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Your Prostate Problems Aren't Just Cancer - eVitamins Россия

Prostatitis is a common condition for young and older men often overlooked by prostate cancer research. Don't ignore your health when these herbal solutions can help treat and prevent it.

I hope you're all having a hairy November in celebration of Prostate Awareness Month for men. Statistics show men don't have the best track record of going to the doctor and it's important to keep up your health. In this same line of thought, I want to discuss another big problem among men that's not talked about nearly enough - Prostatitis. 

While prostate cancer is the star of November, prostatitis is the younger brother of prostate problems. It's pesky, annoying and effects men of all ages. It can even be chronic but even if you get it just once can destroy your plans. It's usually not talked about because prostate cancer makes better headlines, much like an older brother does.

What is Prostatitis

Usually prostatitis is defined by a prostate infection or inflammation. Sometimes bacteria isn't immediately detected and there are other sources for the symptoms. Men of all ages can get it and it's the number one reason men under 50 visit the urologist. Chronic prostatitis is when a man suffers from repeated infections or inflammations or it just simply doesn't go away.

What are the Symptoms

Symptoms don't always appear when there's an infection at play but sometimes they can flare up immediately and severely. Keep an eye out for:

  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Trouble, pain or burning urinating
  • Chills and fever
  • Pain in lower abdomen, around the anus, groin or in the back
  • Blood in urine
  • Pain during ejaculation or intercourse

  • Some or all of these may occur. It's best to see your doctor especially if your symptoms are severe. While symptoms usually subside in a few days to weeks, sometimes prostatitis can progress bad enough to require surgery to remove the infection. 


    Depending on the cause (which is sometimes unknown), typically an antibiotic is prescribed. You may also receive anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxers or pain medication until the symptoms subside. Depending on severity, surgery may be required.

    Of course, we here at eVitamins know prescriptions aren't for everyone and living with a chronic condition can be difficult. We have some alternative medicine you can ask your doctor about.

    Homeopathic Solutions

    Going to the doctor can be a pain but it's necessary to keep prostatitis from becoming too serious. While you're waiting for your appointment, try these. Or ask your doctor when you see them about their recommendations.

    Zinc - After noticing zinc levels are significantly lower in those suffering from prostatitis, doctors think zinc supplements may help. It has antibacterial properties and works with the immune systems for an extra boost of health.

    Anti-Inflammatory Supplements - While prescription anti-inflammatory medicine may be powerful, you may be looking for something closer to your lifestyle. This Urology study shows that pure anti-inflammatory therapy like supplements containing bromelain or quercetin are just as effective.

    Saw Palmetto - Like bromelain, saw palmetto has anti-inflammatory properties. It's been used to help treat prostate problems for centuries and can help relieve symptoms without dramatic side effects.

    Acupuncture - While it may seem a bit further away from going to the doctor, studies have been positive for this alternative method. Acupuncture may help remove bacteria and improve blood circulation. And in case you were skeptical, this study put it up against "fake" acupuncture and it was twice as effective. 

    Cranberry - You may be familiar with cranberry being a go-to for urinary infections. Because the prostate's close proximity, many studies have asked if it helps with prostate infections and come back positive. Whether you go for pure cranberry juice, tea or a supplement, cranberry is seen to help relieve symptoms of prosatitis from infection and chronic pelvic/back pain not caused by bacteria. 

    Other ways to help relieve symptoms include prostate massage, hydrotherapy (taking a bath can help relieve pressure and pain in the lower regions), a lot of water for flushing out infection and avoiding stress. 

    Avoid eating certain foods that could make symptoms worse. This includes, spicy food, caffeine and alcohol. Food harder to digest like gluten or wheat or others that can upset the stomach like acidic food may be a poor choice too. 


    To prevent all of the above, it's important to pay attention to your health. Practice good hygiene and keep the penis clean. Drink enough fluids daily for regular urination and go to the doctor for symptoms of possible urinary infections. That last part is important.

    Remember to relax, too. I've talked before about how stress can make a lot of diseases worst and this is no different. When you're stressed out, you're not always paying attention to what you should in terms of hygiene and health. 

    And of course, if you're prone to prostate infection, have a family history or are just worried about it, look into prostate supplements to keep everything in check.

    If you have questions, tips or comments on today's post, write to us one our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages! And tune in soon for more news and advice on staying healthy. 
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