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Flat Belly Tricks and Tips - eVitamins Россия

Is your abdomen your problem area when it comes to weight loss? There’s still time before summer ends to flatten that stomach.

A toned, flat stomach is on most people’s wish list, but it can also be a challenge to attain. But with the right diet and exercise plan, you can still whip your stomach into shape before summer ends.

Eating for a Flat Belly
Deciding what to eat can make the difference between a flat belly and a flabby belly. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Fiber promotes proper digestion of food and helps fill you up during meals to cut calories. Just be sure to up the amount you consume gradually, to prevent bloating.
  • Swap out bad fats, like mayonnaise, for good ones, like avocado.
  • Eat for hydration while still feeling satisfied with water-filled foods like lettuce greens, cucumbers, watermelon and bell peppers.
  • Consider a supplement like conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), raspberry ketone or white kidney bean extract, which help target fat in the midsection to be burned as energy.
  • Add some spice to your meals. The capsaicin found in hot peppers ignites your metabolism.

When it comes to your beverages, there are plenty of ways to beat the bloat:

  • Put some lemon juice in your water to support digestion.
  • Cut out the soda and carbonated beverages, which are full of sugar, sodium and empty calories.
  • Drink dandelion root tea, a natural diuretic.
  • Always have a full glass of water with every meal and snack. It will also fill you up.
  • Cut back on the dairy. If your body has any problems digesting it, you could bloat.

Fitness for a Flat Belly
The best way to get a flat stomach is combining cardiovascular activity with strength training and stretching. This combination creates definition as well as length for a flat, slender appearance and those lines you’ve been after.

Cardiovascular activity should get your heart rate up and help you break a sweat. You can dance, walk, run -- whatever you enjoy since that will help you stick with it. Aim for 30 minutes.

Strength training doesn’t just have to be crunches on the floor. Standing exercises like squats and lunges with light hand weights will also help streamline the waist. Or, challenge yourself with burpees or Russian twists. Variety will also help you tackle all parts of the stomach and keep you from getting bored.

Stretching is the third crucial component to reduce muscle soreness as well as helping to extend the muscles for a lean look. Add stretching at the end of your routine or try yoga.

BONUS TIP: Cut the stress. Stress encourages the release of a hormone called cortisol, which can make you retain weight in the abdomen.

Following these tips can help you get, and keep, the stomach of your dreams. Get everything you need at eVitamins for your best abs!


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