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Keeping the Spark in Your Relationship

If you

Have you and your partner hit a rut? Do you feel like the excitement seems to be dwindling, even though you get along well?

It may be time to switch up your routine and discover some new ways to give your relationship a jolt of electricity.

Here are some things to try:

1. Take a spontaneous trip.
Getting away for a couple of days when you feel like screaming at each other can be the perfect solution. Just removing yourself from your normal environment can make all the difference. Even checking into a hotel room for one night a couple miles from your house can help you escape your normal routine.

2. Unplug for a while.
Your phone, laptop and television don't just drain electricity. They can seriously drain the intimacy out of your relationship, especially when they make it into the bedroom. Leave them out of your private space and set aside technology-free time to just be together.

3. Get healthy together.
Many men and women lose the desire for intimacy because they don't feel their best, but setting out to lose weight or shape up on your own can be intimidating. Exercise and cook together to create your sexiest body and get those endorphins pumping.

4. Take a bath.
Wind down from a tough day with a warm bath together. Light some candles, put on some of your favorite music and talk about your day -- or, don't talk at all.

5. Practice massage at home.
Massage can be incredibly relaxing and soothing, allowing you to forget all the worries of the day. Now, imagine getting a massage from someone who knows your body almost as well as you do. Add some massage oils and essential oils for aromatherapy to create a sensual experience.

6. Eat your aphrodisiacs.
Food has long been used as a way to entice and excite and it still works. Oysters, dark chocolate and green foods like asparagus will all get your blood flowing where you need it most, as well as spicy chilies. Oysters with a side of asparagus and chocolate-covered chilies for dessert, anyone?

7. Leave your bedroom.
Your bedroom is for sleeping and intimacy, but it can also become the office, kitchen or sick room. Spice things up by seeing what kind of trouble you can get into somewhere else in your house. The setting creates a mood which can make all the difference when it comes to sex.

8. Interview each other.
This doesn't have to a rigid sit-down. In fact, it can be as silly or sultry as you wish. If you've been with someone for a long time, you may have fallen into patterns and routines without realizing it. They may work for one of you or neither of you, but you won't know unless you ask. Listening to each other's wants and desires will help you make healthy adjustments.

Supplements for sexual health are another great way to counteract the changes in hormones that come with age. Maca root, yohimbe and dong quai are all natural ways to boost libido. Every relationship takes work so make the effort. You'll feel the heat rising in your relationship in no time.

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