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How to Build Muscle Using Safe, Natural Techniques

By , Senior Editor
Thursday, August 9, 2012
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Bodybuilders today are taking a smarter and safer approach to building and toning their muscles. Natural bodybuilding helps a bodybuilder create a strong, lean physique for the long term without risking unnecessary injuries or developing health problems along the way. With a proper and safe approach to bodybuilding, it's possible to efficiently build muscles and stay on course for optimizing gains and getting that cut appearance.

Natural Bodybuilding Supplements
In addition to hitting the gym on a regular basis, most bodybuilders take some form of muscle building supplements. There are endless options available, but unfortunately, many bodybuilding supplements are solely focused on increasing caloric intake. While it's true consuming more calories than the body can utilize is essential for growth, it's also important to focus on nutrient intake.

Upping macronutrient content in the diet will ensure healthy muscle growth while also assisting the body in recovery from workouts and reducing the risk of injuries or illness. The common cold or flu can sidetrack your progress, causing you to work at a lower intensity or keep you from the gym altogether. Look for a natural supplement that combines these ingredients:

  • Essential Amino Acids: As the building blocks of protein, essential amino acids support lean muscle growth, repair damage, help muscles recover more quickly and remove waste products.
  • Vitamins: A multivitamin is a smart choice to prevent deficiencies in any of the letter vitamins, otherwise, supplements that include these essential nutrients help prevent injury, support healthy tissues and provide antioxidant protection.
  • Minerals: You need minerals just like vitamins. Some of the most important minerals to look for are potassium for muscle contraction, iron for transporting oxygen, chromium for glucose regulation and calcium for bone density.
  • Carbohydrates: A natural source of energy, carbohydrates help to fuel the workout so you make greater gains. While restricting them can help shed extra fat, look for a middle ground for better results.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: Essential for heart, joint and cognitive health, essential fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects, reduce oxidative stress, boost immunity and can assist in fat loss.

These products feed muscles to optimize exercise performance while also promoting post workout recovery so you can maintain training intensity.

Train to the Maximum
In addition to proper nutrition, you need the drive and mental focus to stick to your program and not become complacent. A common mistake bodybuilders make is to train for long periods of time without really pushing themselves hard enough. To build a considerable amount of muscle, it's essential to keep pushing through until you can't perform another rep without compromising form. This practice can cut workout time down significantly while improving results. Training below your maximum effort keeps you from the end goal, so don't be lazy. Be sure to rest between sets for as long as it takes to catch your breath to keep going while preventing injury.

Remember Rest Days
Recovery time between intense workout days is also necessary to avoid injuries. New muscle growth is generated while the body is at rest and allowing sufficient rest days will promote greater muscle growth. A popular method among professional bodybuilders is to focus intensely on specific body parts each day and then allow a full week before working those muscles again. A rested, fully recovered body trains harder and more effectively next time.

Stick With a Routine
Be patient. Training naturally means results will take more time to notice, but deviating to a shortcut method isn't good for the body. Finding a time-proven bodybuilding routine and then sticking with it will lead to the best results. The foundational bodybuilding exercises include bench presses, squats, military presses and dead lifts and gradually upping the weight will get you there.

Persistence is the key to bulking up. Remember these tips:

  • Find a consistent source of personal motivation to fire yourself up.
  • Set achievable milestone goals.
  • Increase caloric and macronutrient intake with nutrient-dense food and supplements.
  • Develop a routine and stick with it.

eVitamins has the vitamins and supplements to help you build muscle safely and naturally. Don't stand in your own way and you'll see results. 


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