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Boost Metabolism with Fucoxanthin Weight Loss Supplements

Fucoxanthin is brown seaweed extract that's been shown in clinical studies to increase metabolism and facilitate safe, natural weight loss. Learn more about the top fucoxanthin products to pick the one that's right for you. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

Fucoxanthin, an extract of brown seaweed shown to promote weight loss, burst onto the health scene back in April, taking off after it was featured on "The Dr. Oz Show." Suddenly, everyone was on the hunt for brown seaweed, a staple of the Asian diet that's shown amazing results in increasing internal thermogenesis to help the body burn stubborn fat, predominantly in the abdominal area.

This product is ideal for adults who've seen their metabolism slow with age and there are several products on the market to choose from. To help you determine which one is best for your needs, these are the top four fucoxanthin supplements available at eVitamins:

1. The First String: Solaray Fucoxanthin Special Formula 400 mg -- 30 VCaps for $19.79
There's more to seaweed than weight loss and this product from Solaray helps you take advantage of all the health benefits of brown seaweed. Each serving contains 400 mg of kombu extract, with 170 mg of fucoidan, the active compound in this type of seaweed. Kombu seaweed also promotes circulatory health and supports the kidneys and immune system in addition to boosting metabolism. Not only will you look great, your whole body will be healthier -- quite the packaged deal.

2. The Upgrade: Life Extension Fucoxanthin-Slim -- 90 Softgels for $33.33
If you want the most potent form of fucoxanthin, look no further than this product from Life Extension, which contains the patented Xanthigen proprietary blend of fucoxanthin and pomegranate seed oil shown in studies to produce dramatic weight loss. This supplement targets stubborn fat cells and encourages the body to burn them for energy instead of storing them. Ideal for older adults who are experiencing a slower metabolism, just take one softgel 15 to 30 minutes before eating three times a day for results. 

3. The Mainstay: Garden of Life fucoTHIN -- 90 Softgels for $34.99 or 180 Softgels for $58.23
If you want a fucoxanthin product for the long term, try this one from Garden of Life that naturally supports a healthy diet and regular exercise program. This supplement contains the patented Xanthigen proprietary blend and can be taken for years to come to keep a slowing metabolism heightened so you lose weight for good. Study participants saw an average weight loss of 14.5 pounds. Learn more about it from Herbalist and Garden of Life Educator and Regional Trainer Rex Jones.

4. The Reinforcer: Olympian Labs FucoGreen -- 90 VCaps for $25.56
When you're looking for something extra, try this product from Olympian Labs. This supplement takes fucoxanthin products to the next level with the addition of two trusted weight loss ingredients: green tea extract and hoodia (Hoodia gordonii). Green tea extract has long been taken to help boost metabolism for greater fat loss while hoodia is a powerful appetite suppressant. These two ingredients work with the fucoxanthin and this combination is best suited for individuals with a greater amount of weight to lose. 

The important thing to keep in mind with all of these supplements -- and all natural weight loss products -- is that they take time to build up in the system. Plan to take them for a minimum of six weeks for results.

Have you tried a fucoxanthin supplement? Which one was your favorite?

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