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Tips, Tricks and Supplements to Quit Smoking - eVitamins Россия

Lung cancer rates continue to rise in Canada, leading to more deaths annually. However, there are natural ways to improve your chances of quitting smoking for good.

Smoking has never been considered good for you, yet it's a habit whose popularity persists, due to its addictive properties. However, smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, which can be fatal.

A new study produced some startling information about the state of smoking and lung cancer in Canada.

The Shocking Facts

So, how many Canadians are affected? According to a report released last month by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), Canada's mortality rate for lung is cancer is 58 out of every 100,000 people. The mortality rate of women from lung cancer is considerably higher than men, at 47 out of 100,000 women versus about 27 men out of every 100,000. More women smoke than men in Canada, a trend that has continued with deadly results.

According to the 2012 Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey from Health Canada, 16 percent of the Canadian population smokes, or about 4.6 million people. While this number has dropped from 1999, when 25 percent of the population identified as current smokers, the trend persists. Smoking and inhaling second-hand smoke can both cause lung cancer, which means you don't have to be a smoker to be at risk.

Lifestyle Tips and Tricks

When you're ready to quit, it's important to gradually ease into it for your best chance of success. Smoking is an addiction and shouldn't be taken lightly. You should also have a clear reason of why you want to finally stop smoking. Here are some tips to help you kick the habit from top organizations like the Canadian Cancer Society and The Lung Association:

  • Try meditating to reduce stress and learn to channel your focus elsewhere.
  • Don't set lofty goals -- take it day by day.
  • Switch to a brand you don't like to cut cravings.
  • Smoke only half a cigarette at a time to gradually decrease the total number of cigarettes in a day.
  • Put your cigarettes in a place that will make you work more to get them, even your opposite pocket.
  • Keep all your used cigarette butts in a jar so you can see how much you smoke.
  • Keep your home and clothing clean of the smell of cigarettes.
  • Keep yourself busy.
  • Start exercising.
  • Make a healthy substitution for a cigarette -- drink one of your daily glasses of water each time you would normally smoke.
  • Consider chewing on toothpicks for the oral fixation.
  • Try quitting with a friend or try visiting a counselor or support group.
  • Avoid your triggers, like alcohol or certain foods. Try to change up your routine.

Naturopathic and alternative therapies may also help you leave smoking behind. Some popular forms are acupuncture, which involves strategically inserting small needles on particular parts of the body, as well as hypnotherapy, or hypnosis.

Supplements to Consider

While there are prescription medications to help you quit smoking, you may not be able to take them for medical reasons or they could cause side effects. As an alternative, natural supplements can help you take the edge off, kick the habit and support the restoration and function of your lungs. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Chamomile -- Chamomile is an herb that helps reduce stress and anxiety, which can lead you to smoke. You can find chamomile tea or use essential oils for aromatherapy or added to your health and beauty products.
  2. Lobelia -- When going through withdrawal from smoking, lobelia can help reduce cravings for nicotine and may also help control anxiety.
  3. Valerian Root -- Another calming herb, valerian root can help you stay focused and less stressed so you don't reach for a cigarette. It can also help you sleep better at night.
  4. Tryptophan -- This amino acid can help reduce cravings for cigarettes and help you keep your composure.

You can find these ingredients on their own or included in blends designed to help you stop smoking. Gum, capsules, patches and liquid extracts are available so you can find the method that's most convenient and effective. When you're ready to quit smoking, speak with your doctor, especially if you're currently taking medication or have a medical condition. They can help you determine which supplements are best for you and when to take them.

Shop for these supplements and more at eVitamins Canada to help you kick your habit. Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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