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Turning Your TV Binge Into a Workout

Every once in awhile, it feels good to give into your urge to watch episode after episode of your favorite TV show. But you can still get a workout in. Keep reading to learn how. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

Getting sucked into a TV marathon can be fun, but it can get out of hand quickly. You sit down for one episode and before you know it, you've been sitting in one position (often eating) for hours and the entire day has gone by.

The next time you decide to power through an old season of a favorite show or just take the day to rest your brain and watch TV, try making the time more valuable for your health by turning your binge-watching into a long workout.

How to Work Out While Watching TV

If planning a workout that won't be distracting, too easy or lead you to getting hurt while trying to do two things at once, consider following these tips and your TV time won't become wasted time:

  • Change into your workout clothes before starting your show so you're ready for action.
  • Plan out a routine in advance and write it down so it's easier to remember.
  • Invite friends or family to join in with you -- you can even make it a game or competition to keep you motivated.
  • Have plenty of water on hand.
  • Make nutritious snacks readily available to avoid going for junk food.
  • Set a goal for yourself of so many repetitions or circuits to make sure you get an effective workout.
  • Continue the exercises for as many consecutive episodes as you can.
  • Clear your workout area before you begin watching so you don't miss a rep. Make sure any necessary equipment is readily available.

Exercises to Try

Building a TV workout routine isn't as hard as it sounds. You can create a game around certain characters and their common phrases or habits or break things up by minutes. Start with these exercises to build a routine that will help you shed calories and tone your muscles:

  1. Five minutes of stretching before the first episode.
  2. Jumping jacks during the opening credits.
  3. Crunches during commercial breaks. Streaming? Do crunches for the first five minutes of the episode.
  4. Fifteen squats at the half-way point of an episode.
  5. Push-ups during the closing credits.
  6. Five minutes of jogging in place between episodes.
  7. Five to 10 minutes of stretching after the last episode.
Start turning your TV time into fitness time more often and enjoy all the rewards for your hard work. Stay well!

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