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Strontium for Osteoporosis Treatment

By , Managing Editor
Thursday, June 7, 2012
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Living a long, active life means taking all of the necessary steps to keep your entire body strong. Your bones, just like your skin, can be the first to show age, losing density and becoming prone to fracture and breakage. Keeping bones strong can help you lead your most active life as you age.

We all know calcium is a great way to keep bones strong, but what else can you do? One supplement, mentioned on June 7 on "The Dr. Oz Show," is going beyond calcium to help protect bones -- strontium.

What is strontium?
Strontium is a trace mineral naturally abundant in the earth and in seawater. Strontium is also present in the bones and connective tissues of the body. Because of its similar chemical composition to calcium, strontium can work like calcium in the body, helping to strengthen bones and teeth, while also helping these tissues hold onto calcium. 

How It Can Help
Research examining the connection between strontium and osteoporosis really took off in the 1980s in Europe and it was found to be a safe and effective long-term treatment for bone pain and fragility. Since then, strontium has been considered a breakthrough in the treatment of osteoporosis and supplements are produced both in Europe and now in the United States. A European study published in 2004 in the New England Journal of Medicine showed treatment of postmenopausal women with osteoporosis using a patented form of strontium, strontium ranelate, strengthened the bone and reduced their risk of fractures by an average of 41 percent over the three-year study. 

What makes strontium different from traditional treatments is that it does more than protect the bone tissue you currently have -- it actually helps to add more. In a study published in 2001 in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, strontium ranelate was shown to promote cartilage formation as well. The most common form of strontium available in the United States is strontium citrate, which, when taken in conjunction with calcium and vitamin D, can help boost density, similar to the patented version available overseas. 

Taking Strontium
Dr. Oz recommended taking 680 mg of strontium daily to help reduce the risk of fracture and improve density. An important note: Be sure to take this supplement at least four hours after your calcium supplement, to prevent any type of interaction and to get the maximum benefit. You can also increase your daily strontium intake by eating seafood.

Your doctor can help you determine the ideal amount of strontium for you to take and be sure to consult them if you're currently on any medications, especially for osteoporosis, kidney problems or blood clots. When taken in the recommended dosage, side effects were minimal and related to the gastrointestinal tract

Protecting your bones is one of the many ways you can support your own longevity and overall wellbeing. Here's to a long, healthy life!


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