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MegaFood Products Suit Range of Dietary Needs - eVitamins Россия

No matter what you

In today's society, no two people eat the same. Whether for personal, medical or religious reasons, consumers are tailoring their diets to remove certain food groups or ingredients that don't suit their needs or their health.

MegaFood has taken note of these changes and made adjustments to their most popular products to make them suitable for a wider audience, removing common allergens, chemicals and animal products.

Here are all the important certifications MegaFood products have and what they mean for the customer:

When a product is labeled as non-GMO, this means the product doesn't contain any genetically modified or engineered organisms. Foods that are commonly genetically modified include corn and soybeans, which can be found in many supplements in some form.

Non-GMO Project Verified
This labeling takes non-GMO a step further. The Non-GMO Project began in 2008, allowing products to be evaluated by a third party to determine if they were, in fact, free of genetically modified organisms. Products that are determine to be non-GMO by this organization are given a seal customers can look for on the product.

In June of this year, several of MegaFood's products were non-GMO verified by the Non-GMO Project, including Blood Builder. MegaFood's production facility was also recognized by the Non-GMO Project. This facility is now a certified handler of non-GMO ingredients and productions, according to a press release.

Someone who is vegetarian typically doesn't consume the meat or flesh of any animals. This usually excludes red meat and poultry from the diet and may also exclude seafood. Eggs and dairy products are usually left in the diet as a source of protein.

If you follow a vegan lifestyle, this means avoiding all animal ingredients and byproducts. For a product to be vegan, it cannot contain meat, dairy, eggs or animal products or substances like gelatin or oil for animals. Since vegans typically don't consume any type of animal or insect – this may also exclude products like honey, which is produced by bees and commercially collected.

Soy Free
As previously mentioned, various forms of soy can be found in processed foods and supplements, as derived from whole soybeans. Some people are allergic to soy or avoid it for other reasons, like the fact a lot of soybeans are genetically modified. Soy can also have a phytoestrogen effect on the body, acting like the hormone estrogen.

Dairy Free
Dairy ingredients include milk and eggs, which are common allergens that can cause potentially dangerous side effects. They can also cause digestive upset, such as cramping, bloating and gas, in some individuals who don't tolerate them as well. Dairy is typically avoided by all vegans and some vegetarians.

Herbicide and Pesticide Free
Herbicides and pesticides have become a part of modern farming. These chemicals are used to ward off insects and other parasites that can destroy crops, help the organism withstand the elements and to help it grow larger and faster. Organic farming doesn't use any of these chemicals.

For a food product, like a supplement, to be considered Kosher, it must be produced according to a specific set of guidelines. These guidelines cover how animals are raised, slaughtered and processed and how fruits, vegetables are grains are grown and harvested. These guidelines are a part of Jewish dietary law, or kashrut, and aim to limit the consumption of hazardous or unclean foods that don't contribute to the overall health of the individual.

Gluten Free
Gluten is a substance found in wheat, barley and rye which helps dough to rise and creates that springy texture. This gluten can be toxic to certain individuals, causing digestive distress. In those with celiac disease, an autoimmune disease, gluten causes the body to attack the intestines, permanently damaging them and preventing the absorption of vital nutrients.

Look for the labeling pertaining to each of the certifications listed here on MegaFood products to determine which ones are right for your needs and lifestyle. Not all products have all of these certifiecations. The researchers at MegaFood continue to develop products suitable for people of all dietary needs and restrictions.

Check out our selection of MegaFood products at eVitamins and stay tuned for further updates!

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