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Reishi Benefits In the Body

Reishi mushrooms were once a forbidden food for the masses but are now widely available and very popular. Here are some of the ways reishi can help benefit your body.

Call it red reishiGanoderma Lucidum or Ling Zhi, it's the numerous health benefits that has everyone searching for this miraculous mushroom. Here's how reishi can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Where Does Reishi Come From?

The reishi mushroom naturally grows on plum trees but because this happens very rarely, this mushroom was once considered priceless. For thousands of years, only members of the royal family in Japan and China were allowed to consume the reishi mushroom and enjoy its medicinal perks. Fortunately, in the 1970s, a group of Japanese scientists discovered a way to cultivate this mushroom on a large scale. With the success of the new method of cultivation, reishi became widely available. It has been commercially cultivated in Japan, China, the United States and several other countries since then.

What Active Ingredients Does It Contain?

According to researchers, reishi contains water-soluble polysaccharides that have anti-tumor qualities. They are also effective in modulating the immune system, as well as lowering the blood pressure level. Also an active ingredient found in this mushroom is the triterpenes particularly the ganoderic acids. These acids have been found to be powerful in treating common allergies by inhibiting the release of histamine. They also enhance usage of oxygen and improve functions of the liver. This mushroom also contains beta and hetero-beta-glucans and Ling Zhi-8 protein.

What Are the Significant Benefits of Reishi to People’s Health?


Reishi extracts have analgesic, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, antitumor and antiviral qualities. It can also prevent bronchitis by inducing the regeneration of bronchial epithelium. It protects against certain forms of bacteria like Staphylococci, Streptococci and Bacillus pneumonia by increasing the activity of the immune system. It works as antioxidants through the elimination of hydroxyl free radicals. This mushroom can also do wonders for your blood pressure, maintaining it at proper levels. Reishi has also been found effective in enhancing bone marrow cell proliferation. Moreover, it induces the cardiotonic action that decreases the serum cholesterol levels.

What Are the Different Types of Reishi?

Red reishi is the most popular type but there are also other types that have been discovered. These include black, blue, purple, white and yellow reishi. Only black and red varieties possess significant health effects. Red remains to be the most potent in improving a person’s overall health because of its higher polysaccharide content.

How Is Reishi Different from Other Mushrooms?

Other types of mushroom like maitake, cordyceps and shitake also have immune boosting qualities. However, red reishi remains to be the most powerful for treating a lot of health problems. Also, it’s the only mushroom that contains triterpenes (ganoderic acid) that have antiallergenic effects.

Does Reishi Have Any Side Effects?

The wonderful thing about this mushroom is that it doesn’t have any side effect. In fact, it’s classified as a superior herb, meaning it’s nontoxic and therefore can be consumed in large quantities for long periods. Clinical and literature studies have not reported any side effects for this mushroom. Individuals who are very sensitive may experience some symptoms of detoxification after initial intake of reishi. These include mild upset stomach, aching bones, skin rashes and dizziness. Take note though that these are signs of the medicinal effect of the red reishi. It’s best to take vitamin C while you’re taking reishi to reduce these symptoms.

What Is the Best Way to Take a Reishi Supplement?

It’s best to take it in the morning before you eat anything. It’s also a good idea to drink plenty of water to enhance the effects. This is because water helps the body in getting rid of waste and toxins. As mentioned earlier, it would help if you take vitamin C not only to decrease the detoxification symptoms but also to aid the body in the absorption of reishi’s active ingredients. Studies reveal that vitamin C helps in the breaking down of the complex polysaccharides so that the body can absorb it more easily.

How Do I Find the Right Reishi Supplement?

Reishi is available in tablet, granule or capsule forms. Since there is a wide array of reishi products in the market today, it's essential to read the product label carefully before buying. The label of the product should contain clear information about its ingredients, product origin, extract ratio and manufacturer or importer address. It’s also smart to find out how the product was cultivated. The best cultivation technique is called natural log method. It’s the method that yields the highest grade of reishi.

Reishi won’t be in-demand for nothing. As a superior herb, it’s one of those that you would want to consider including in your everyday life for the purpose of improving your health.

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