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Healthy Tips for Better Sex This Year

Are you in a sex slump? Low libido or a lack of romance can really hinder intimacy between you and your partner. In this post, learn some new ways to turn the heat back up for better sex this year. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and this romantic holiday may mean sex is on your mind. There are lots of amazing reasons to be having more sex with your partner - it burns up to 170 calories per hour and has been shown to make you look and feel younger. Not to mention the fix it has on bad moods and headaches.

But if you just haven't been in the mood lately, we can help. There are healthy, natural ways to jump-start you sex drive and improve the experience for both you and your partner not just on Valentine's Day but all year long.

Sex and Your Diet

What foods and beverages you consume may be impacting your sex drive more than you think. Processed and junk foods can make you feel tired and sluggish. Being overweight or out of shape can not only make you more self conscious but it can also cause libido to plummet. Make an effort to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet to keep the male and female hormones balanced as well as serotonin and dopamine, which are "happy hormones." Lastly, consider adding these aphrodisiacs to your diet:

  • Dark Chocolate - Boosts dopamine.
  • Red Wine - Increases blood flow to the genitalia.
  • Cinnamon - Helps increase desire.
  • Garlic - Just make sure both of you eat it.

  • On a related note, smoking can be a major libido killer - as if you needed another reason to quit.

    Adding a Supplement

    If you're looking to up the intensity when it comes to your libido, a natural supplement may be the way to go. There are a variety of herbal remedies that can help with both male and female sexual health, including:

  • Rhodiola - Sustains the effects of the happy hormones
  • Magnesium - Keeps testosterone moving feeling in the bloodstream.
  • Zinc - Prevents testosterone from being converted to estrogen.
  • Arginine - Increases blood flow to genitals
  • Maca Root - Also known as Peruvian ginseng, it boosts both sex drive and performance.
  • Horny Goat Weed - The name says it all. This one improves libido.
  • Panax Ginseng - Improve your energy as well as sexual desire.
  • Damiana - A popular aphrodisiac found in Central America

  • Topical products can also be used to improve sexual desire and performance. Progesterone creams are available for men and women to correct hormonal imbalance that can occur as we age. And, of course, lubricants are great for improving male and female pleasure.

    More Ways to Up the Romance

    Beyond dietary and supplement changes, you have to consider intimacy between you and your partner as something you constantly need to work at. Reducing stress and getting adequate sleep will make a world of difference in how you interact and turn making love back into something you want to do instead of have to do. Here are some suggestions to set the mood:

  • Use aromatherapy with essential oils like rose and lavender.
  • Give each other a message with warming oil.
  • Be spontaneous to break your pattern and catch your partner off guard.
  • Draw your partner a bath with essential oils or bath salts to pamper them.
  • Communicate openly about desires - a little dirty talks never hurt anybody.
  • Cook together in the kitchen, using some of the aphrodisiacs mentioned about. Bonus points for feeding each other.

  • We wish you a healthy, happy and romantic Valentine's Day and you can find the products and supplements mentioned in the post right here at eVitamins! Stay Well!

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