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Nature's Way - Premium Supplements - eVitamins Россия

Learn more about Nature

We have so many brands on our site, it can be overwhelming when picking the right supplement. While we try to make it as simple as possible to highlight each item, we'd also like to keep you informed on what each brand promises.

One of the biggest brands we carry is Nature's Way. A giant in the supplement industry, you've definitely seen them on almost every page of our site from herbal extracts to probiotics to coconut oil. Let's dive deeper into why Nature's Way is such a known name in the supplement industry and what you can expect from their products.

History of Quality

Nature's Way started as a pioneer supplement brand by Tom Murdock. When his wife's poor health didn't improve through conventional means, Murdock was inspired by traditional native medicine. She improved and the brand was born. Nature's Way started with 8 herbal remedies and today has over 600 products for all different conditions and interests for adults, children and seniors.


A series of articles circulated last year about missing, extra or unlabeled ingredients appearing in supplements that could undermine their effect and Nature's Way took action. Now they provide their products with certification to prove they are what they say on the bottle. This makes them the first major brand to be TRU-ID certified. This is an independent testing program that authenticates the contents of supplements. 

This is especially important for an industry unregulated by a government agency. While many doubt supplements for lack of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation, Nature's Way proves there's a way to honestly and safely provide alternative medicine. 

They've also partnered with The Non-GMO Project. Signified by a commonly seen label logo, the Non-GMO sign guarantees products are produced with the best practices to avoid genetically modified organisms. While the jury is still out on the real effect of GMOs, many avoid them for the potential risk and ethical ambiguity. A clear label makes it easier to identify the products that will support this decision. You can learn more about the project at their website.

Other indications of their partnerships are also marked on their bottles, like the NSF International GM Certification, Quality Assurance International Organic Certification and Orthodox Union Kosher Certification. These indicate a product's good manufacturing practices, genuine organic sources or real kosher ingredients. 

Brands and Supplement Lines

You may see different labels under the familiar green leaf logo and wonder why everything is called "Alive!". That's because Nature's Way has developed a new brand under their existing one with the same backbone of ingredients but adapted to your immediate interests. This helps you customize your supplement. 


The Alive! line from Nature's Way is a great way to get the multivitamin you want without the guesswork. Each Alive! supplement has a full spectrum of B-vitamins at its core. These are important for many systems in your body like muscle contraction, oxygen transport, digestion and many more. B-vitamins are what make up the majority of multivitamins because they're so important and there are a lot of them. But with Alive! you can choose to get your vitamins with extra Bone Support or fiber for digestion. This gets rid of anything you don't need in a multivitamin and helps you cut down on pills while still letting you get the nutrition you're looking for!

You can choose the form too. From delicious shakes to water flavoring to yummy gummies, it's easy to get lost in the possibilities but just as easy to find exactly what you want.

Nature's Way offers quality herbal extracts, multivitamins, probiotics and much more!


Elderberry extract is a beloved herbal remedy traditionally used for boosting immunity. The scientific name is Sambucus nigra, so it's no surprise this line is all about herbal cold and flu tonics. These are great for children and adults alike, with a delicious flavor and potent ingredients. You'll find a blend of elderberry in syrups, lozenges and gummies as well as sugar-free and nighttime options. The immune syrup is a great staple all year when the seasons change. These are great for keeping up good health or getting an extra boost in when traveling.

Coconut Oil

We all know how versatile coconut oil is. Nature's Way offers food grade coconut oil for tasty dishes and help keep you cooking healthier. The liquid oil stays liquid even at room temperature unlike traditional oil and is perfect for sauces. Or get a jar of the regular, good ol' stuff for hair care, skin treatments and everything else you've seen on Pinterest. The best part is having options.


Probiotics are becoming more and more popular but they've been a staple of Nature's Way for a while. The Primadolphilus line allows you to single out the type of probiotic that works best for you with 100% human digestive strains. These are good bacteria naturally compatible to human digestive tracts for the best working probiotic. 

If you're not sure what the best probiotic works for you, don't worry. Nature's Way has a formula for everyone including kids, men, women, seniors and everything between those categories. Most of the supplements even use vegetarian capsules so individuals with selective diets can still get what they need.

Other Brands

Nature's Way has other lines of product, too many for me to explain them all. These include CalmAid for lavender oil stress relief, Ginkogold as their advanced ginkgo biloba extract line for better cognitive skill, memory and focus, and Umcka ColdCare for coughs, colds and congestion. All of these come with the same Nature's Way promises and quality control as their regular supplements and extracts.

You may also see a lot of consumer love for Enzymatic Therapy. Yup, it's a Nature's Way brand too, focusing on pharmaceutical grade supplements. Wellesse is another of their brands and they specialize in liquid supplements for fast absorption in the body. It should come as no surprise these brands have high customer ratings just like the name-brand Nature's Way products. 

Buying Supplements And Brand Trust

Supplements aren't all the same. Studies by the FDA and other news organizations revealed inconsistencies in the content of supplements and their manufacturing practices. This is a big deal for people who believe in an alternative way of healthcare.

That's why eVitamins is proud to sell Nature's Way on our site. Brand trust is key to supplement purchasing and the independent certification Nature's Way provides for their customers is reassurance in the quality of product and believe in herbal remedies. 
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