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Silica in Horsetail Grass Works as Healing Therapy

This herb can promote wound healing and stop the bleeding of ulcers. Learn what else it can do. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

The operative word in horsetail grass is grass. This plant's only connection to a real horse is its appearance, which resembles a horse's tail. What we do know is this herb's ability to promote healing both outside and inside the body.


Horsetail grass has an impressive record, being the only survivor of the Equisetaceae plant family that dates back more than 200 million years. Horsetail grass has outlived the Roman emperors whose wounds and other skin diseases it treated, administered by Galen, the distinguished Greek-Roman physician. 

From Greece, horsetail grass became part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This perennial plant, which is also referred to as field horsetail or western horsetail, now grows throughout the United States, Middle East and in parts of Asia and Europe.


The main beneficial ingredient in horsetail grass is silica. Silica is the second most abundant mineral in Earth’s soil, crust and rocks, making up 27.7 percent of the planet’s mass. It is primarily used in glass making to create windows, bottles and other products. Silica is also needed by the human body to maintain healthy connective tissues and strong bones, tendons, cartilage and hair.

The other components of horsetail grass are the bioflavonoids, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Bioflavonoids are compounds found in plants that act as antioxidants, protecting the cells from diseases caused by cell damage and early degeneration. The minerals come from the soil and are absorbed into the plants’ leaves and stems.


  • Promotes healing:
    The horsetail plant is 35 percent silica which helps heal inner and outer wounds. Silica stops the bleeding and treats stomach ulcers by making the tissues strong and firm.
  • Stops bleeding:
    By producing healthy red blood cells and increasing white blood cells, horsetail grass can help stop the bleeding of hemorrhoids and nosebleeds.
  • Supports urinary tract health:
    It acts as a diuretic and helps in curing many genitor-urinary conditions of men and women -- the saponins and flavonoids in horsetail grass facilitate urination. By passing out urine, the bladder flushes out the toxins that cause urinary tract infections and incontinence. It also helps in the passage of small kidney stones before they grow. By promoting urination, inflammation of the prostate glands of men, the urethra and bladder is minimized.
  • Prevents or delays the onset of osteoporosis:
    The silica content of horsetail grass helps build strong bones while protecting against a decrease in bone density from decreasing.
  • Disinfects wounds:
    A horsetail grass solution can be used to wash wounds and kill bacteria. Taken orally, it treats cystitis and other types of urinary infections.
  • Treats scalp issues:
    This herb kills lice in humans and fleas in animals when used as a shampoo or rinse.


For oral ingestion, six grams per day of horsetail grass is recommended. Brewed as a tea, you can drink two to three cups per day of the herb. To make, use two to four teaspoons for every cup of water, boil, then steep for 15 minutes more and strain. This same concoction may be used to wash wounds and external ulcers.


  • Consult a physician and/or holistic expert when using horsetail grass while taking other medications, such as diuretics or heart medications.
  • Take a break after one month of use and consult your health practitioner.
  • Drink lots of water.
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