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Proctor & Gamble, New Chapter plan future of vitamin industry

Exclusive Interview:  eVitamins recently sat down with Kyle Garner, the new CEO of New Chapter for a one-on-one.
By , Managing Editor
Thursday, October 4, 2012
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New Chapter was founded in 1982 by Paul and Barbi Schulick to help introduce people to the healing power of herbs. Over the past 30 years, they've set an industry standard for quality and purity, creating supplements from whole food ingredients to not just relieve symptoms of illness, but improve overall health and wellness.

As of this past June, New Chapter was acquired by Procter & Gamble, providing the resources to expand the company's research and development, marketing and clinical testing initiatives. To learn more about the exciting developments over at one of our customer's favorite brands, we chatted with New Chapter Inc.'s new Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Garner.

eVitamins: How is New Chapter expanding on its efforts to use only organic ingredients produced in an environmentally sustainable way, like on your biodynamic farm in Costa Rica?

Kyle Garner: New Chapter has long been a leader in both the organic and non-GMO movements and we're focused on maintaining that leadership position going forward. In addition to the continued partnership with Finca Luna Nueva in Costa Rica, we're working to expand our outreach to identify even more sources of organic and non-GMO ingredients. One of the most visible signs consumers will see are our new packages that have just begun rolling out. These packages feature organic certification and non-GMO Project certification logos on the primary display panel. We believe strongly in these verification programs and we want to ensure we continue to drive additional awareness of these programs in the marketplace.

eVits: What direction is New Chapter moving in in terms of research and development? For example, will we be seeing more expansion done to the Take Care line?

KG: New Chapter will continue to be a leader in terms of research and development. We're expanding the investment in our Science and Innovation team and staying on top of the emerging trends in the industry. We have robust plans for continued launch of new products across the New Chapter line (including Take Care) over the next several years.

eVits: Why is Procter & Gamble so excited to be working with New Chapter?

KG: I think a lot of people from P&G had the same feeling I had as they got to know more about New Chapter. I've been incredibly impacted by the sense of passion I’ve felt from both New Chapter employees and our retail partners. The shared commitment to delivering products that enable consumers to maintain and improve their wellbeing is what gets me excited to come to work each day and I think has been a key driver of everyone’s excitement with the new partnership.

eVits: What are Procter & Gamble's short-term and long-term plans for New Chapter?

KG: In both the short term and long term, we're focused on our number one priority: delivering the highest quality, safest and most effective products in the industry. Simply put, we refuse to accept inferior ingredients or take any steps that will negatively impact the wholeness, efficacy or purity of our products. Additionally, we want to ensure we don’t lose any of the great culture that New Chapter has built over the years. We continue to commit ourselves daily to the founding New Chapter Formulation Principles that guide all of the work we do and we work closely with the founders, Paul and Barbi Schulick to ensure this is so.

In the longer term, we want to focus on expanding our industry leadership in product testing and quality assurance while consistently delivering breakthrough innovation for our consumers.

eVits: What does this new partnership mean to New Chapter fans?

KG: The partnership should largely be invisible to New Chapter fans. We continue to operate as a stand-alone entity and will only tap into P&G where we believe they can add unique value. We're already seeing some benefits in terms of R&D testing and analytical capabilities. Our consumers will see this play out in the market with best in class quality standards.

eVits: Lastly, would you mind sharing some of your favorite New Chapter products?

KG: Like a parent would say, it’s impossible to choose which child is your favorite! I'm a daily user of many New Chapter products including Zyflamend, Wholemega, Every Man One Daily, Bone Strength Take Care and Liver Take Care.

So with a firm commitment to stand by the values that launched New Chapter to the forefront of dietary supplements and the backing of conglomerate giant Procter & Gamble, the marriage seems off to a promising start. It's a peculiar union of two unlikely corporations, and one that's been publicly contested, but both parties involved have embraced the juxtaposition and have made New Chapter's future success among the top priorities.

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Why you may like this product? Zyflammend is New Chapter's most popular product and the best-selling herbal supplement for inflammation in the entire marketplace. It's made with supercritical extracts that are produced without the use of harsh solvents like acetone, and is completely non-GMO.
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