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Increase Intimacy This New Year

Here are some tips and tricks to help keep things intimate between you and your spouse this new year. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

If there’s one thing any longtime married person should put on his New Year’s resolution list, it has to be this: improve your sex life. This will in turn, help improve the marriage. Sex, as you know, is an integral part of any marriage. If you feel that your intimate time with your beau has been dwindling, take 2012 as an opportunity to rekindle the flame and intensity between the two of you. Here are some ways on how to do just that.

Sex should be a five-phase act

Do you always go straight to the main course? You shouldn’t. Many studies show that indulging in appetizers like making out and foreplay increase the performance of both sides. Not only that, according to a study conducted at the University of Indiana, couples who understand the importance of a warm-up are more likely to perform better than those who prefer the shortcut. According to the study, women who engage engage in foreplay see their peak met 89 percent of the time. Just remember that stimulation doesn't just have to be physical - it can also be oral, visual and mental.

Wine connoisseurs are sweet lovers

Have you heard of the French Paradox? If you have, then you probably know already the benefits of resveratrol in red wine for your heart. But that’s not all. A study conducted in Italy revealed that a glass or two of red wine during dinner can jumpstart the bedroom action. Women who drank two glasses of wine had more appetite for sex than those who didn’t. Apart from that, it also contributed to better natural lubrication due to the polyphenols that improve flow of blood down there.

Miss each other much?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it also boosts the sexual craving. When you spend time with your partner 24/7, you won’t be as excited for sex as you do when you spend a little time apart. There was a study conducted at the University of Texas that found that women in long-distance relationships experience a spike in the testosterone levels just before reuniting with their partners. Testosterone is a hormone that is much lower in women. It’s an essential component of the sexual drive. If you’re feeling like your sex life is on a down slope, take a weekend vacation with your friends. You’ll both be very “sexcited” when you see each other again.

Exercise for sexercise

When you engage in any physical activity, your sweat glands release androstadienone, a testosterone derivative. Researchers from the University of California made women participants sniff the chemical and when they did, their levels of cortisol increased. Cortisol is a hormone involved with sexual arousal. This leads to increase of sexual arousal by 200 percent.

Open romp adventure

Look for a quiet and secluded spot where you can have an open romp adventure. There’s hardly any need to explain as this one is a fantasy for most women. A study done in the Wayne State University showed that 55 percent of women who watched porn scenes find those in outdoor setting more stimulating and arousing. Outdoor sex is more appealing than oral sex on women, missionary sex, threesomes and bondage scenes. The fear of getting caught just adds to the excitement. Just make sure that you don’t let yourselves get caught as this would be more embarrassing than exciting.

Rev up your sex life and marriage with these fantastic tips. You and your beau can look forward to a more exciting 2012.

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