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10 More Green Foods to Start Eating Now - eVitamins Россия

Green foods are some of the most nutritionally dense you can find. Green fruits, veggies, herbs and more can all provide you amazing benefits -- you just have to try them.

We love spreading the word on green foods and how amazing they are for you (check out our first top 10 list here). Now, we've put together a new list of green fruits, vegetables and herbs worth adding to your shopping cart and some suggestions of how to get more of them into your diet -- even if you don't love green foods as much as we do.

Some of them you may have heard of and some of them may be new, but we hope this list inspires you to think green in the kitchen:

1. Wheat Grass -- This amazing grass has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunity boosting, circulatory, digestive and pain relief benefits, just to name a few. Wheat grass is an amazing source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll, which provides the green color and helps fight free radical damage as an antioxidant. You can drink some wheat grass juice to start your day or try a supplement for a more concentrated dose.

2. Cucumbers -- When it comes to ease, cucumbers are one of the best vegetables to add to your routine. With a mild flavor and crunchy texture, they can be added to salads or even juiced. Made up mostly of water, they're a great way to stay hydrated and also provide vitamin C, which supports a strong immune system, and silica, a mineral that keeps your hair and nails healthy and strong. Buy English cucumbers (the ones wrapped in plastic) and leave the skin on.

3. Star Fruit -- If you've never tried star fruit, or carambola, get ready for a treat. Shaped just like a star, this greenish-yellow fruit is native to Asia and the South Pacific has a slightly sweet and sour taste, similar to an apple. They can be consumed unripe, when they're green or ripe, when they're mostly yellow and provide antioxidants like vitamin C as well as the mineral potassium. They're also low in sugar content.

4. Kiwi -- This fuzzy little fruit is a favorite of health professionals because it contains more vitamin C than an orange and plenty of fiber. This vitamin C provides antioxidant benefits and the fiber promotes digestive health, keeping the body regular while also helping you feel full and satisfied longer. Try blending kiwi into a smoothie, chopping it up and mixing it with other fruits or simple cutting it in half and scooping it out with a spoon.

5. Asparagus -- Enjoy some asparagus for vitamin C, potassium and folate. Asparagus benefits the kidneys and the entire urinary tract, promoting detoxification and helping prevent infection. There are also asparagus supplements available to provide the vegetable's benefits in a convenient form. Try roasting them with some extra virgin olive oil and then finishing with fresh lemon juice and some black pepper.

6. Broccoli -- Your mother was right. This cruciferous vegetable you may have hated as a child is still one you should be eating. One serving of broccoli provides more than 100 percent of your daily vitamin C and also provides protein, calcium, iron and vitamin A. Try not to overcook broccoli to keep all the nutrients intact. Steaming in the best way, then season will spices. You can also snack on it raw or add it to a salad.

7. Artichokes -- If your digestive system is feeling sluggish, try some artichokes. Fiber is the secret behind the artichoke's digestive benefits, with an average artichoke providing around 10 g to keep your body moving. They also contain vitamins, minerals and omega-3 essential fatty acids. You can roast or steam whole artichokes or go for an artichoke extract supplement, which provides a stronger dose for your digestive needs.

8. Zucchini -- A type of squash, the zucchini is low in calories and provides folate, potassium and vitamin A, which supports skin and eye health. You can use zucchini in so many ways to get its nutritional benefits. Try slicing and roasting it, adding it to a pasta dish or shredding it to add to baked goods for additional moisture. With a mild flavor, you won't even know it's there!

9. Mint -- You know mint makes your breath nice and fresh after you eat strongly flavored foods, but there is more to the story. Mint leaves can help relieve digestive issues such as a stomach ache or bloating. Whether you drink it in tea or muddled in some water with fruit, you'll love the crisp taste and feel better, too. Our favorite way to use it is frozen in organic lemon juice cubes. Add some to water and you're good to go.

10. Bok Choy -- This type of cabbage popular in Chinese cooking is a great way to get more vitamin A and vitamin C into your diet. Both are potent antioxidants and vitamin A keeps vision sharp and skin clear while vitamin C helps prevent illness. You can steam, stir-fry or roast bok choy, depending on the type of texture you're going for. It's also a popular addition to soups.

Green foods aren't just lettuces. Expand your green food intake and start feeling the benefits. Check out all the green foods products at eVitamins and have a great week!

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