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How to Create a Bedroom Made for Intimacy

Is your relationship missing some spark? Your bedroom could be to blame. Learn how to return your bedroom to a place for more than just sleeping. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

Your bedroom isn't only where you start and end your day, but where you enjoy all those intimate moments with your partner.

But if your bedroom isn't screaming seduction, it may be time for a reboot. Follow these tips to bring back the sexy to your sleeping quarters:

1. Choose photos wisely.
Avoid photos of family and friends in your bedroom. If this seems odd, imagine sharing an intimate moment with your partner only to glance over and see your grandmother smiling back at you. This room is about the two of you, so fill it will photos of the two of you.

2. Cut the cord.
Constantly wired in with the television, computer and your smartphone? If your bedroom resembles your office more and more, that’s a problem. Charge your phone in the kitchen and return your laptop to your desk before heading to the bedroom. As for the TV, either move it out entirely (it can also negatively impact your sleep) or store it in an armoire you can close up.

3. Maintain a comfortable climate.
No one feels like getting busy when just lying in bed makes then drip with sweat. Get a fan, open a window or crank up the air conditioning for better bedroom experiences. An idea temperature is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. When it's cold, you're more inclined to warm each other up, anyway.

4. Keep the kids out.
While allowing your little one to sneak into your bed from time to time after a bad dream is an expected part of parenthood, your kids shouldn't view your bed as the "family bed." Gently define the room as your space so it feels more like a tranquil escape than a second family room.

5. Add some aroma.
Aromatherapy helps relax the mind while also stimulating the senses. Essential oils make a great addition to your bedroom to help you forget the stress of the day and focus on your partner. Scents like lavender are calming while fruity, citrus scents can be invigorating. A spicy scent can help you heat things up.  If you have a favorite perfume or cologne, you can also spray it on your sheets.

6. Work on your lighting.
No bedroom should be without some good window treatments to keep out the harsh sun as well as nosey neighbors. Also, consider lights you can dim or candles to set the mood. Choose larger candle holders to keep candles safe and be sure to put them out when you're finally ready to turn in.

7. Consider your color palette.
Your room should feel like that amazing resort you just went to or where you spent your honeymoon. It should be special and make you feel like you're out of the house and free of worries. Everyone identifies differently with certain colors and the emotions they evoke (see our article on feng shui), so choose those that speak to you and won't be distracting and try to coordinate.

8. Create your own soundtrack.
Just like colors and scents, everyone's musical taste is different. No matter what musician you find sexy or song you consider romantic, music can be transporting, so enjoy it.

Don't let your bedroom become a kitchen or lounge and let be a private oasis for you and your partner. Shop home accessories at eVitamins and set the mood!

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