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Libido Boosters Bolster Female Desires

A drop in the female libido is as common as erectile dysfunction, yet it receives almost little or no attention in comparison. Find out the causes, symptoms and best ways to treat a flatlined female libido right here.

The decreased female libido, although not placed as much in the limelight as men’s erectile dysfunction, is nevertheless just as significant for women as ED is for men. Most women agree that their sexual desire is a complex thing. Its intensity, or a lack thereof, is dependent on a lot of factors - physical, psychological and emotional. Let’s take a closer look at these elements and see how each one of them affects the libido. By understanding the causes, women can take the appropriate steps to remedy their waning desires and will be in a better position to take control of their sexual lives.

By definition, hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women is characterized by a persistent lack of interest in sex, decrease in sexual arousal, difficulty or inability to achieve an orgasm and pain during sexual intercourse. Or, to cut to the chase, female sexual dysfunction occurs when a woman feels that she does not seek or enjoy sex as much as she used to, and she’s stressed about it.

At what point in a woman’s life does the decrease in the female libido become most pronounced?

While amorous desires fluctuate throughout her sexually active years, studies have shown that the period right after childbirth and the onset of menopause (usually at 50 years old and over) are the times in a woman’s life when her interest in sex diminishes.

It takes six months or more after delivery for the average woman to regain her pre-pregnancy sexual desires. A woman with kids under five years old and a career to pursue and who comes home to be greeted by household chores waiting to be done is also less likely to think about having sex than her same age counterpart with less responsibilities. Menopause affects the woman not only in the physical sense but also in her perception of her womanhood. The drop in estrogen production in the body results in a decreased sexual drive coupled with drying vaginal tissues due to the loss in lubrication. In addition, the emotional blow of menopause, in which the woman sees her body image as poor, makes her shrink from sex more often than not.

What causes the decrease in the female sexual desire?

While men are easily turned on by a sexy image, it takes more than visual impact for women to get their juices flowing. Sexual arousal in women, or even just the initial desire, can be dampened by physical issues. Age is the most common reason for this occurrence, mainly because of the hormonal changes that come with aging and menopause. Chronic diseases and the medications used to treat them are another factor. High blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and arthritis are just some, to name a few. Anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-depressants and birth control pills have been known to curb sexual appetite in women.

Psychological causes for a lowered sex drive is prevalent among women. Anxiety and depression, a stressful work or home life, perceived poor body image resulting from post pregnancy and breast feeding and a history of abuse all contribute to sexual dysfunction in women.

Emotional concerns play a significant role in the rise and fall of the female libido. Relationship issues are major points that women consider important, and a loss of interest in sex follows if there is a feeling of emotional disconnection or intimacy with one’s partner. Other relationship concerns include unresolved conflicts, lack of communication and breach of trust due to infidelity.

What are the treatments available for decreased female libido?

There are several pharmacological remedies for female sexual dysfunction. Some have passed the FDA standards while others are still in the research stage. Hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women has been around for years. By replacing the natural hormones that the body stops producing at menopause with synthetic ones, the body hopes to revert back to its pre-menopause status. However, HRT has several risks, among them increased predisposition to strokes, blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. Fibanserin is another generic drug component that promises to restore women’s sex drive. Research on its effectiveness is still being undertaken, however. Fibanserin and testosterone therapy still have to be approved by the US Food and Drug Association.

A safer alternative to pharmacologic interventions are the natural female libido enhancers. Homeopathy has been gaining in popularity because it subscribes to the belief in the efficacy of products made from natural sources. There have been testimonies attesting to their effectiveness. FDA approval is not required since these products are not considered pharmaceutical but are mixes of natural ingredients that have been proven to deliver results with little or no side effects.

These ingredients come from herbal extractions that have aphrodisiac effects, like ginseng, Yohimbe herb, cordyceps, damiana and horny goat weed. There is also the famous Spanish fly, or cantharides, which if taken as instructed has a power-boosting effect.

Natural female libido enhancers come in many forms, but they have one main objective and that is to stimulate sexual desires and responses that may have been negatively affected by physical or psychological causes.

There are sprays, topical creams and gels that are applied to the sexual organ. They function by inducing blood flow, thus lubricating the vaginal tissues and lessening dryness in that area. There is increased sexual response after a few days’ application.

There are also female libido enhancement pills made from natural herbal ingredients. These pills come in the form of tablets, capsules and soft gels. They encourage blood flow to the vagina to improve natural lubrication. The herbal components also aid in balancing the hormones and stabilizing mood swings, all moving towards the restoration of sexual desires and attaining orgasms.

A diminished female libido can affect the quality of relationships and emotional health - and it's so common that two out of five women will experience it in their lives. As a smart and modern female, it's up to you to find ways to deal with this malady before it totally ruins your relationship with your partner. Read about the different natural treatments that a lot of women have sworn by and be like them. Take control of your life and pave the way for truly satisfying intimate times with the one you love.

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