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New Chapter Joins the B Corp Movement

New Chapter is taking their commitment to sustainability to the next level by becoming a certified B Corp. Keep reading to find out what that means for their business and products. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

A company’s daily practices can have both short-term and long-term effects on both the planet and society. Measuring and reducing this impact across all industries is paramount to the mission of moving toward a more sustainable way of life.

Companies looking to further examine and improve their impact are joining the B Corp movement, and one such company is New Chapter.

What Is The B Corp Movement?

Many companies pledge to use sustainable practices to make sure they limit their impact on the environment as well as their social impact. B Lab is a nonprofit, third-party organization founded in 2006 that examines these practices to make sure they meet a rigorous set of guidelines.

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies transparent to the public and socially and environmentally conscious to succeed in their industry by making a positive impact instead of a negative one now and in the long run. The “B” in B Corp stands for “Benefit,” as these companies aim to benefit their industry as well as their community.

Today, the movement includes more than 950 companies encompassing more 60 different industries and from 32 countries.

New Chapter’s Sustainability Practices

Since the founding of New Chapter in 1982, the company’s leaders have been committed to sustainability. They strive to use only certified organic and non-GMO (non-genetically modified organisms) whole foods in the creation of their products. They source their ingredients from biodynamic farms around the world to control the environmental impact as well as the quality.

Joining the B Corp Movement was simply the next step in furthering this commitment. New Chapter was evaluated on four criteria: Governance, Workers, Community and Environment. Out of 200 possible points, New Chapter scored a 105 (the average is 80).

“We became a Certified B Corporation because it was clearly the next new chapter — to formally align with other companies who are also agents of positive change for the future of people and planet,” said New Chapter Founder Paul Schulick. “Since wellness and ethical sourcing are our whole way of life, defining our success in these terms is not just exciting, it is essential.”

What Sets New Chapter’s Multivitamins Apart

As previously stated, New Chapter uses whole, organic and non-GMO ingredients to create their multivitamin supplements, which has many benefits.

First of all, the use of these activated ingredients ensures they’re easily broken down, digested and absorbed by the body, allowing the customer to experience a noticeable difference in how they feel.

Secondly, the use of these quality foods means their multivitamins can be taken on an empty stomach without any uncomfortable side effects.

Third, they’ve been able to create unique formulas based on gender, age and other factors. For example, they have Perfect Prenatal for women who are preparing for pregnancy or are pregnant and Perfect Energy for individuals with an active lifestyle as well as men's and women's formulas. Each formula contains the complete spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals to support the entire body’s needs.

Save on all New Chapter products at eVitamins and check back for the latest news on this top brand!

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