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What Is DMAE?

DMAE creams and lotions are known for their anti-aging properties, and if you're looking to reduce the effects of the aging process then you should consider this natural supplement. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

How often have you looked in the mirror only to frown at the new wrinkle or fine line on your face? Or maybe you have some sagging on your neck that makes you wish you could go into a time machine and turn back to the days when your skin was firm and smooth. Well, you may not be able to go back in time, but you may be able turn back the effects of time on your face.

Wake up with DMAE

DMAE is dimethylaminoethanol. Since your body makes this nutrient in the brain it's not considered a vitamin, instead it's a supplement. People take this supplement in capsule form to improve mental alertness and clarity. It's much like caffeine and some individuals report feeling on edge when taking too much of it.

DMAE research has shown that this nutrient can help improve cognitive ability and memory. In laboratory animals, it moderately increased their life span, according to Smart Skincare. How's that for the fountain of youth?

It seems as though DMAE reduces the accumulation of lipofuscin deposit inside cells. These deposits contain molecular waste, are often seen in older people and contribute to the aging process. Reducing these lipofuscin deposits could be what helps reduce the aging effects of the skin, which is just one way that DMAE has shown to improve skin.

DMAE for Your Skin

If you’ve spend years trying to find the best anti-aging cream, you’ve probably never tried DMAE. How does this nutrient help your skin? Well, the same way it wakes up your mind, it wakes up your skin so it can protect itself from environmental factors.

As you age, your skin starts to slow down in cell growth, which means cell membranes begin to deteriorate. This cell membrane deterioration happens because of stress from the environment such as the sun, cold wind, pollution, etc., as well as negligent or inadequate skin care. The result is age related skin effects such sagging, wrinkles and fine lines.

The exact workings of how DMAE improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is not well known. However, the effects are documented:

  • According to Skin Energizer, a clinical study found that after 16 weeks, three percent of DMAE facial gel was safe and effective at the mitigation of forehead lines, periorbital fine wrinkles and improving lip shape and fullness. Other noticed effects were improvements in coarse wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, nasolabial folds, sagging neck skin and neck firmness.
  • According to the website DailyAntiAnging, research found significant improvement in the lip, jaw line and eye region.

When to See Results

Just like most skincare products, it may take up to a few weeks before you see a significant difference in your skin. However, some users report a noticeable difference within thirty minutes. The longest lasting effects occur in users who use it continuously.

How to Use the Cream

If you have sensitive skin, you may have to use the DMAE cream every other day because some people have reported skin redness or irritation.

It’s recommended by many skincare experts to take vitamins along with DMAE for maximum benefit. For example, B vitamins with DMAE lotion will help you rid your skin of wrinkles, dark circles and lack of tone, according to SkinImprove.com. You should also make sure you get enough vitamin C to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or blemishes.

Check with Your Doctor

DMAE cream is not approved by the FDA, which means that it works for some people but it can have adverse reactions in others. Therefore, it's important to check with you doctor before using this supplement, even topically.


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