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10 Healthy Diet Tips for the Holiday Season - eVitamins Россия

By , Managing Editor
Wednesday, December 5, 2012
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If you associate the holidays with digging out your big boy pants or Lycra body shaper from the back of your closet, stop right there! You don't have to begin what is supposed to be a fun time of year dreading the outcome. You can have all the treats of the holidays without washing your entire diet down the drain.

Here are some tips to keep you on track as you navigate the office parties, extra dinners out and endless packages of desserts mailed to your door:

1. Look for the greens. They may be hidden on a tray at the back or a bit more obvious, but try to collect more than cookies, creamy dips and other decadent morsels on your plate. You can also try a green drink in the morning to give yourself a burst of nutrients after all the deliciousness. You'll be getting the vitamins you need, a natural burst of energy and they'll keep your skin glowing.

2. Don't skip your vitamins. Even though your eating schedule may be a little off, keep the rest of your nutritional routine on schedule. Give your body what it needs and it will keep processing the foods you eat properly. While supplements like multivitamins are never meant to be a crutch, they'll give you a little extra help.

3. Practice the "taste" rule. Just because the spread isn't exactly healthy, doesn't mean you can't enjoy all of it. It's better to give yourself a taste of everything (one or two bites), than to load your plate or be the one person who doesn't eat at all and offends the host/hostess. Practicing this rule, you can hit the entire buffet with less guilt. If you're looking for love this holiday season, find someone to share that cupcake with you.

4. Drink plenty of water. Prevent a painful morning after a night of fun by staying hydrated. Not only will alcohol drain you, but sugar does as well. Remember, water is a natural detoxifier and will help your body clean out all the overindulgence.

5. Try some fiber. Keep that digestive system moving all season long. The heavier foods and sweets may back the pipes up a little bit. Make an extra effort to get more fiber in your diet throughout the day to prevent that bloated, uncomfortable feeling. You can try grains like quinoa, a fiber powder to add to your prepared food or fruits and vegetables like avocados, a surprising source of fiber.

6. Add a probiotic. In keeping with digestive health, a probiotic will keep your gut flora balanced for proper digestion of food. It will also boost your immune system, since this season is also known for the common cold and flu. You can also look for digestive enzymes like amylase and lipase to further assist your body in breaking down food.

7. Keep moving. Whether it's hitting the dance floor, circling the room or just parking farther down the block from the party, look for ways to sneak in exercise if you find yourself deviating from your normal routine. If you're normally getting 40 minutes of cardio in a day doing something like running or aerobics, break it up into bursts throughout your day.

8. Be generous. Practice kindness this holiday season and help those in need when you can. Not only will you be doing some good for them, but supporting your own mental health as well. Reducing your stress by being appreciative this holiday has countless health benefits.

9. Laugh more. Embrace your coworker's sense of humor or enjoy a classic holiday movie to gut you chuckling and burn about 50 calories every 10 to 15 minutes. Will it completely erase all the eggnog and cookies? No. But it all adds up.

10. Get some sleep. The time we spend in slumber each night helps our body reboot for the next day, so make sure you make it to bed at some point. Drink a glass of water or some valerian root tea before you hit the sheets and you'll help yourself recover.

BONUS TIP: Don't go to the party hungry. Starving yourself all day in preparation will only lead you to overdo it later. Stick with healthy meals rich in protein and fiber and lots of fruits and vegetables. You will still enjoy the night without feeling ravenous when you walk in the door.

Never be afraid to enjoy all the deliciousness of the holidays -- it's nothing to regret. After all, this is a time of year to celebrate, not sulk. But use these tips to practice safe partying and you won't feel like you have to start the new year with a complete overhaul.

Look for great supplements like the ones mentioned above at eVitamins and happy holidays!

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