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ADDED Attention

Buried Treasure ADDED Attention - 16 fl oz (473 ml)

Price: $ 26.77

Verified Review
by Yaidelin S. on May 30, 2014

I heard about this product and I started immediately. It was Friday and by Tuesday she was taking the FCAT (state test in Florida) 3rd graders will need to pass it or they will be held back. I totally recommend this product. She passed the state exam!!!

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by Heather on April 5, 2013

My son is taking this with flax oil. Teachers have noticed a great difference. The only trouble I have with this is the ingredients. I have read that people with ADD/ADHD should stay away from grapes, sodium benzoate, artificial flavors, and sugars. That is all that is in it! Could the results be a placebo effect?

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by JKG on December 30, 2012

I take ADDED Attention and I'm 45. I really do notice a difference in my ability to concentrate and focus, and I don't get the side effects that I got from taking stimulants for ADHD. I also don't find the taste bad at all - it's just very sweet juice to me, and for only a couple of tablespoons each day, that's not a big deal. I would recommend this for families looking for an alternative to medicines for ADHD, and as a mom to two kids with the same issue, I wish I had seen this sooner for them as well.

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by Lisa on December 16, 2012

All I can say is ADDED Attention has been the answer to my prayers! I will also say that I did see some results in my daughters' behavior when I took the wheat out of her diet, and when I added the Added Attention, I saw a huge difference. I noticed right away that she was less frustrated. When I would have her read to me before, she would get stuck on the third word and then just give up. Now she stops and sounds it out. She basically taught herself to read in a weekend. Just days later, and she's reading Dr. Suess cover to cover. Her teacher also has made comments that my daughter has been a "pure joy" in her class room, which was a nice change from the previous week. Best 20 bucks I have EVER spent!!

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by Anonymous on December 3, 2012

I'm the mother of a ten year old and Added Attention by Buried Treasure didn't help at all. It was as if she was drinking water.

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by Anonymous on November 16, 2012

My son is in kindergarten and his teacher said he is not focusing well. We gave this a try, just to see what happens. We just got a note today..... No problems with focusing anymore! We were so excited that I had to write. I can not guarantee it is this, but I sure am going to keep it going......we add it to juice in the am.

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by Heather F. on October 1, 2012

I began Added Attention for my 4 1/2 yr old son who is very active, has PDD and sensory integration dysfunction. Within a few days his preschool teachers commented on how much better he was. He is less anxious, more calm and can even participate in circle time in preschool. He has reduced his frequency of "away time to calm down". His sunday school teacher made a point to find me to tell how remarkable he was during class. She then asked me if I had started him on some kind of medication. I am so excited about our results. It's worth a shot for any parent struggling with behavior/attention and hyperactivity. Just try it!!!

Was this review helpful to you?  

by Catherine on September 27, 2012

My son had taken Added Attention for about a month and the results were incredible as noted in my previous review. However, being since I also have ADD combined type I forgot to put it up in the fridge and it sat out all day. His hyper-disruptive behaviors have returned and I am suffering the consequences of my mistake. This is an effective product if refrigerated - I will be ordering more!

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by Marcie  on September 15, 2012

My son is now 8 and in third grade. Over the past few years everyone always told me that he was just a typical boy with lots of energy! Well, when it came to school and trying to get his to stay focused on anything at all, I knew that this was not a "typical boy" situation. Every since he started preschool we have seen so many yellow cards I cannot even tell you. I was given the name of the Added Attention vitamin from a friend of mine who had the same issues, but with her daughter. I got online that night an order it! I cannot tell you the difference this vitamin has made in our lives. My son goes to school as happy as can be, the teachers have even noticed a difference. I remember the day I received an email from his teacher last year, and of course I was like....oh no, here we go again. But, to my surprise I opened it, read it, and had tears coming down my face when I read the teachers note that finally said good things about him! He had been focused, calm, and she could really tell a huge difference in his behavior. I do not go a day without giving my son his vitamin first thing in the morning. He does not particularly like the taste and we did try mixing it in everything. Now, we give him Sunny D as a chaser and he takes it straight from a cup. He is also aware of the difference it has made for him, so the fight of taking it has gone away for the most part. My son has been on this vitamin for about a year and we would not have kept our sanity if it was not for Added Attention!

Was this review helpful to you?  

by Catherine on August 16, 2012

My son just started kindergarten with a lot of behavior problems. In the first week alone I had to meet with the teacher twice about his disruptive behavior. We have suspected ADHD since he turned 3 years old. I tried Added Attention back then, but was unable to get him to take it because of the taste. I decided at that time not to persue it. Now that school is here I had to do something. Stimulants are just not an option! This formula has proven to be quite helpful for my son. It takes about one week to start to see a difference, but then the effectiveness increases gradually. I wish I had started using this sooner! This is an excellent addition to a structured enviroment!

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by Monica on May 12, 2012

My son was taking Added Attention for over 3 months. It didn't work for him. He continues with his attention problems, he doesn't complete his assigments. The product did not work at all for us.

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by Kristi on May 6, 2012

My son has recently been diagnosed with ADD. He is 7 years old. We did not want to go the route of medications with all the possible side effects. A trip to the health food store introduced me to Added Attention. When we forget to give him his dose each morning, he brings home a "yellow card" for getting into trouble during the day. It has made a difference for him. Not getting into trouble all the time makes going to school more enjoyable for him.

Was this review helpful to you?  

by V. W. on May 5, 2012

My 5 year old daughter has autism and her behavior was out of control. An alternative to medication was vitamin therapy, so we added the Added Attention by Buried Treasure to her list. We noticed in 2 days how more focused she became, also her therapist has noticed the differnces in how she transitions and is more eager to learn. I have become a faithful customer. Thanks!

Was this review helpful to you?  

by Brian M on May 1, 2012

My son is ADHD, and profoundly gifted. Since using Added Attention he is like a different child. He sits still, can focus and is even more creative. He has had no issues at school, where before he was an almost constant disruption. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Was this review helpful to you?  

by Maritza on April 29, 2012

I think this vitamin is awesome!!! I did see a change with my children. They don't like the taste but they still drink it. I also take this vitamin myself. I love it! No more medication for my little boy! My cousin's wife is a teacher in Florida. When I went to visit her I told her about the problem my little man was having at school with focusing in class. I told her that his teachers were suggesting he be put on medication. She told me about this vitamin.

Was this review helpful to you?  

by Monica on April 9, 2012

I am glad I discovered Added Treasure. My son is doing well since he started taking the product. His concentration is much better. I can tell the difference when he is taking the product and when he is not.

Was this review helpful to you?  

by Nita on April 4, 2012

My child wasn't completing assignments and had problems focusing and being easily distracting. About the fourth day is when I got a note from his teacher saying he had completed his assigments. Although sometimes he still has problems being easily distracted, his overall performance is much better.

Was this review helpful to you?  

Verified Review
by India Patterson on March 29, 2012

After reading the online reviews I decided to try this product, but, after giving to both my children as directed for a month, there was not a single indication in either child that this product was nothing but a waste of my time and money. And, in this day and time I would truly love to have my money returned.

Was this review helpful to you?  

by Sandra on March 26, 2012

I first got this product at a local health store. At first I thought it was spoiled by the way it looked and smelled. I called the manufacturer who assured me that the product was probably bad because it is not supposed to look brown with particles. So I ordered the product via eVitamins and I just got it and it looks and smells the same as the first one I got. I gave it to my child after putting it in the fridge for 24 hours to maybe make it taste better, but the taste is just unpleasant. He gets nauseous every time I give it to him. I will keep on giving it to him to see if it really works. If it works I will have to write again and give it more stars but right now it gets only one star for taste.

Was this review helpful to you?  

Verified Review
by James Fu on March 25, 2012

We have been quite pleased with this product. Our son is very, very, very active, and although he does not have ADD or ADHD, he can have moments that might otherwise be considered symptomatic. Among other things, we tried this product for a couple of weeks and noticed that it took the edge off some of his behaviors, especially his "hyper-talking" moments. Of course, it is not a cure-all to these behaviors, but we believe that it has helped him. The taste was somewhat unpleasant to him in the beginning, but he now takes it with no problems if followed by a glass of water.

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