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6 Tips to Make Your Work Day Healthier - eVitamins Россия

Stay on the path to healthy living by maximizing your work days with these six tips.

For most people, waking up early, heading to work and spending the next eight hours at a desk makes up the daily grind. Having such limited free time can cause us to skimp on exercising and eating nutritiously, two important aspects of leading healthy lives. Even though you are likely going to be preoccupied and focused on completing the daily tasks of your job, it is important to make time to take care of your health.

1. Fuel Up

Before you head off on your morning commute, make time for a filling and nutritious breakfast. The high protein content found in eggs can provide your body with energy, immune support and contribute to building lean muscle. A quick and easy meal to scarf down before you head out the door is low-fat yogurt with fresh berries and granola; the high fiber content helps you to stay full and feel satisfied throughout the day so you are less inclined to reach for an unhealthy snack later on. At lunchtime, it can be tempting to seek out fast food, but try brown-bagging it and preparing a salad ahead of time to make things easier. Throw together some cooked chicken breast, spinach, pecans, tomatoes and fresh berries for a salad that will help refuel your body with protein, fiber and many other vitamins while helping to reduce your “bad” cholesterol levels.

2. Get Moving

If you have time during your lunch hour, make it a point to incorporate some quick but effective exercises into your routine. Try taking a brisk walk around your building to limber up and stretch your body while getting your heart pumping. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is another great way to raise your heart rate and revitalize your body so you are ready to take on the second half of the day. If you're in a time crunch to meet that deadline and can't stray from your desk, there are some exercises that you can accomplish without leaving your cubicle. Try doing some deep breathing, core contractions and overall body stretching to engage your muscles and improve your posture.

3. Stay Hydrated

Maintaining sufficient hydration while at work is another crucial aspect that can either help you to flourish or fall flat. Make sure you always have a reusable, BPA-free water bottle at your desk to rehydrate frequently during the day. If you like to mix it up with protein shakes or other sports and nutrition drinks, try getting a shaker bottle that is easy and convenient to use.

4. Maintain Energy

If you have a sedentary career where you are sitting at your desk for the majority of the day, your energy levels will probably dwindle at some point and you'll be looking for that afternoon pick-me-up. Coffee or carbonated beverages may be your typical go-to for your caffeine fix, but the excess calories and sugar often included in these beverages can be detrimental to your health. Try revitalizing your body and mind with a cup of antioxidant-rich green tea. Its natural caffeine content can help you to feel refreshed and more mentally alert while the antioxidants work to fight diseases and protect vital organs in your body.

5. Refocus

Your brain is probably running at a million miles an hour during the day as you multitask and attempt to accomplish many different tasks and job duties. Sometimes it can feel like you hit a wall, and at that point it's a good idea to give your brain a breather. If you have time to take a break, try doing some quick meditation. It can help you to de-stress, resharpen your focus, calm your nervous system and give you a clear head so you can maximize the rest of your day. Supplements with B12, niacin and fish oil may also be able to contribute to refreshing your brain and helping to boost your concentration.

6. Snack Healthy

The mid-afternoon lull can often cause problems, as that is frequently the time that you'll want to reach for a snack. Instead of falling prey to something sweet and sugary in the vending machine, pack a protein bar to munch on when hunger strikes. Look for a product that is low in calories, sugar, fat and sodium to maintain a healthy weight or promote weight loss. Bars with too many unnecessary ingredients can cause you to gain weight or suffer from a sugar crash. Try a protein bar with nuts, seeds or fruit for a snack that is fibrous and naturally sweet.

While the majority of your time is probably spent at your job, that doesn't mean that your nutrition and exercise habits have to suffer. Make the most of every hour of your day, whether at work or play, so you can stay on the path to healthy living.

Check out our great selection of supplements, green tea, protein bars and other health-enhancing products at eVitamins today, and start living healthier!

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