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Why Noni is a Superfruit

Noni juice is lauded as one of the most nutritionally significant juices in the world. Find out more about noni juice and how it benefits your body here. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

These days, a lot of health-conscious individuals are raving about the various health benefits of juicing. Undeniably, drinking fruit and vegetable juices is not only refreshing but also very nutritionally beneficial to the body. It detoxifies the liver and helps flush out toxins from the body. When you make fruit and vegetable juices, you end up using more ingredients compared to when you simply eat them raw or cooked. Therefore, you get a dense pack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a glass of juice. And because juice barely requires digestion, your body can quickly absorb all the nutritional goodness into your system.

One such fruit that would make a very valuable addition to the lineup of your juice sources is noni. The tropical evergreen tree that bears this fruit originated from the Pacific Islands of Tahiti and Polynesia. It also grows abundantly in India, some parts of Australia, South America and the in Caribbean. Today, noni is being grown in many regions across the world. In Asia, noni is also known as cheese fruit (because of its appearance), great morinda, beach mulberry and Indian mulberry. Its scientific name is morinda citrifolia.

The Healthy Benefits of Noni Juice

The noni fruit is a great source of protein, carbohydrates and fiber. The fat-free pulp of this fruit can be made into a refreshing beverage that's rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and niacin.

1. Aids with proper digestion.
Because of its high fiber content, noni juice promotes good digestion. It can even prevent constipation because of its laxative properties. For many years now, the natives who first grew and discovered the herbal effects of the noni fruit have been using its juice to ease digestive problems like stomach aches.

2. Relieves pain.
Studies have shown that the noni fruit has analgesic and sedative components, which make it effective for the relief of various pains in the body. Drinking noni juice may relieve menstrual cramps, arthritis, joint pains and other inflammatory conditions.

3. Increases energy.
Most of the researches conducted about the noni fruit were aimed at proving its efficacy in increasing the body’s energy level and thus improving the ability to perform physical activities. These studies were based on the notion that native Polynesians consumed the noni fruit to avoid fatigue and gain increased levels of energy. This wonderful effect may be attributed to the fruit’s natural antioxidant properties, which strengthens the cells and wards off other ailments.

4. Prevents skin and hair issues.
Because the noni fruit is a rich source vitamin C, it's effective in curing skin problems like acne and pimples. Aside from getting beautiful skin, drinking noni juice also facilitates healthy hair growth especially for those who are suffering from premature hair loss. In fact, many surviving cancer patients have turned to Noni juice to revive their hair follicles after chemotherapy.

5. Blocks degenerative diseases.
According to a study in 2008 which appeared in the Plant Foods for Human Nutrition Journal, the noni fruit may actually have the properties needed to block certain degenerative diseases before their onset. This means that drinking noni juice helps decrease the possibility of developing serious illnesses like liver disorder and other diseases of major body organs.

6. Fights cancer cells.
Among its many health benefits, the possibility that the noni fruit may actually help fight cancer draws the most attention. Numerous studies were conducted over the past decade and all of them yielded similar results which support the cancer-fighting properties of noni juice. Noni was found to contain a polysaccharide-rich substance which suppresses the growth of new cancer cells. It was also revealed that drinking noni juice boosts the immune system and reduces oxidative stress in the body due to its rich antioxidant components. By reducing the formation of cancer cells and promoting the body’s ability to ward off further infection, noni juice is believed to be an effective remedy to fight the destructive effects of cancer in the body.

Although many of the nutritional claims attributed to drinking noni juice are yet to be proven as absolutely effective, there is no doubt that this fruit juice is a great addition to the list of healthy beverages for you to drink your way to health.

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