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10 Fall Fruits, Vegetables to Cook With Now - eVitamins Россия

Add these 10 foods to your grocery list to take advantage of all the fall season has to offer. eVitamins Россия.

Fall is the perfect season to head to the local farmer's market and take advantage of all the amazing produce available. If you're looking for some cooking inspiration, we have 10 of the best tasting and most nutritious fall foods.

1. Squash -- Squash provides vitamins A and the vitamin B complex to keep you energized and support eye health. We love to puree squash into creamy soups that can also be frozen for later meals.

2. Beets -- Vitamin C, iron and magnesium are found in beets, which can help keep the immune system strong and promote proper circulation. You can add beets to a smoothie or juice them to enjoy their benefits, but they also taste great roasted with carrots and potatoes.

3. Apples -- In addition to vitamin C, one of the best things about apples is the fiber they provide. Leave the skin on and snack on a whole apple to keep the digestive and cardiovascular systems looked after.

4. Cranberries -- You may not know cranberries provide vitamin K, a vitamin that helps the body properly absorb vital nutrients like calcium and magnesium for strong bones while also ensuring blood clots properly. Add organic, dried and unsweetened cranberries to trail mix or sprinkle them on a salad.

5. Brussels Sprouts -- They may be the food you grew up hating, but the B vitamins and minerals in Brussels sprouts should be reason enough to give them another try. Roast them in the oven until brown and then toss them with some Bragg Liquid Aminos and you'll be good to go.

6. Eggplant -- Eggplant is a wonderful source of fiber, vitamin C and electrolytes like potassium, which maintain hydration. Make eggplant your new go-to pizza topping. Start with a whole-wheat crust and top with thinly shaved eggplant and any other toppings you like before baking.

7. Corn -- An ear of corn provides fiber as well as protein for sustainable energy and strong muscles. Grilling corn brings out its natural sweetness without adding anything. Season with some olive oil and sea salt if you wish.

8. Cauliflower -- Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable that's packed with vitamin C for immunity and glowing skin. You can steam and grind up cauliflower in a food processor to use in place of flour in a variety of recipes.

9. Blackberries -- Get your daily vitamin E with blackberries to keep your skin youthful and smooth. Add them to your fruit salad, blend them up in a smoothie or use them to make a fruit crumble. Delicious!

10. Peppers -- Bell peppers provide vitamin A for tissue health. If you go for chili peppers you also get the metabolism-boosting benefit of capsaicin, the compound that gives peppers their heat. Stuff bell peppers with wild rice and use hotter peppers for curries, soups and fresh salsa.

Now you know the best fall foods so get in the kitchen and get cooking!

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