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Natural Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

Do you have stubborn belly fat that just will not go away? Keep reading to find out some natural methods that may help you to get ready for summer. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

If the thought of strutting around the beach in a bikini sends you reeling with anxiety, you're not alone. Many women dread swimsuit season for fear that their bodies aren't in “perfect” shape. Maybe you've got some stubborn belly fat that just won't disappear. If that's the case, there are plenty of natural methods you can try to help you start shedding that unwanted tummy and get toned in time for summer.   


We all know that what we put into our bodies has a direct impact on our health and our outward appearances. When it comes to blasting away fat, there are several foods that can provide support:

  • Avocado

Healthy monounsaturated fats are abundant in avocados, and they can provide anti-inflammatory support, which extends to other aspects of your health. Lower inflammation levels can positively impact your cholesterol levels and deter your blood sugar from spiking—which can prompt your body to unnecessarily store extra calories as fat, potentially in your stomach area. 

  • Green Tea

The polyphenols and catechins in green tea are antioxidants which may be able to promote a faster, more effective metabolism, temporarily. Drinking multiple cups of green tea may be the most effective way to receive the nutrients and belly-flattening support. 

  • Oatmeal

Packed with fiber, a bowl of oatmeal can make a healthy breakfast or snack any time. In addition, it can help regulate your blood sugar levels and also provide plenty of digestive support, helping to keep you feeling full and satisfied in order to reduce your likelihood of overeating, snacking or gaining weight in your belly region.


In addition to eating healthy foods that promote fat burning, exercise is essential to help shrink your middle. In particular, cardio exercises are what push your body to start burning calories, which equates to a higher fat burn. You can do all of the low-intensity core exercises in the world in an effort to flatten your stomach, but if you have a high amount of fat in that area, cardio exercises are usually necessary as well. In conjunction with your planks, crunches and other abdominal exercises, you need to get your heart pumping by running, biking or partaking in other high-intensity workouts.


While taking a supplement won't magically get rid of unwanted fat, incorporating one into your healthy diet and exercise routine can definitely add a spark to help ignite fat burning in your belly. CLA is one supplement that may provide support, possibly contributing to a loss of body fat and increase in lean muscle over a period of time, according to WebMD. Additionally, 7-Keto DHEA may be able to help enhance your fat loss so you can get a firmer, flatter stomach by accelerating your metabolic rate and possibly increasing body heat production.

Before taking any supplements, you should talk to your doctor to make sure they are appropriate for you. We have many supplements and wellness essentials at eVitamins to help you get into great shape for swimsuit season. Come back next time for more health news!

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