful. I had great mental clarity, memory and cognitive reasoning. But I've had a hard time trying to find it in stores. For me, it had the most dramatic effect of any vitamin supplement. "
- Lestine
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1,370 руб 739 руб
Now Foods Mood Support

"This product helped me to sleep so I took before going to bed."
- Rishab Mahajan

"It gave me some nausea in the first week but made me more focused and less anxious."
- Saulo
Read 2 Reviews >
4,248 руб 3,186 руб
Life Extension Cognitex Elite Pregnenolone

"O produto é excelente para concentração. Ajuda no desempenho cognitivo. Só tenho elogios, comprei vários produtos e a entrega foi além das minhas expectativas, por sinal, foi até uma surpresa, tinha feito cálculos do tempo de entrega combinando, para minha surpresa a entrega dos produtos foi feita antes do prazo, sem problemas, a Monique que me atendeu forneceu informações confiáveis sobre a entrega e o produto. Comprarei sempre, pq ajuda muito. Recomendo o uso para quem está com boa expectativa de aumento da memória, do desempenho em estudos e trabalhos que exigem muita concentração por muito tempo. Utilizo rotineiramnete com outros suplementos para aumentar desempenho no estudo para concursos públicos!!!!! O valor é justo e melhor do que no Brasil. Mesmo importando e sendo taxado ainda fica mais barato em quase 100 reais. Agradeço a todos do Evitamis e da life extension por prorporcionar ao consumidor um produto de qualidade, confiável, efetivo e que merece um bis! Com certeza comprarei ainda mais."
- Guilherme Sivieri Rama Reyna
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4,728 руб 4,255 руб
Neurohacker Collective Qualia Focus

"I love this product. I found out about this product back in October and have been taking it ever since. It does what it says and personally I have felt more productive and energetic throughout the day. Great job Neurohacker on Qualia Focus!"
- JT

"Neurohacker has done such a beautiful job with all of their products. I have been following them for a long time and love the quality of their product and work! It makes such a difference and I get so much more done on an everyday basis. "
- Renia Pinkney
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842 руб 642 руб
Natrol Alpha Lipoic Acid

"I think Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg works OK, but could be better."
- Albert B.
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2,740 руб 1,479 руб
Now Foods Brain Elevate

"Produto muito bom, ajudou muito no tratamendo do alzheimer, a entrega foi extremamente rápida, dentro do prazo e o produto chegou com total qualidade, não só recomendo como compro dele a cada 2 meses constantemente! Parabéns a empresa pelo produto e pelo serviço prestado de altíssima qualidade, compro e recomendo!! Entrega super rápida mesmo para o Brasil e não foi taxado pela receita federal e não houve atraso na entrega dos correios!"
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630 руб 378 руб
Kal L-Taurine

"I have heart disease and this seems to be helping with breakdown of calcium."
- Phil Kersten
Read 1 Reviews >
2,600 руб 1,560 руб
New Chapter LifeShield Mind Force

"It's very good for "mental clarity""
- Jean Abbott
Read 1 Reviews >
452 руб 296 руб
Nature's Life Zinc

"So good..zinc picolinate at its best proportions and useful to the body in many ways...1 tablet a day is nearly enough to get healthy.."
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2,604 руб 1,953 руб
Life Extension Cognitex Basics

"Adoro essa vitamina, pois me fez muito bem para melhorar minha memória e capacidade de concentração. Nada de negativo tenho a dizer. Não tive nenhum tipo de reação adversa. Muitos benefícios somente tomando 2 cápsulas por dia."
- Anna Christina D.R. Hilgert
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685 руб 514 руб
Life Extension Optimized Ashwagandha Extract

"Meu médico - medicina funcional/integrativa - prescreveu o uso de Ashwagandha, como forma de combate parte do dano oxidativo gerado por tensões nervosas, devido ao stress do dia a dia. Tomo uma capsule após o café e outra após o jantar"
- Jose Wallace Lins de Oliveira
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1,712 руб 963 руб
American Health More Than A Multiple with Brain Essentials

"More than a Multiple is one of the best multi-vitamins available. It has all the essential ingredients and more. It's priced right at evitamins and it ships quickly. Excellent multi-vitamin! "
- Trudy Feyereisen
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1,164 руб 891 руб
Windmill Health Products FocusFormula Support

"Not bad, but if are looking something which give you a boost during your day go with Kal Deep Thought. That's my personal choice."
- K Milosek
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